Okay, so I'm extraordinarily late to the Blood party - I believe the first of these books was originally published back in 1993. Now I've always been a big vampire reader, but I missed this series back in the day, and I'll tell you why. Around that time I was just out of college and playing around in the job market. Let me tell you there was a while in there that I barely read anything. I'm not saying I stopped reading entirely (I don't think I'd ever do that), but unless something come highly recommended or was part of a series I'd already started by that point, I did not go looking for new reading material.

Even now, I considered not reading the Blood books, but decided I wanted to see more of Tony Foster (I.E. His humble beginnings). Yes, I loved the Smoke books so much that I decided I had to go back and read the Blood books because of that alone. I know my opinion is probably going to be the reverse of everyone else, but in my opinion the Blood books don't hold a candle to the Smoke books.

Okay, so we get lots more Henry in the Blood books, which is not a bad thing (me likey vampires, me likey vampires), but we get a thousand times more Vicki... I'm sorry, but in the beginning I think I liked Anita better than I like Vicki, and I wasn't a BIG fan of Anita (the character, not the books).

To be fair, in the first two books Vicki was better, she wasn't great, but she was no where near as annoying to me as she was in Books Three and Four. I just finished reading those two, and I got to tell you I don't see or understand at all what Henry and Michael see in her. Maybe this character is supposed to be more attractive (physicially) than I see in my head, because that is pretty much the only thing this chick would have going for her. Seriously, she has too many issues and is too big an itchBay for me to honestly believe she would not only attract one male, but two.

Tony, on the other hand, is a VERY likeable character. He's basically a good guy (who sometimes gets in WAY over his head) and has a nice dry sarcastic sense of humor. I know I relate to Tony more, but I think the bigger thing here is that I could see myself wanting to be this guys friend. Where as I believe I'd want to stay as far away from Ms. Nelson and all her issues as possible.

Strangely if I didn't know better, I'd think Blood Pact was the last of the Blood books, because at the end of that one there is a real sense of closure, even more a sense than I got from the end of Smoke and Ashes. So, because of that, I find myself eagerly awaiting the release of The Blood Books; Volume Three just to see what else Huff adds to this universe, and hey maybe Vicki the vampire will be more likeable than Vicki the human.

PS - Addy, your own your own with the heat-wave rants for the next bit, because we finally got a cold front to come through and broke the excessive heat here. However, by the weekend it is supposed to be back up, but still not as hot as the past week was.

PPS - No, I didn't LJcut for the one little spoiler in this entry. Deal with it, after all it isn't like I'm spoiling Harry Potter Book Seven here. These books have been out for ages and even I knew the one spoiler I dropped into this entry before reading the Blood books.