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And now since it is my special day, I shall ramble and you shall listen. ;) Besides if you make it all the way to the end you might just find a present or two for yourselves - cause that's just the nice kind of gal I am. ;)

Sadly, I've woken up a bit sick. First, I woke up about five thirty because my dog was wanting back in bed (she's a mini and my bed is just a little to high for her to make on her own) - usually when she gets up I am aware of it, but not this morning. So I had to go around looking for accidents once I realized she'd been up without me. I didn't find any, but I did notice that my eyes were itching like crazy - when I finally looked in a mirror my right eye was a bit swollen and horribly red, the other was a bit red but not as much and wasn't swollen at all.

I thought sad thoughts to make myself cry - tears are soothing. And it worked, the itch stopped and I was able to go back to sleep. When I finally woke up hours later... Well, I'm sneezing like crazy and my head is stopped up, but it could be worse, thankfully my eyes were better when I got up again and I don't feel bad at all - just weird.

I had a list of quite a few stories that I meant to put on my HP rec lists before Book Seven was out. Well, that didn't happen, because I completely forgot. What made me remember was that I've read four really good stories since Book Seven, and when I opened the file where I save stories I plan to rec, I saw that I have a boat-load already there.

I worked yesterday and managed to get one list fixed - some stories needed to be marked incomplete instead of WIP, or some were actually completed since I last updated, not to mention the few that are still WIPs and have had new chapters added. However, I didn't manage to get my new recs up, because it started storming as I finished checking the stories already on the list - not to mention even beginning to start on the other three (four).

I'll try to work on it a bit today, but I probably won't get them finished until Monday or so... It's not really hard to do it just takes time to check the stories to see which have been updated and which have not.

However, I will go ahead and list the recs for the fics I've read since I finished Book Seven. The stories themselves may or may not be post-DH fics - most are AU rather than actual Post-DH. Well, actually none are post-DH, but one could be if DH had been done just a litte bit differently.

Death Eater's Wife by Irisgirl
R (complete) het
Summary: Narcissa waits for Lucius to return from Muggle-baiting after the Quidditch World Cup.
Chapter 1

Indelible by k155_me
NC-17 (WIP) slash
Summary: Ginny died in the Chamber of Secrets and only Harry and Tom know how it really happened; not to mention the fact that Harry can hear Tom in his head. Dumbledore sends Harry to Azkaban. I suppose Voldemort will have to find another way to get his body back. When he does, will Harry join him, or will he go back to those who betrayed him? He has to choose: it won’t be easy for him to hide when he escapes, especially with that mark on his forehead and a pet Grim named Snuffles. AU.
Chapter Two

The Running Man by Sestra
NC-17 (complete) slash
Summary: Harry is desperate to escape the clinging attentions of his friends and branch out on his own. He applies for, and gets, the job of Defence Instructor at Dumstrang Institute. Here he meets new challenges, makes new friends, and falls in love.
Chapters 12

Winter and Ice by Dinkel
R (WIP) slash
Summary: It looked like Dumbledore's newest plot to interfere in Harry's life and to supposedly make him happy, but as it turned out landing back in time and falling in love was merely Fate's idea of a good joke.
Chapters 7

Ah, here's another one - I should have cruised my flist before making this entry:

Dark Angels, Wooing by Deanna
NC-17 (complete) slash
Summary: Harry has never been so tempted to join the Dark Side... (Threesome)
Chapter 1
Happy Birthday!
So enthusiastic Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, the icon an indication that I'm one of those pesky slashers? Cause, you know, H/D isn't my primary pairing Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Not really, no. I was mainly just using my replies in this thread to show off the newest icons/avatars I have snagged from the nets. And at the moment I'm just in love with all the "All was well..." ones.

Though it doesn't actually say Draco Malfoy, it just says "Malfoy."

Of course, by the same token, I think it should say Rowling instead of Harry, cause Harry is so totally gay and happy to be paired with Malfoy - it's Rowling who is apparently driven crazy by the slashers.
I saw all those icons! They're brilliant! :D I hope your birthday was fun *grin*

I agree with you on the Rowling issue *grin* And yeah, my brain immediately went to Draco. Bad me, Lucius is dreamyin his own right!
Yeah, my birthday was good - did things I wanted and got a little cash too. ;)

And, don't feel bad on the Draco thing, because when I first saw (and saved) the icon my mind jumped straight to Draco as well. I was actually certain until I looked again that it actually said Draco.
Happy Birthday, my dear!!! Have a great day, and feel better soon! *hugs*
Thanks. By yesterday evening I was already pretty much back to normal, and I seem to be fine this afternoon - so it's all good.
Happy b-day (again) :D *hugs* get well soon and I hope that you've got some nice presents/bought yourself something nice. :D
You're here, you're there, you're everywhere wishing me HB. Thanks, darlin'. *hugs*

Anyway, as I said in my reply above, but yesterday evening I was pretty much back to normal and seem to be completely fine today - so YAY!

And, yeah, I got some cash, and went and got a CD. ;)
Happy B-Day! *hugs*

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you feel better--it's awful being sick on your birthday!

And it wasn't too bad, I just felt weird, not really bad. And by yesterday evening I was pretty much back to normal and seem to be completely fine today - so YAY!
Happiest Birthday Wishes to You!!! *hugs*

Hey! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday and so sorry I couldn't wish you one any sooner! And thank you for your present to us, I'll just have to give you one in return now!
Thanks for the bday wishes.

*eagerly awaits pressie* ;)
It will be a H/TR one shot but I think you can reconcile with that? I promise to deliver this week!
Hey, there's nothing wrong with one-shots. Some of them can be so good that they make you want even more. ;)
I must admit, that is one of the things I hate about one shots because you want more and there's nothing to come. Leaves you on your hunger!