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Sorry about all the memeage lately - hopefully this one will be the last. But I keep coming across some good ones that I find myself really wanting to do.

What do the Harry Potter adults think of you?

Result #5
Albus Dumbledore wonders how you managed to get through Hogwarts.
Lord Voldemort even questions your sanity, but thinks youre a great Death Eater nonetheless.
Minerva McGonagall gets the shivers when she thinks about you.
Severus Snape tries to avoid you.
Rubeus Hagrid is terrified of you.
Horace Slughorn always knew you were insane.
Sirius Black curses the ground you walk on.
Remus Lupin secretly loves you but would kill himself if anyone ever found out.
Bill Weasley sees you as a threat to the Order and thinks you should be locked up in Azkaban.
Lucius Malfoy thinks youre good in bed.
Bellatrix Lestrange thinks youre great.
Peter Pettigrew cowers in fear around you.
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Meme Two!

Since I saw this one just shortly after doing the other one, I just decided to edit into this post rather than making another separate entry.

Who's brain from Harry Potter do you have?

Severus Snape (Fourth Level)
You've got Severus Snape's brain! There's a good side and a bad side to this. The good side: you succeed wonderfully in the things that you are passionate about. The bad side: everyhing else takes a back seat. You (like Snape) are extremely talented in certain fields; in Snape's case, Potions and the Dark Arts. But sometimes you are a bit too passionate about them and your social life is definitely not a priority. This also means that making big decisions is something you are not very good at. Don't forget to have fun and be adventurous.

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Heh, I wouldn't mind having Snape's brain! Or Voldemort's. They're damn smart guys, after all. Especially in fanon.
Fanon!Voldemort being many times smarter than the canon one. ;)

Well, actually after Book Seven, I think even fanon!Snape may be more intelligent than canon!Snape, because canon seems convinced Snape is dead, while fanon knows Snape was too smart to be killed that way. ;)

On a different note, both quizes asked about favorite colors and I'm still wondering how the colors I choose influenced things, cause the only house color I choose was blue (Ravenclaw, also the color of my bedroom, and was such long before Harry Potter, even in my old house - high school years - my room was done in shades of blue.), though I guess you could argue silver as a Slytherin color.

Also curious how my answers (in the first quiz) seem to reflect insanity - I was just answering normaly you know not actually trying for specific answers... But apparently my normal equals insane for someone else. ;)
(Though still squeeing over Lucius finding me a good lay.)

On the last one, I actually think in real life I am rather quite a bit more personable than Snape, though I admit social life isn't the priority it once was.
*squee!* I decided to take this quiz too - and it tells me I have the brain of Tom Riddle! OMFG!
I doubt I'm that smart, though))
I agree - fanon!Snape would never die under such ridiculous circumstances. It's silly: he used to be a great spy and all, and suddenly he dies just because Voldie has low spirits and wants to kill smb))