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Since only one person came out to express sympathy (thank you, jhovall) after my last entry - I've decided to bring on the Potter Wank! [insane laughter] In other words, you will pay for your lack of sympathy. MUHAHAHAHAHA!

Although, contrary to what you'll believe when you finish reading - this is NOT my big bid to end up on Fandom_Wank! Believe me, I could do better.

Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, allow us to begin.

I've only snagged one icon of such, because obviously I'm not an H/G shipper and would be very very happy if much of the beleagured theories about H/G and HBP were proved to be true in Book Seven.

Do I expect such to happen? Some days yes, some days no. Some days I know Rowling is a better writer than HBP would reflect, other days I think Rowling has collapsed under the weight of it all and is just limping to the finish line.

*coughs* Where was I? Oh, right icons.

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The above is taken from prettyveela over at Fandom_Wank.
Now this is not because I'm picking on prettyveela, or even R/Hm and/or H/G fans at large. Nor will you find me ranting about the civil rights stuff in the images of the avatar, because I actually find myself chuckling over that.

Because contrary to what it sounds like, I'm not offended at all. I just think some people need a wake up call. Mostly I am amused to see people talking about Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny being canon, and maybe even the creator of this particular avatar knows what I'm about to say, but I'm saying it anyway!

First, despite Half-Blood Prince and the Interview of DOOM! Ron and Hermione are NOT canon yet. Now granted, I believe Ron and Hermione is just as good as canon, and have believed that for a long time. But Ron/Hermione is (at this point) even less canon that Harry/Ginny, no matter what Rowling (or anyone else) says.

Of course, I kinda hoped I was wrong about Ron/Hermione, because I've always had a soft spot for Viktor/Hermione. That's right, I don't really care for Ron/Hermione or Harry/Hermione, because when it comes to Hermione there is only one who's man enough for her and that is Viktor!

Of course, I realize that Viktor/Hermione has only a slightly better chance at becoming canon than Harry/Draco. As I said even before HBP I just knew Rowling was most likely writing Ron/Hermione. Whether I like it or not is not the point. But for the record - no, I don't care for Ron/Hermione. Strangely enough I actually like the idea of Harry/Hermione better than Ron/Hermione, but don't misunderstand - I DID NOT AND DO NOT WANT to see Harry/Hermione become canon. That's right, I'm fine with Ron and Hermione becoming canon, more so than I would be with Harry/Hermione. If you don't know it by now, I'll inform you that I am a strange strange girl.

Now the avatar is more accurate when it comes to Harry/Ginny, I have to admit that no matter how much it makes my ass hurt. You see, it isn't that I loathe Harry/Ginny so much as I just flat loathe Ginny (Bitch) Weasley. However, before Order of the Phoenix I didn't hate Ginny, I didn't love her either, but at least I didn't hate her. Once she showed up in Order of the Phoenix her personality was pasted on, much like Draco's was in Half-Blood Prince. However, for the record I didn't hate Ginny nor give her the bitch label until HBP. But I am seriously starting to digress.

What bugs me about such avatars is that they give the impression that certain people missed that little bitty break-up scene at the end of HBP. So, if there is anyone out there who missed it, please allow me to refresh your memory. Harry and Ginny - THEY BROKKED UP!

As I said, it is entirely possible that most of the people creating such avatars are already aware of these facts, but sometimes I start to seriously doubt that is the case, especially when I start seeing people proclaim Ron/Hermione canon. Even though, I myself am more sure of Ron/Hermione than I am Harry/Ginny - it still ain't canon yet, ducks!

Now even hating Harry/Ginny, I very much doubt I'll be part of the Book Seven FanSpolsion if it turns out Harry and Ginny get back together, because I almost expect that to be the case. Only a small part of me holds out hope that Rowling will pull a "pairing" twist.

Why does it seem like one little icon drove me over the edge? Because I'm too lazy to go look up the others of this nature, but believe me, that one I snagged (you say stole, I say snagged) is not the only one that makes me think certain people failed to read the book, or (at the very least) are putting the cart very much in front of the horse.

Now I believe I'll go limping back to my other fandoms, least my friends start thinking this journal will turn into the "Rants of Harry Potter." Cause it would be oh-so-easy to do just that. But I shall try and hold strong, only posting HP when my wank-levels get too high.

PS - And for the record my OTP for Harry is Voldemort. Under that is Harry/Lucius, after that Harry/Narcissa. Finally, Harry/Draco - you get the point? My favorite pairings have NO chance of becoming canon! The one Harry pairing I like which STILL has a chance of being canon is HARRY/LUNA! But it won't cause my world to come crashing down around my ears if it does not happen.
I don't know if anyone cares, but I thought it might come up.

PPS - If you respond "tl;dr" I am going to laugh at you. If you didn't read - why bother posting?

Thank you, and have a very nice day!
Us unpopular types (comment-wise, anyway) have to stick together!

I'd post something more relevant if I knew anything about Harry Potter. =)
Agreed, and I should probably comment more in others journals than I do.

And don't worry about lack of HP knowledge. Believe it or not I wouldn't actually recommend reading the Potter books.

Unless, of course, you are just one of those types who likes to understand what all those NetSplosions are all about. Otherwise there are better and certainly more well-written books out there.

However, Harry Potter has grabbed me and has refused to let go.
I'm not just a R/Hr and H/G shipper, I also ship Harry/Luna and Neville/Hermione.

Glad you like the pic. :)
Yeah, despite the rant that went with it - I actually do love that avatar, and it was (sadly) reflective of things for a time, and still gives me a smile today.