This entry is basically pointless, but I seem to always be bitching and moaning about something... Here lately seems to be real life related, that I decided I should at least make one entry when everything is going well, that way when I run into the next "run of suck" I can come look back and realize things won't always suck.

Even a bit of funny - yes, I can laugh now. You know how I was bitching about the VCR/DVD combo that I bought and then had to return because it didn't work as I was told it would? HEHE!

Anyway, a friend of mine ended up finding and giving me a plain ol' VCR (I love my friends), but (and here's the funny) during this whole mess we decided to switch from cable to Dish - Dish is actually a couple bucks cheaper with three times as many channels. So now the old VCR won't work because the way it hooks up means that it will be forced to stay on one channel all the time - otherwise you won't be able to watch TV. So basically the old time VCR is a useless with DISH.

But the VCR/DVD combo that I took back would actually work perfectly and properly with DISH. Methinks I'm gonna end up buying the VCR/DVD combo again. I really do need a VCR - I've got too many VHS tapes to just forget a VCR completely. And while DISH comes with a DVR it would be nice to be able to record more than one thing at a time, at least sometimes. I mean with two people with mostly different tastes - trust me sometimes recording one program at a time just isn't enough.