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Yes, there are message boards I should be checking out, but to be honest I'm still feeling a bit under the weather and posting usually involves thinking and I'd just rather not right now. K!
On the extreme plus side - and I almost say this not because I don't want to jinx anything... But I believe many of the problems I've been having recently are resolved (unless it rains again before some other work can be done), now if I can just get rid of this cold/allergy...

Anyway, awhile back I requested someone rec me a (some) Harry/Ginny (Yes, Harry/Ginny) fics and no one responded. Which isn't really a surprise since I don't believe I have any H/G fans friended, but I'm going to try again. Details on type of fics behind the cut, because I don't just want any and all H/G fics, there is a specific type I'm interested in.

However, I'd also like some other recs, and not just for Harry Potter fanfic. Star Wars, for example. Something along the lines of, but obviously not Dynasty and Force Bond, because I've done read those two and while I have no objection to rereading a good fanfic, I have already reread these two. But I find that I'm wanting to read other Star Wars fics along the lines of the above two.
I'd also prefer these fics be without the EU characters (Mara Jade specifically), but would be willing to read Vader and Luke father/son fics that did include the EU characters if the stories are good enough.

And, one last Star Wars request - I'd love to read a good (or several good) Han/Luke/Leia fics. I'm almost surprised at how rare this threesome seems to be, I mean it was practically canon. So, please, if you know where any Han/Luke/Leia fics might be hiding, bring them into the light!

Okay, first since I've already mentioned it - lets do the H/G request.
Here's the details on the kind of H/G I want:

Dark!Harry/Ginny fics (Threesomes would also be welcomed!), and I mean both characters are Dark, not just a Dark!Harry who ends up being redeemed by Ginny, I don't like that in any pairing, so I certainly don't want it for this one!
I freely admit that I don't know if I'll even like DarkHarry/DarkGinny, but I am willing to give it a try and I promise not to flame/bash any DarkHarry/DarkGinny fics recced to me in the comments to this entry even if I end up not caring for the fics.

Actually, I'd be interested in any DarkHarry fics you want to rec me with any pairing - and I do mean any pairing; slash/het/other/threesome/foursome, well, you get the idea! I'll take DarkHarry/GiantSquid recs, because that is just how much I love DarkHarry!
NO post-DH epilogue fics, please. Everything else is gravy!

So let the recs fly!

I'm also still interested in crossovers fics. Though obviously I'd rather get recs here where I have encounted both universes crossed. But for a well-written fic I'd be willing to give any crossover a try.

Also, while I haven't jumped back into X-Files, I'm always on the look-out for non-Mulder/Scully fanfics. Seriously, I don't really care what the pairing is for X-Files fanfic as long as it isn't Mulder/Scully, or if it is Mulder/Scully there is a kick-ass plot to go along with it, cause I can usually handle M/S if there's as much plot (or more) as there is romance.
I know it is a long shot, because I've looked myself, but I'd love to read a good Mulder/Fowley fanfic. So, don't hold off if you have one because you think I wouldn't be interested! I am, I'm one of the few who didn't actually hate Fowley!

And finally, I was reading one of the wank sites, and well a comment was made in jest, but I find myself thinking it would be interesting to read a fic where Hufflepuff house rose up and ruled the world! So, if there is one (or more) out there like that, rec them.

So, please, if you know any recs - share them. If you know anyone who might have some recs - point them in this direction, please! If you know a place where this could be linked where I might get recs, let me know or just post the link yourself.
Oh and don't be shy about self-pimping - if you've got a fic you think I'll like share it.

what you got against the eu characters especially mara?

Nothing really... Actually, I used to love reading fanfics which incorporated the EU into fanfics, but after awhile I got tired of it. Now I just wish I could find fanfics which played with GLs characters and if they had to add characters - make up their own.
After all the EU characters are pretty much like any fanfics original characters. And, as much as I'm not happy with the prequels - there is one positive thing - Lucas killed much of the EU universe that I positively hated. Not all of it, but much. So, score one for the prequels.

Anyway, that's basically also what happened with Mara/Luke fics, when Mara was first introduced I (like others) liked the idea of Luke/Mara, but there's just so many fanfics out there with Luke/Mara, even AU fics until I'm just tired of reading L/M.
Though I suspect if I'd kept reading the EU (I stopped with the first Jedi Order book)... Well, from what I've heard I would probably loathe Luke/Mara, where as it stands now I don't hate her - I'm just tired of reading about her.
okay then

heres a harypotter i think youll really like

Time to Fix the Mistakes

Thanks, while I don't really care about post-DH fics, this one looks like it might be worthy of my time.

Time to Fix the Mistakes by DisobedienceWriter
R (WIP) gen (for now)
Summary: Two years after the Death Hallows Epilogue, tragedy strikes Harry Potter and his family. The only way to set things right is to journey back to the time before he was born. Not for Ginny enthusiasts. Time Travel. Avenging!Harry.
Chapters 7
Hyena Pit (http://www.tthfanfic.com/Story-13263/zili+Hyena+Pit.htm)
A call goes out to hyenas. The call is answered.
zili FR13 Chapters[27]

N. I. M. B. Y. (http://www.tthfanfic.com/Story-13181/byulsoon+N+I+M+B+Y.htm)
Not In My Back Yard: Spike and Xander follow a demon through an interdimensional portal. Now what? Warning: might end up SLASH or with slashy overtones
byulsoon FR18 Chapters[13]

They are Buffy/Anita XanderCentric crossovers.
WOW! Good stuff.
Thank you for the recs, I was beginning to think no one was going to slip me any.

Now don't mind me, I'm just going to turn those urls into links for my ease. ;)

Hyena Pit by zili
PG-13 (WIP) gen
Buffy/Anita Blake
Summary: A call goes out to hyenas. The call is answered.
Chapters 27
This is marked gen, but it could end up being slash, or it could end up being het.

N. I. M. B. Y. by byulsoon
R (WIP) gen (for now!)
Buffy/Anita Blake
Summary: Not In My Back Yard: Spike and Xander follow a demon through an interdimensional portal. Now what?
Warning: might end up SLASH or with slashy overtones
Chapters 13

PS - As I said I just turned these into links so I wouldn't have to copy paste, as long as you leave a URL to the fic it doesn't matter if it is in link form or not, though I will probably come along and make them links if they aren't already.