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I got this from romulantbonz who got it from sjishere...

You scored as Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would be best for you


Deep Space Nine


The Next Generation










Which Star Trek Series is best for you?
created with QuizFarm.com

Interesting, because as I answered the questions I honestly suspected I'd get DS9. I don't mean I was trying to get DS9, I just suspected I would based on the answers I gave. Which is kinda wrong, since while I do love DS9, I really love TNG best!

Strange how romulantbonz got the answer I should have (she got TNG) and I got the answer she probably should have. LOL
Actually, not entirely true, cause I believe she likes TOS better than all the rest.
Hehe.. I got TOS.. ;)
Well, other than DS9 being number one - it is pretty accurate for me otherwise.

While I love DS9, sometimes it did bog itself down and get a tad boring. So, on the whole I tend to enjoy TNG just a bit more.

Well, that and I think I actually like VOY the series a tad more than the movies. Although the TOS movies (save two, I think. I know there's one I really don't like, and I think the last one, or next to the last one I didn't really care for either.) are awesome. But TNG only did really well with First Contact

Personally, I'd call it like this for myself:

DS9 (close behind, but still number two)
TOS Movies (though if all movies (TOS/TNG) are grouped together - then yes better than VOY)
TNG Movies
ENT (which I don't actually like at all!)