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Okay, so I've long known that there was some way to diddle with filters and make custom friends lists, but until yesterday I had no idea how to do that.

Well, I went in and fiddled around and figured it out. (GO ME!)

And that's what this entry is about - I've decided no matter what the genre (Buffy, X-Files, whatever) if I write an adult fic and post it here on LJ I'm going to make it so that only adults can see it.

Which leads into another issue - I know some on my Flist are old enough, but I can't be certain about everyone, especially those I don't know very well. So, if you're old enough to read adult stuff but aren't on the following list, comment here to be added to said list.

Who's on the list:

alisanne - arbor_vitae - auriocookie - bronwenstx - crimsonravage - eeyore9990 - elfgirljen - eviltree - grimprime - haunted_snow - hopefulnebula - jhovall - knightmare_shad - ladyknyght - lizardlaugh - lizblackdog - lta - lunaaddictus - mizstorge - niorah - papier - reignofthenight - romulantbonz - santaman - shadowwolf210 - shaitanah - shatna - sublimeclarity - teelie - the_con_cept - turimel - turtle_goose - vlredreign - vulcankitten - werephish - zogblog

So, if you're on the above list, you don't need to comment, you've already been added to the list. *coughs* However, if you're listed above, but aren't old enough, please be kind and tell me. Thanks.
But I am mostly certain all the above are old enough.

It should be noted that I generally post my fanfic in other places anyway, so it isn't that big a deal. However, sometimes I post first chapters and one-shots here just to get an idea if anyone is interested in seeing more, or in the case of one-shots just to store them until I can post them somewhere else.

PS - If you are on the list and for whatever reason don't care about seeing/reading my fic, just comment here telling me so and I'll remove you from the filter.
Whoo, I'm on the list!

(Fuck, I'm old =( )
Just proof that being old isn't always a bad thing. ;)
Just a quick note: I didn't forget I had promised you a fic :)
I wasn't worried. ;)

(Though am eager still.)
*grins* Its good to be sufficiently ancient.. ;)*cuddles Hope*

As I said above, just proof that being old isn't always a bad thing.

I'm beginning to think I might be reaching the "she's too old to be reading this stuff" age, but I hope not for a long time yet, lol.

Please add me to your list of readers.

I also would like your permission to archive your stories. I read what you said about that on your website, but I really do prefer to archive stories on my own server instead of link if that's at all possible please?

My site is called Spander Files a site dedicated to Spander stories, organized by category, and one of my readers recced you.

I would be grateful for your permission to archive.

Sorry, it has taken so long to respond. I've heard of the SpanderFiles but didn't think I'd ever visited the site (*sheepish grin*), so I wanted to check out the site before replying... Turns out I have visited your site a few times, one of those times was since January 09.

Anyway, there are primarily two reasons why I like being linked to over being archived:

1. I like tracking story hits. A lot of times my fanfics don't get lots of feedback, so I like at least being able to see from the hits that the fanfic is being read. Feedback is good, but I can live without it if I know the fanfic is at least being read.

2. Sometimes I will go through my fanfics rereading and editing them (cause there's always a few mistakes usually more), and I am horrible about letting folks who've archived my fanfics know that there is a better (or at least more corrected) version of the fic.

Still I am inclined to allow you to archive, though I am curious which fanfic(s) you're interested in because I'm not sure I've written a "pure" Spander.
(The main reason I ask is because there are three fanfics on my website that have better or again edited/corrected versions on TtH, and if it is one of those I'd like to make sure you're getting the "better" version.
I've really got to get around to updating my site.

Finally, I'm not sure, but I think you might have to friend my LJ before I can add you to the adult fic filter, and I shall warn you straight up there isn't much here - so far there's only one fanfic that can't be found on my site or Twisting the Hellmouth.

Ooops, there are two others, though I don't think one is behind the adult fic filter... Actually, neither may be, but one was only one (maybe two) chapters so I might have put it under the filter just in case later chapters were rated higher. Sadly while the first one (with two Parts not chapters posted) is almost finished, I just keep not having time to work on edits to the last part, the other (the one with only one maybe two chapters posted) may never end up finished.

Originally, I was going to use this journal for teaser chapters, but for the most part didn't get much response so I pretty much stopped doing it. Anyway, I'll stop rambling now. ;)