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I will not be reviewing Wednesday's episode, and I think I'm going to stop reviewing the series period. At least as far as posting them in this journal, though I may stop entirely.

Basically, when I watched the episode Wednesday night I was sick and tired, so I had a much harsher impression than I might otherwise would have. Not to worry, right? I recorded it. *sigh* The tape was crap, and I cannot watch a rolling screen, or I guess it is better to say that I will NOT.

Now at first I thought I'd review the episode if Spike reran it, but now I'm thinking that I'm just gonna back off on the reviews for the moment anyway. I get the impression no one really cares about them anyway, and shockingly I'm not as interested in doing reviews (of any kind) as I used to be either.

Of course, while I not exactly outright sick, I'm also not feeling perfect either, so once I get to feeling better I may change my mind and continue on with Blade reviews.

Tanya Huff
Smoke series news:

Again, I'm almost certain no one reading this journal cares much, but I finally found Huff's LJ... Actually it wasn't that hard to find when I finally got serious about it.

Anyway, I've learned that sadly Smoke and Ashes is the last book in the Tony series. Of course, after reading Huff's journal that is in a way both bad news and good news. According to Huff if the series had continued she was going to do a "time travel" story. What is really strange is that I like time travel fanfics, though even those are rarely done well, but when it comes to official works I'm almost always less than impressed by the story. On the other hand, Huff does have wicked talent when it comes to writing cliches or other strange stuff... You know all things considered I still wish the Smoke series would continue.

But the end of the series isn't exactly the end of Tony. If you read the entire thread for the Smoke and Ashes entry you'll find out all kinds of interesting things.

I learned that there are two post Smoke and Ashes stories, one already out, and one for next year. And if Huff's comments are anything to go by, she does have ideas for more. Whether or not there will be more, however, is anyones guess.

One of the short stories is already out in an anthology called Children of Magic (titled After School Special). The one for next year is Blood Wrapped in an anthology called Many Bloody Returns. No, I don't really know anything other than titles, because she didn't say. However, I should know what the first one is about soon, because I ordered it yesterday and should have it by the end of the week.

And if anyone is interested in reading the thread themselves, here is the link.

New Sci-Fi series:

Okay, I started to give this one its own entry, but decided I didn't have enough to say about it to justify making two posts in one day. So, friends be thankful that I've decided to merge everything into one instead of SPAMMING the friends page, because I could have actually turned this one entry into three (much smaller) entries.

The episode was a bit slow in places, and I've got to say many of the characters leave something to be desired. Worst offender came down between head science guy (the actor just isn't right for the part) and that deputy (she is nothing more than a piss-poor characture). I think the deputy edges out science guy for the simple fact that he's merely not the right actor for the part. I have a feeling no matter who was playing the deputy that character would still be rotten.

*sigh* EUReKA has so many characters and none of them are very good. I suppose the best would again be a tie between two characters: the upstart daughter and the bad girl doctor. And I think I'll quickly tire of the daughter, and the bad girl doctor isn't all that great either.

The main dude is shockingly all right, but all things considered kinda bland. Also coming in bland was the female agent, she was more bland than the main dude. Of course, damning with faint praise, bland is better than bad.

Overall the episode, as I said was a bit slow in places, but not all bad. I think maybe if the casting had been better the episode would have been better, but I could be wrong.
Thanks for the info. Will keep it in mind if our tv stations ever decide to run any of those series. :-)

And oh, you may want to consider tags for easy future referencing. :)

Thanks. I'm not sure if you'll ever get Blade or EUReKA - if I was a betting woman, I'd say it is more likely you'd get EUReKA (they are, at least, pimping the crap out of it on this side of the pond.), Blade may not live past season one.

Tags: I have already been playing around with tags a bit. But I will probably wait just a bit longer before going back and tagging all my entries. Though it is something I plan to do at some point.