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Okay, I generally don't make a LJ entry just to celebrate getting feedback on one of (or any of) my stories, but this one is special, because I've gotten fresh feedback on one of my first ever fanfics. You know, those that I sometimes start thinking sucks because I don't think I was a very good writer back then.

The story is Altered Chemistry and was actually the second fanfic I ever posted on the net - I'd wrote and posted one other VOY story before that. I'd also written two Power Rangers stories, but I didn't post them until a year or so after getting involved in fanfic writing online.
If you're interested - you can see all my VOY stories here or just read all my Tom Paris related stories here.

What makes this even more special is the fact that 9 of my stories have been posted there around four years and hadn't gotten any feedback at all since having been posted to the site. Though I wasn't feeling bad or anything, because all of my VOY stuff has gotten loads of feedback - I've gotten more feedback from my VOY writing than any of my other writing, actually. Though I haven't gotten any feedback in years for my VOY stuff, which again isn't surprising. However, this is the first review on any of my stories that were posted to "the Tom Paris Dorm," and it was a review of one of my very first stories.
(This story along with the other "old" story were award winners back in the day. YAY!
I do actually miss the VOY fandom and (of course) things like this make me wish I had some fanfic ideas to drop myself back into it. *grin*)
It's funny why some fics don't get feedback at all while others (of the same author) do. I know it from personal experience.
Anyway, congrats on getting the feedback!
It is weird. There's been at least three fanfics I've written (two for Buffy, none for VOY actually) that I've expected to get lots of feedback and they've barely gotten any, while others that I never really expected to get feedback on end up getting the lions share.

Anyway, thanks for the congrats... I love getting feedback on new stuff (don't misunderstand) but somehow it always makes me just a little bit happier when I get (positive) feedback on my older stuff.
I have given you quite some feedback.. of course they weren't Voy stories... ;) *hugs*
And I love you for it. ;)