For those who don't want Movie Five spoilers - there are NONE in this entry, but I can't speak for replies, since I'd like to have Movie Five spoilers, I'm not asking people to avoid spoiling me. So while you can safely read this entire entry, I would recommend reading the replies (if any) with caution.

First, this is crossposted to LoonyLions so those on my flist who post there will see it twice, sorry! Though I did add some bits in this one that weren't on the other.

Anyway, this seems to be a good time to talk about the movies. I'll start off by admitting that I like (so far) the first two movies better. Why? Well, I admit the third and fourth ones are visually better, but they hack the story to pieces; three more than four. So while I like to be visually appealed to, I'd rather have a story, because I can overlook less than stellar visual things, but if the story ain't right - well I simply can't overlook that, and Movie Threes story just wasn't right!
(Though I did like the heavy trio subtext, though I suspect it was meant to be Ron/Hermione subtext only, but since Emma and Rupert refuse to spark together alone...)

The fourth one isn't so bad, but I was bored by the underwater crap and the dragon chasing. Lets face it even those that haven't read the books still know (or should) enough to realize that Harry must at least live for three more movies. So why waste time on this shit when we could be getting as much story into the movie as we could?

And I don't even want to talk about the Snape from Movies three and four. Just NO!

But the exact reason I like Movies one and two seems to be the exact reasons other people don't like them. They stay close to the book, the first one especially. Honestly, if you've watched the first movie, you really do not need to read the first book. Now the second one is different, on the other hand, some of the stuff that was a bit mishandled in the book was changed in the movie and in some cases (not all) I thought the movie handled things better. Plus Movie Two gives me a visual Lucius, and that just makes it better - it just does! Not to mention visual Tom, who I'm told (sadly) will not be back for Movie Six! To old, my ass - I've heard that CC is gay and that is probably the reason they won't bring him back! Grr Arg!

But then you come to Movie Three and there's just so much missing in favor of really (in my opinion) idiotic things. Sure the talking heads look cool, and I even like them, and then there's the song bits - WTF? So, I certainly feel this movie would have been better served by dropping some of that stuff in favor of explaining the parental units history. And my most favorite scene is cut here! Snape totally losing it! I was so looking forward to seeing Rickman play that out and then I found it wasn't even there... BASTARDS!

And I've already talked about what could have been cut in Movie Four. I still, in my heart of hearts wish they'd have broken Movie Four into TWO movies. I was most especially disappointed in the Quidditch World Cup, and not because we didn't see enough Quidditch. Honestly, I'm like Rowling, I don't care that much about it - I was disappointed about the Harry/Hermione/Ron/Draco stuff being cut, along with Harry being the only one to see and hear the Dark Mark. Really, would it have killed them to cut a bit of the underwater stuff and dragon chases to have at least given Felton a reason to show up? Apparently.

Yes, I'm a Draco fan, and while originally (I admit) that I didn't think much about the scene, or at least what Draco might or might not have been trying to do in that scene, because I'd listened to Rowling and given up on Draco becoming anything more than a weenie badguy. But now after Book Six, I really do believe that Book Four scene is important for his character if no one else's. Certainly, looking back, I believe that scene to be more important than the ferret scene. Not that I wanted the ferret scene to be cut, but since they only had one, I wish they'd scrapped the ferret scene and left the World Cup scene in.

Well, that was all over the place.

PS - For those of you who have seen Movie Five, I have no objection to you talking about it in the thread comments. Because I would like to know how Movie Five stacks up for you in comparison to the others - yes, I'm trying to figure out if I'll like this movie more the three and four or not. Keeping in mind that while I thought Movie Four should have been two movies, I never felt such a thing for Book/Movie Five, because I did feel that Book Five was overly long and was hoping the movie would seriously tighten things up.

Plus, I've just never understood avoiding Movie spoilers for the Potter movies, because I've read the book, and while I know there will be some differences, I already know the core story, so the movie isn't going to truly surprise me with a plot twist or something. *shrug* Maybe I'd feel different if I was a movie only person, but I'm not, so I don't.