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WOW! Two entries in one day. I maybe should have skipped the positive one, but I felt I might need that one for a rainy day, so to speak. This one is just your basic "bitch, please."

As most of you know, unless you haven't been reading this journal recently - I've been on a major fanfic reading spree and there's one thing that has come up several times that always makes me grit my teeth.

That thing is - DUM DUM DUM!

The whole Muggles Rule theme. Back in the day that was one of the major reasons I stopped reading Harry/Hermione fanfic, not the only one, but one of the biggies. The funny thing is that the whole Muggles Rule theme does make a bit of sense in Harry/Hermione. Obviously Hermione raised in the Muggle world would have a far better view of them than even Harry, who was also raised in the Muggle world, but has far less positive experience with that. So, Harry getting together with Hermione would probably be influenced into thinking Muggles certainly didn't suck, but more than that she could help him see the good in Muggles and their world, because she actually knows and understands them. I just don't like it, because it has always seemed clear to me that canon!Harry would leave the Muggle world and never look back just as soon as he possibly could.

But now that concept has started to creep out of Harry/Hermione fanfics and into other fics. It doesn't work! In slash most of the popular pairings (Harry/Draco, Harry/Lucius, Harry/Snape) you have characters that have NO LOVE for Muggles, they certainly aren't going to try and make Harry see them in a good light. No, I personally think they'd be prone to take Harry's family as an example of why Muggles should be (if not wiped out) at the very least contained.

PS - It doesn't work for Harry/Ron either. Ron, because of his father, wouldn't see Muggles in a very good light either, mostly because his father is an idiot who doesn't actually know anything about Muggles despite of appearances to the contrary. Actually, it is possible Ron might even resent Muggles a bit because his fathers love for them actually kept Arthur back in the WW and therefore kept his family, and by extension Ron himself, poor.

But even if Ron doesn't resent them for that, I doubt he thinks they're useful for anything, because while Arthur thinks Muggles are cool, as mentioned Arthur himself might say he thinks their cool, but what he actually thinks is that they are child-like and doesn't seem to think much of them. My opinion on Ron and Muggles was bore out to a certain extent in Deathly Hallows. So, no, I don't believe even Ron would turn Harry to a pro-Muggle person. Granted, Ron wouldn't be likely to turn Harry into a Muggle!Hater, but by the same token he isn't likely to turn Harry pro!Muggle either.

It also doesn't work for other het pairings either!

Lets see, Harry/Pansy - nope, Pansy wouldn't have any love/interest in Muggles. Harry/Parvati, maybe, but I honestly don't see it. Given what we do know about Parvati, I'd say while she probably doesn't hate Muggles, she probably doesn't care about them much either. There's also Harry/Tonks, and again from what we've seen Tonks doesn't seem to have any great love/respect for Muggles - certainly like Parvati she probably doesn't hate them, but...

Harry/Ginny doesn't a pro-Muggle!Harry make for much the same reasons Ron wouldn't make Harry pro-Muggle. Though she seems less wrapped up in the being bitter about being poor thing, but I can't see her being that interested in Muggles or their world, unless Harry was, and we know Harry just isn't.

Speaking of which, I doubt many pro-Harry/Ginny shippers read this, but for those that might peek in - might you have any good Dark!Harry/Ginny fics to rec? (Threesomes would also be welcomed!) And I mean both characters are Dark, not just a Dark!Harry who ends up being redeemed by Ginny, I don't like that in any pairing, so I certainly don't want it for this one!
I know, most probably know me as very Anti-H/G, but I'm actually trying to work past that. While I'll never love the canon!H/G - I just won't, sorry! I do believe I could get into fanon!H/G, because before H/G became canon I had read a couple H/G fics and didn't think they sucked! Anyway, since I like dark!Harry (as well as dark characters in general) better than I like light characters, I figure dark fics are the way to start.

Actually, if you know any Dark!Harry/guy-gal fics for any of the pairings listed here or ones not listed here - I'd be ever so grateful for a rec or two. ;) Thanks.

*coughs* Okay, getting back to the point...

Then there's Harry/Luna, and you'd think since Luna is the mirror of Hermione the Muggles Rule theme would work for Harry/Luna as it works for Harry/Hermione, but alas no.

The problem is Harry, and he's really the problem in all of them. While I doubt Harry would ever think Muggles need to be destroyed (though DON'T stop writing fics where he does think that way, cause I LOVE them!), he certainly doesn't care much for them or their world. So for Harry to be turned pro-Muggle thereby bringing Muggle concepts and stuff into the WW, he needs to be with a male or female that is truly (not Arthur Weasley like) pro-Muggle. Hermione is the only canon character which I know of that fits that bill.

And Luna (from my pov) is much more interested in magical and "fictional" creatures rather than humans. I'm not saying she hates humans, just that she seems to have more interest in the non-humans, so I can't see her turning Harry pro-Muggle. I'm sure she'd keep him from being Anti-Muggle, but just wouldn't make him pro-Muggle.

Oh, and I suppose I should mention that I've not read pro-Muggle!Harry in all the pairings I've mentioned, but alas I have read it in several, which is why I decided to rant. I just decided to tackle many of the possible pairings as I went along. Obviously, I didn't tackle all of them, because damn it I don't want to be here typing forever! ;)
No idea what you're talking about but *hugs* :)