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Harry Potter Wank: The Comeback
Mscribe speaks.

Okay, I haven't really commented on any of this (or this or this) before - I wasn't in the Harry Potter fandom then. Okay, lets not start this off with a fib/lie. I was somewhat in the fandom by the time constantines "saga" was winding down. However, I was only reading fanfic and interacting with a small few fanfic writers. Now don't misunderstand we (me and the fic authors) weren't best buds or nuthin - I just wrote and told them I liked their fic and they wrote back with "thanks!". (Sometimes more than one email was exchanged, but still) Doubtful they'd even remember. But I suppose that means I WAS in fandom, just not IN fandom. I didn't truly pop-up in fandom until long after Book Five.

The funny thing is that while I had heard of cassandraclare, I'd never heard of heidi8 nor constantine until The msscribe Story was published on BadPenny. So some are more BN than others. And, yes, I find it funny that the publishing of the story made Scribe more well known than anything she herself did. I suspect she's pleased.

Anyway, I read the story and made a few drive-by comments here and there, but mostly I just didn't say anything because while it is sad for the people who were used and "abused" I really didn't care, I was mostly just fasinated that someone would go to such lengths to be online!popular.
(I think I did make a previous LJ entry on the subject, though I believe it was more just a collection of links rather than commentary. However, I can't find it, so I can't be sure.)

So, in the grand tradition of constantine, I'll probably be a bit tl;dr myself. Seriously, either it is the woman herself being tl;dr, or it is the people talking about her being tl;dr - so who am I to screw with that fine tradition?

Well, with the return of constantine (Return is struck, because she's baleeted "both" of her journals) here - it has become known that not only did she have her known journal (dejaspirit) she had a so-called "real" journal. (As mentioned both are baleeted now) And I'm noticing that some are shocked and stunned (stunned, I tell you!) about the fact that Scribe had a hidden journal.

Now really! Wake the hell up!

I'm totally not surprised, if anything I would have been more surprised had this NOT been the case. I'm also totally not surprised that heidi8 and cassandraclare list her "real" journal as a friend, even though they all pretended to defriend her back with the original report. No, I don't know any of the three, but I think Clare is basing a book off Scribe and Heidi just seems like the type who friends who she wants while not really caring about what others think - unless it might cost her BN status, and even then... *shrug* She could always make fandom happy by defriending Scribes known journal and then just happily friend Scribes real journal. Really not surprising at all.

And, you know what, unlike the rest of fandom I don't really blame them. No, I'm not defending, nor am I trying to suck ass in an effort to become one of the "in" crowd. But, hell, if Scribe wanted to be my friend - I'd accept her. Why? Well, as I understand it Scribe feeds her friends egos muchly (and say what you will but we'd all like to have someone around like that), she'll also defend said friends past the point of reason (Of course, that can be a con as much as a pro), and finally she is know as being rather generous to said friends - this last one seals the deal. ;)

Hey, unlike the rest of you bitches up on your high-horses, I admit that I'd happily accept bribes. *hint* If Scribe wants to be my friend and bribe me, I'd happily jump on the defend!Scribe bandwagon! (I'd like a window air conditioner unit - Specs available upon request! And, hey, since it is the end of summer they be cheaper right now!)

To be honest, I've never believed that Heidi and Clare were clueless to Scribe, I think they've probably known since the beginning, or at least close to the beginning, all about her. If they didn't know before the big Gryffindor Tower reveal, it is impossible for me to accept that they didn't know afterward. I mean while the reveal came from Fandoms Most Hated it would have still made even most innocent (clueless) person wonder, because it wasn't as though the evidence they had against Scribe didn't add up.
(Though it was fun seeing how many people tried to poke holes in said evidence. No, again, I wasn't there at the time, but CharlotteLennox details it all in "The msscribe Story.")

Finally, a bit about Cassandra Clare, plagiarist, and being published. You know I'm really torn on that whole thing. I hate to see a plagiarist (no matter who) being rewarded, and yet I find myself glad that a fanfic writer (under her ff writing name) has landed on the best seller list! So when it comes to Clare I'm in an interesting emotional position. ;)

When I first heard of her novel, I was both afraid and hopeful that it would do well. See above. However, at the end I'm glad she's done well because it gives hope to fanfic writers everywhere. Hopefully no more will we all be looked down on (by the so-dubbed man) as being talentless hacks, but that many fanfic writers have some truly madskillz!

What I personally think of Clares skills, or novel, is beside the point.

Anyway, the moral of this entry - well, moral is probably the wrong word - I will happily accept bribes!

And, yays! It finally rained here... Sadly it won't stay rainy and cool, but at least we finally got some rain - been almost/over a month since that happened.
Hmmm... you know, the internet and fandom is a weird, weird place. You remember the old days of the TrekBBS, right? I guess that's why my reaction to this was a big 'ol shrug of the shoulders. I never bothered to defriend constantine/dejaspirit. I was never a close friend, but I liked her (her online persona, I guess) and I liked her fic. I won't even pretend to know what went on for realz.

I've met heidi8 in person. She's alright, if one of those slightly annoying, President of the Student Council types. She seems nice enough. I've been eagerly watching cassandraclare's pro writing career. I've read her book and thought it was pretty good. I wish her all the best. Did she do a stupid thing back in the early days? Yeah, definately.

People do stupid shit on the internet. It's not like I haven't been guilty of my own paranoid insanity. I haven't been active in fandom for nearly two years now. So to me, it just looks like a silly waste of time to be getting all worked up about. But then, I've been right there involved in those dramas and they seem oh so important at the time. I am kinda glad for my experiences at TrekBBS because it definately made my Potter fandom experience way more laid back and chill. I never got involved in the drama and infighting and for that I am very, very glad.
Oh, I agree. I remember lots from the TrekBBS days, and to be perfectly honest I am very much glad Fandom_Wank was not around in those days... I'd have probably had (and kept) a starring role on the site, had it been around, because I did more than my fair share of wanking, especially towards the end of my TrekBBS career. I can freely admit (that while I did have cause) I got just a bit over the top.

Not that I even remotely pulled off anything on the level of constantine, but I happen to know at least two (you probably remember one of them) who pulled off something like this on a smaller scale in the TrekFandom, and everyone was all hurt and upset at the time, but the whole thing very quickly faded away. And, I think, it faded so quickly because after the big reveal there wasn't wankas out there who delighted in keeping the shit stirred.

Okay, I know that sounds like I don't like Fandom_Wank, which isn't true. But over the years I've found them to be very much selectively biased, which takes much fun out of things.

At the end of the day I've read the story and I don't honestly care who wants to continue being Scribes friend and who don't. Obviously, Scribe can be perfectly lovely to those she likes.

As for Clares book, I admit I haven't read the whole thing, but from the bits I've seen... Well, I think she'd have been better off sticking to fanfic.