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At least not for some of us, because some of us (I know I am not alone here) really do like being spoiled.

Yes, this is about the tight security on the last Potter book. Look I totally respect that many of you would rather go in fresh and not be spoiled, but considering my reaction to the last two books (but especially Six, more on that in a bit) I'd rather have some idea of what to expect before going in. Because you see, if I don't get spoiled beforehand I will read the end first, probably the last two chapters in fact, the last chapter and the epilogue.

Sadly that would give even me more info than I'd want, because I don't actually want to know who dies (nor really who actually gets with who), but if I don't get spoiled, I'd pretty much be unable to stop myself from reading the last first.

It's called bracing oneself. You see, I went into Book Six cold (because I pretty much couldn't buy a SPOILER for it) and I'm pretty sure I went into Book Five mostly cold. I may have been a bit spoiled for Book Five, since I didn't pre-order, but I know I was not heavily spoiled, because despite the number of folks (who no doubt) commented on it, I did not know who the Book Five death was until I read it. Therefore I hadn't braced myself for some of the less than desirable things in those books. On the other hand, if I'd had spoilers (such as Harry's OOC rage) these things might (I say might) not have taken me out of the story as they did, because I would have been expecting them. So I use spoilers to brace myself for things, and would also like to do that with Book Seven, because I know from experience several things which sealed my dislike for those books probably wouldn't have seemed so bad to me if I'd had a little advanced warning.

And, yes, while I won't deny shipping is a part of what I want spoiled - I don't really want to know the ships, which is why reading the epilogue would give me TMI. When it comes to ship spoilers, I'd rather have someone simply tell me whether there are a few (or more) twists and susprises, while not actually telling me the ships. However, the ships aren't the only SPOILERS I would be interested in. For example, I'd like to know (beforehand) if the Trio (Harry/Hermione/Ron) attend Hogwarts or if they don't in favor of questing. I'm used to reading them in a school setting and if this really is going to be different, then I'd like to know so I can brace myself before going in.

The strongest SPOILER (or book ruining thing, if you must call it that) I'd actually be interested in is in regards to Snape. I'd like to know outright whether he's evil or good. Why? Because good Snape doesn't work for me. I'm sorry, I know I'm grossly outnumbered here, but I just can't see Good!Snape, so if I'm to be subjected to Good!Snape I'd like to have some warning, so I can brace myself.

I guess what I'm saying, if you are on my flist and will be getting the book six/seven (if not more) hours before I do - could you kindly spoil me on these points. Please, thanx! Cause I really don't want to be compelled to read the last chapters first, shockingly enough.
I'm a dedicated, obsessed spoilervirgin myself - I love surprises - but I'll come and spoil you carefully and gently, if time allows.
Thanks. Hopefully time will allow, because I'll be helping a bit myself. I'm figuring I'll probably stay up and online a bit later than usual that Friday night to see if I can hear from those who'll get the book several hours before me.
(I actually won't get the book until Saturday morning/afternoon, but obviously I'm not going to stay online from Friday night until the time I get the book on Saturday.
I've got it preordered from Amazon so I guess I'll get it... er, on the day it's supposed to arrive. *is disorganised*

...and I don't recall whereabouts you are, but I'm pretty sure it's America, so that ought to put me ahead of you, if I haven't completely lost my power of reasoning.
Yep, I'm in America and under CST.
I don't understand why people are so serious about spoilers. They don't actually spoil anything for me. I like spoilers))
I'm really curious about Snape, but I for my part prefer Good!Snape. To me that would be unexpected because he was mean from the start and if he turned out to be a villain in the end, that would seem too predictable to me. I like the way JKR persuaded us he was good over and over, then she made him go bad and kill Dumbles, and now I want him to be good again. For me, he's one of the coolest characters there just because he's not back-and-white.
Well, I can understand why people are serious about spoilers. I've seen people who literally have no interest in reading/watching after they've been spoiled. Of course, I'm not that way, I'm going to read the book, even if I read the last part first, I'm still going to read the whole book.

Though, I do believe sometimes they go overboard, I've see people who won't even read book/show descriptions like the ones in TV Guide or on the back of the book - that to me is taking it a bit far, because those things are made to draw one in not spoil the story.

Of course, I remember after Book Six was released that every where I went people were complaining about being spoiled (saying they literally couldn't go anywhere online without coming across spoilers), and yet as I said above I couldn't actually buy a spoiler.

The people who's spoilers I would have trusted seemed to think they were doing me a favor by not telling me (they weren't, but they believed they were) and so many of the other spoilers I saw I just couldn't believe because I didn't trust/know the source.

Good!Snape vs Evil!Snape - I just can't accept Good!Snape, because he's just been too evil over the years. If Rowling means to turn him around into a good guy then she's went too far in making him nasty (for me). Possibly I would be all right if the only student Snape was nasty (abusive) to was Harry, but it wasn't - we know he's been just as nasty to Neville (if not more so) and to a lessor extent Hermione over the years. So Good!Snape would be one of those twists that just wouldn't work for me.
I've seen people who literally have no interest in reading/watching after they've been spoiled.

Wow. That's going a bit far. Me, I'd just have the person who spoiled me murdered. It wouldn't stop me reading the book.
I don't really get that myself. Since I've always been something of a spoiler Ho! I realize that just having someone tell me something doesn't mean it will be as bad (or good) as that person thinks.

I learned that with Star Trek Voyager and Buffy - several of the spoilers there would sound real good, and then turn around and the episode itself would be crap. Or the spoilers would sound horrible (more rare), but turn around and the episode itself would actually be pretty good.
I just really, really love the feeling of hanging on the edge of my seat wondering what's going to happen next. Any bit of information in advance will mar that feeling to some extent.

p.s. My money's on flawed-but-good!Snape. Though she's written him well enough that doubt is possible, I don't doubt it myself.
I never want to know the deaths beforehand, I like it much more if the story simply shows me and the shock or hoorays that go with that. I don't mind to be spoiled when it comes to ships though...
Well, I admit I wouldn't mind knowing if Harry lived or died beforehand, because I really believe he'll live, otherwise Voldemort must live. To me having both Harry and Voldemort die would be a continuity error of epic proportions, but even having warning on Dead!Harry probably wouldn't help.

As for ships, I'm actually afraid that no matter how I try that the ships is the one thing (if nothing else) I will know completely before reading because even if I didn't go to shipper sites, I know how most on my LJ flist swing, so I'd kinda know simply from their reactions even if they didn't outright say who got with who.
I can imagine a scenario in which they both die, but I do think Harry will live.

When will you get the book?
If everything goes well (on the shipping side of things) I should get the book by Saturday afternoon on the 21st.

Before I preordered, I had considered just waiting and heading out to my local Wal-Mart on the day (night) because it is open 24 hours. But ultimately my eyes are not the best in the world and night driving is something I'm not comfortable doing unless I have too, and as much as I'm looking forward to reading the end, it just doesn't seem worth it, especially since there are two kinda long dark stretches between me and Wal-Mart. I.E. No streetlights.

Amazon has already assured me that I will get the book on Saturday, but I've pre-ordered books before that didn't arrive when they said they would - so who knows. Of course, if it doesn't arrive on Saturday I won't be able to hold out until Monday, so if it is delayed I'll probably know the whole story before reading.
If it is a comfort - I preordered the last two books and all went well.
I love spoilers a whole lot. I understand that others don't. I don't mind all the communities that have gone on moderated posting and membership. That is cool.

I have gotten really annoyed with some communties, though. One HP icon community decided to close from June to September. WTF? That is way too over cautious.

Anyway, shipping is what I want to be spoiled on. I need to know if it will be OBHWF before I invest myself in the book. If it is, I'll take it for what it is. At least I'll know.
WOW! That is weird. I could understand closing for the entire month of July (though I think that would still be a bit much), but closing for three months seems excessive.

I understand those who want to know the ships, I really do - I know several places on LJ as well as message boards who have sections to spoil ships only and nothing else. But I'd actually just rather know if there were surprises when it comes to the shipping rather than knowing the actual ships.
For example, even if Harry and Ginny get back together it could still be a surprise if it is handled better than it was in HBP. And if H/G must happen, then I've decided I am in the camp of hoping it will (at least) be done well. While Rowling can't undo the badness of HBP, and H/G will always be tainted (to me) because of Book Six, IF Ginny is to be Harry's final love I want to be able to SEE it. To see not just Ginny's love for Harry, but Harry's love for Ginny, because all things considered I think that may be my biggest problem with the H/G of HBP. I feel like Ginny loves the Celeb and Harry just likes having a babe on his arm., if they are to be TLF (true love forever) then I need to see something deeper than that between them.
...well, I've just finished it, I'm still in floods of tears, and I can't see any spoilers in your comments so I'll tell you what I know even though I'm sure you know by now.

1. Questing, and not at Hogwarts.

2. No real 'shippy surprises.

3. I was right on the money about Snape. Even I can't stretch to saying he was a good person. He wasn't, particularly. But he was on the right side all along (well, very nearly all along), which I never doubted. And I'm still crying.

Apart from that - oh, rocks fall, everyone dies. You know.
Thanks, though I had already finished reading by the time you got here. Not only that but I'd been almost completely spoiled by the book online - I wouldn't have read it, but I was so certain the version which appeared online was a fake, especially that... epilogue.

I'm even on the ball enough to have posted my review today, which probably won't be very popular with folks, since with very few exceptions I really didn't like the book.

All things considered, I wish rocks had fallen and everyone died.