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*sigh* My flist has gone crazy over the "news" that Dumbledore and Grindlewald were getting it on. While I admit I'm impressed that Rowling finally allowed someone in her Verse to be gay, I'm less than impressed that it is a character that she trashed (Dumbledore) before doing so.
I suppose you'd like a link... Here, at least I think so, I haven't bothered to read it...

Naturally this puts me in an interesting position, since I've always thought Dumbledore was a bad bad man. Still I'd be more impressed with this "big" reveal had it come while Dumbledore was still seen as (believed to be) a nice man, I mean from what I've heard even Rowling has come out and admitted that Dumbledore wasn't a good person.

But seriously I admit I'd be much happier if it was a character(s) I cared about. I've never liked Dumbledore and I REALLY don't want to imagine him naked (and I'm NOT going to!) and I don't know Grindlewald at all, so I naturally don't care about him.

I think what strikes me funny about this is the fact that several on my flist (who like me, or at least I'd thought) had begun to disregard what Rowling had to say post-Books - for very valid reasons, but mainly because Rowling early on couldn't keep her post-DH stories straight, but let Rowling announce a gay character and suddenly everyone and their brother is squeeling.

Regarding my last entry, which if you aren't on my flist you didn't see it. Anyway, I'm feeling rather zen about it today, no urge to kill. Though I am still annoyed, but I should be able to get my money back and do so without being arrested for doing something naughty. Then hopefully get a VCR/DVD thingie which will record from TV. Mostly I'm still bugged because the products own website doesn't even tell me what I need to make their (my) product work to record TV - you'd think the official website would have something. Alas, I had to look up the product on Amazon and read the reviews to find out what was needed and because that info was gathered from product reviews one can't always be sure it is accurate.

Now there's an essay I was going to work on this weekend, some of you know what it is supposed to be about, others not so much. But clearly I got distracted by a VCR/DVD combo. Now after this latest interview... Well, I wished I'd got it worked on, because it would be "timely" to be able to post it within the next couple days - alas I'm not sure that will be possible.

I've done a bit of work on it, but I'm not sure if I'm going to finish or not - because this essay would cover stuff pleasant and unpleasant from the last three books. I.E. My least favorite books, so it's not really surprising that I'm not so eager to go through them. Plus, as I've all ready discovered, more often than not I would be copying whole chunks of text not just a couple lines or so... Admittedly, I'm not entirely comfortable doing that, but I really find myself wanting to do the essay, so who knows.
Mr. Pipenerd says to tell you that he agrees with you. He has been shaking his head all afternoon since I am one of those fangirls who disregarded post-DH authorial opinion and yet have been squeeing like a madwoman over this news.

Okay, it's not canon, and JKR is pathetic for announcing this in a city like New York with Greenwich Village and Stonewall and all that, and let's face it Dumbledore is a manipulative bastard, but y'know....it's nice to finally have some sort of recognition for sexual diversity in the Potterverse to go along with the theme of tolerance.

Well, don't tell Mr. Pipenerd, but if she'd said Voldemort instead of Dumbledore (I admit) I'd probably be squeeing like everyone else.

Actually, that's probably not true, because the reason I'm less than impressed is because I suspect that Rowling realized that many people weren't paying much attention to her interviews anymore, and how can she possibly tell us how to think if we aren't paying attention to her. And if she did, as I suspect, realize exactly how many slash fans she had, well, she's found the perfect way to make lots of people start listening to her again.

That sounds wild, I know, but Rowling just can't seem to let it go and let the books speak for themselves (probably cause they can't), she seems unable to stop trying trying to make us think/see things her way.
I sent you an email....
I was more like laughing my head off than actually squeeing. I must admit that did make me happy. Because it gives me some reasons to respect JKR. No matter what the decorations for such an announcement were, it was brave: it's a damn children's book after all. If some mothers went crazy after what Dan did on stage, they would probably want to tear her to pieces as well. =D
Besides, I kind of liked the pairing when I read DH. Actually, JKR did such evil things to my beloved Tom and Snape and the Malfoys and even Harry (I'll never forget those kids he has now) that AD/GG is probably the only thing that matters to me in DH. Otherwise I'd gladly forget that this book ever existed. It was a really nice entertainment, but it killed my HP muse for... hm, forever! XD
I feel for you, because I can easily forget those awful children; Harry's and Hermione's. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't forget about them, probably go crazy and on a book destroying spree.

I'm sorry you're (HP) muse is dead, I shall miss it, and hope that it might eventually come back. Cause that's what this world needs now - more AU HP fanfic. ;)
Heh, love your icon. That's so true!
It's not so much dead. It's in a coma. I don't really like AU but I don't see any plot bunnies in canon either. That's why the muse is sleeping. It might wake up one day.
BTW, I agree: if Voldie were gay (I'm sure he is, though) I'd be head over heels about it.