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*sigh* I'm feeling really discouraged and sarcastic and I'm not sure why. Sure, I'm having some problems, but they aren't that bad, I think it's probably because as I get one solved another creeps up.

Anyway, for those following the "me vs VCR" saga, I've decided to announce that has ended in something of a draw. The VCR/DVD player I was complaining about the other day was perfectly workable, but I had to have either a Dish or a Cable box for it to record from TV. Since I have neither there was actually no way to make it work. Money has been refunded and no one (or anything) was damaged in the process. YAY!
And all is forgiven, because they freely admitted their mistake!

Of course, I still don't have a working VCR, but I have found someone who will probably be able to fix it, so YAY, again! I actually have two VCRs, but one hasn't played tapes in forever, it eats them instead. The only reason it is still hooked up is because the TV it is hooked to is a rather old (old being something of an understatement) TV and without running the connections through the unit I wouldn't be able to see some of my favorite shows.
However, after (if) I am able to get the first VCR fixed, I'm thinking about taking the second one in and seeing if I might be able to get that one working properly as well. Never hurts to have a back-up, problem is that VCR is rather old itself, not as old as the TV its hooked too, but still old.

The plus side - it has finally rained. Not a quick (infrequent, this year, storm), but it has rained! All day yesterday, all night as well, and rained rather heavily all day today. I doubt the drought is over, but it should still rain some for the next three days - YAY and SQUEE! While it is a little late, hopefully it will still help the trees and things a bit.

Finally, it just never stops... As the "me vs VCR" saga ends, I find that I have clogs in the drain. Serious clogs - no water is getting out. Sadly, I (we) thought it was and about damn near flooded my bathroom. Well, when we thought the clog was gone, we ran quite a bit of water to test, obviously that water ended up in my shower rather than going out of the drain. *grr!*

I've tried two different drain openers and neither has worked. The sad thing is that until today the water would eventually trinkle out, but not anymore. Now I'm going to have to go and manually (sucks to be me) get the damn dirty water out of my shower. Worse still is the fact that I need some clean underwear, but can't wash... So now I'm gonna have to buy some undies, because I cannot go sans undies - I just can't! *sigh* I can piss in a bucket, I can wash dishes in a bucket, but I cannot go without undies!
And I can't wash clothes in a bucket, because I just can't get them clean that way.
Hey there! Lj is eating my emails right now..sigh
I was think about shipping my old vcr to you then I got a quote from the post office. OUCH!
Anyways, have you thought about trying second hand shops or garage sales? We got this one for $5.00

Good luck with the clogs.
Yeah, I thought LJ had fixed the email problem, but now I haven't got any emails...

WOW! Thanks, I'm honored.
Though I'm not surprised about the shipping charges, especially considering that VCRs aren't exactly light.

As for getting one, I've asked all around my neighborhood (and somewhat beyond that) and plenty of people have a VCR, but no one is willing to part with theirs. Seriously, once they find out you want their VCR they're all like "talk to the hand!"

But that's all right, and it was even when I wanted their VCRs, because I can understand not wanting to part with them since you can hardly buy a plain ol' VCR anymore.

Downside is that while I can get mine fixed, it's probably going to run me at least seventy dollars (maybe more). Dude said it was at least sixty for labor, on the other hand, if they can't fix it I'll only be out twenty... Still since I and the dude thinks the problem is most likely a belt gone bad maybe the labor will be the lions share of the expense. If I'm right, then fixing will still be cheaper than the one and only VCR I've managed to find for sale with an asking price of one hundred and twenty dollars.
Good luck...
Thanks, I'm gonna need it... I got my shower cleaned out, but since the drain is topped, I can't get down and clean the pipes, or even push something down and see if I can move the clog.

Though I did manage to get the water level down just below the drain. Of course I woke up this morning and it is again just level with it, apparently there was still some water in the pipes that managed to trinkle down overnight.
I hope you aren't doing to wash dishes in the same bucket that you piss in. LOL *sorry, trying to make you smile*

Whoa! I had no idea the drought was that bad! Is there anything else you can do? I can't imagine living without water. But then, I live right off Lake Michigan, even then we have times when the water levels are too low to pump water in.

If you can't have decent water, you should be able to make yourself feel better with your tech. I'm sorry about the VCR.

Back in May, my husband and I bought a DVD/VCR player that allows you to put your VHS onto DVR disks. We have a huge movie collection of old VHS that I want to condense. Well, it only got hooked up two weeks ago. It sat, in the box, on my kitchen floor for 5 months. I would have done it myself, but my entertainment center is huge and heavy and sitting at an angle in my living room, so I can't move it myself.

The karmic funny of the whole thing, is that getting ready for our Oktoberfest party, Eric decided that the new player should be hooked up. Well, he hooked it up... but couldn't get it work. (Luckily for us, some of our friends coming to the party were techno-geeks... they figured it out in two mintues!!!!!!!) My husband was swearing so bad, I was glad the kids were at school.

Hang in there babe. With winter coming, will it help your water situation?

*grins* I was actually waiting for someone to mention that. LOL To be honest the potty isn't stopped up, so I'm still able to at least make normal use of some of the bathroom functions. So, not using the same buckets at all for that. ;)

But I think there's been a miscommunication - the drought here is bad, but it's not that bad. The problem isn't getting water into the house, it is getting water out of the house. There's a clog somewhere in the pipes that keeps the water from leaving from the kitchen sink, one bathroom sink, my shower, and the washing machine. So some of the stuff still drains fine, while others just back the water up into my shower.

I guess I shouldn't have mentioned rain in the same post, but I was just so happy that it was finally raining, while the situation here isn't as bad as it is in Georgia, if the sky hadn't opened up it could have got that bad, but thankfully we've had two days of real good rain and yesterday and today are still getting some on again off again showers. So, after this things should be pretty good here, as long as the sky doesn't lock up and it doesn't rain again.
You without undies... hmmm ti hi... ;)

Btw Terran is back. ;) I thought I would let you know...
Well, I admit I don't wear undies all the time, like when showering for example I do that totally naked. ;)

Thanks for letting me know about Terran.