I've gotten busy with some computer stuff. YAY! At least for those who are interested in my fanfic. Not so yay for those waiting for me to get my sorry ass back to posting on message boards, sorry.

Anyway, last weekend, I finally settled down and got to work on Unexpected American Vacation - the fanfic it has taken me more than a year to complete. Well, you may yay and squee now (if you're reading the fic and waiting for me) I have finished it.
No, the last chapter has not been posted yet, but unless I find major (and totally unexpected) problems during my third and final proofread, it should be posted no later than Friday. *crosses fingers*

After I typed the first rough draft, I let it set, because I was way too happy with it. I just don't trust me sometimes. But everything I'd handwritten just seems to work WAY too well for me to entirely trust it. Honestly, even the rough draft read much better than I could have hoped. So, I cleaned that draft up and worked the changes/edits in and was still very very happy. But I decided to let it sit for a bit before I do the last reading...

So to the (unknown) delight of some I decided to use the time to go back to Sex, Lies, and Alternate Universes. There was one scene that was really needing to be written and added to the story - that has now been done.

And I always knew the ending wasn't a real ending, it wasn't meant to be. It did what it was supposed to do at the time - calm things down a bit before they took off again in the sequel, but not close the story down.
Well, I went back and merged what originally was intended to be the first two chapters of the sequel into a closing chapter. However, after all that, because of having jumped back into the story/universe, I actually find myself thinking about separating those two chapters again and working out a sequel. Strange, because I still don't have a good idea for one, but it is what I'm finding myself wanting to do now.

The downside is that while I'm beginning to think I might be able to get a sequel for this off of the ground - it will be a longer time before it actually gets off the ground.

I'm currently working on the final part of Long Gray Twilight. It is going well, better in fact than I expected since it has been almost as long since I've done anything with LGT as it has UAV. The ending to the final part is all ready handwritten and I've already completed the first chapter and am well into chapter two. *takes a bow!*

Of course, I've run into a problem with Chapter Two and will have to rewrite things a bit. I also need to go back and add a small scene into Chapter One, but hey at least I'm getting somewhere, and thanks to getting the ending all ready worked out - I know where I'm going with things.

But even after that, instead of working on a possible sequel for SL&AU - I am finally (at long last) going to go back to Blood Ties and clean and fix it up. If I let too much more time pass, I might never be able to get it done.

After all that, if the ideas haven't completely dried up - then maybe (finally) I will start on the possible sequel for SL&AU. If I don't, I fully intend to post the merged chapters as a better ending for the story. So either way, eventually you readers will get something new.

However, there is another story (yet another Buffy/Anita crossover) that got itself stuck which I'd really like to also try and work on before working on a sequel. I suppose what it really boils down to is how long all this inspiration lasts and how quickly I can do all these other little things I need to and want to before feeling like I could properly get into a sequel.
On the plus side I do all ready have a cool title for the sequel - Sex, Lies, and Alternate Universes TS. TS, of course, standing for the sequel, original, ain't I?

Wish me luck. Or better yet - keep the feedback flowing for my fanfics, that really seems to keep me going better than anything else.