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So I really should have gotten back to working on fanfic after getting the new keyboard, but I was making so many typos at first that I told myself to wait a bit.

Then I've gotten a bit caught up (maybe to caught up) in ISU Week over at FAP. And when I wasn't doing that, I was FINALLY getting around to watching a VOY disc.

*sigh* I started out all gung-ho on the rewatching, but then as I went along in season two I found myself losing steam. And I had the current DVD for ages before watching, so I finally moved back the rest of VOY on my list, so after this it will be quite some time before I get back to VOY, unless I get a hankering to see the show again.
I think if I could just get past season two, I'd probably be more into this, because I remember seasons three, four, and most of five were some of the best of VOY.

Anyway, on with the show...


Okay, I admire the pov thing VOY was trying to do in the opening of this episode, but it's very boring! And again reminds us that Voyager is a ship of fools. One assumes Security is important otherwise Starfleet wouldn't have security officers, but yet again the security officers advice is repeatedly ignored in favor of acting stupidly. Of course, to be fair this wasn't a sole issue with the Voyager portion of Trek, but somehow it just seems more blatant with VOY.

Anyway, I remember the title and new the prototype was a weird robot thingie, but that was about all I remembered. *sigh* I think Season Two is more boring than Season One.

Oh well, at least there's some Torres/Kim interaction here to keep me vaguely interested. You know, I'm really starting to believe that shipping is the ONLY thing that kept me watching this damn show!

And, oh JOY! This is exactly what this episode needed - fucking Neelix! Grr Arg! Even in small doses he is starting to bug me. And now "Here's the Doctor!" My watching experience is now complete. Well, actually, to be fair the Doctor wasn't too bad here. Didn't bug me as much as Neelix did, at any rate.

Ah, and this episode is almost saved by some Janeway/Tuvok interaction. Better if Tuvok had tossed her to the floor and... Well, you know, but anyway.

Them dar Robots are EVIL! No, I don't actually remember that, but it is totally clear that the robots are evil, and that said robots killed their damn builders. If it is coming through so damn clear to me, you'd think someone (anyone on this damn ship of fools) could see it. But no! They no get it, but they will! ;)

Okay, so the prototype and B'Elanna have some damn fine interaction, I very much enjoyed it. I still don't like that B'Elanna comes off dumb as a pole here. Anyway, if I were half inclined I'd write a Torres/Robot fic!

Damn! It feels like I've been watching this bloody episode FOREVER! And then I checked - it's only half over. *sigh* But, perhaps this episode will FINALLY get interesting now that the Robot has revealed himself so much that even the idiots aboard Voyager are now in the know.

Nope! Didn't happen. Well, I suppose it got a touch more interesting for about five minutes there - we almost had some good stuff.

*sigh* This episode pretty much sucks, but now those crappy writers have done went and thrown me some Chakotay/Paris UST, which is almost always yummy, so much so that even Janeway sat up and took notice. So I can't disreguard the episode completely now.

You know, Robot Wars should be cool, but somehow VOY manages to make it dull. Though there were (as mentioned) a few good moments! And at least we rounded things off with another good Janeway/Tuvok moment, but mostly this episode just sucks, especially since Tuvok didn't smack some bitches for stupidly not listening to his warnings.

A (Brief) Medical Rant

Why aren't there more people assigned to learning medicine on this ship? Kes is being trained and that is a very good thing, but really it seems silly that Kes is the ONLY person being trained. Janeway should be ordering the Doctor to teach classes, at the very least training some of the other crew in field medicine.

Actually it wouldn't hurt Janeway herself (as well as the ENTIRE Senior Staff) to set in on a few classes all things considered. As it stands right now, their Doctor is trapped (literally) in sick-bay and the only other person being trained in medicine is Kes. Now we can see that Kes is good, but she can't possibly do everything.

Okay, so if you remember, Tom Paris started training a bit before Kes, but now apparently he's off doing something else, because this bloody ship of fools thinks that they really only need two medics! Boggles the mind, really.

What would happen to these people if the Doctor's program was deleted or otherwise made useless? Even worse, Kes could suffer some accident and be unable to help, and oops there's no one else on Voyager who knows how to help. They'd be right up shit creek! Probably so if only the Doctor was taken offline, because while Kes has had some training, she's not a Doctor herself yet.


Again, I remember the title and not much else.

And we know what a good episode this will be since it starts with the Kazon kicking Voyagers ass! Someone dies and Torres cries. Wow! I'm bloody well on the edge of my seat here people!

Admittedly, I deeply enjoy Janeway and Chakotay's talk here. The problem is that Janeway doesn't listen! Bitch! No, seriously, her sticking to principles is killing her fucking people - that's what the opening of this episode was about! Now at this point any sane person (I think) should be willing to consider another method. But not Janeway!

You know, I used to wonder at times while watching the X-Files how it was that Fox Mulder was still alive, let alone still an Agent of the FBI, because there were times where he was so bloody stupid himself, but at least there you could say his father (CSM) was protecting him. But there's nothing that can explain why Janeway hasn't been killed, by enemies or her own damn crew, all things considered.

Seriously, why hasn't the crew (even the Starfleet crew) revolted? And why won't Janeway even take one damn moment to consider what Chakotay is saying? It's not like he's being stupid, he's actually making some very good sense here. Though, I should stop ranting a moment to point out that I actually agree with Janeway - making a deal with the Kazon seems as stupid as Janeway refusing to accept that out in the DQ certain rules should no longer apply if one wants to live! So even though I agree with her on the NO-KAzon thing, I still think her holding so firm just doesn't make sense, nor does it make sense that those around her would continue to allow her to do so.

Hell, even Tuvok agrees! Great Janeway/Tuvok moment! Just awesome!

WOW! Okay, I did not remember Janeway caving in. I can't believe I didn't remember, because it really stands out here. (I suspect the ending will have something to do with why I didn't remember - I.E. By writers fiat Janeway will have been shown to be right all along and all this ends up being bloody well pointless! Am I close?)

I also know that this deal will fail, but I can't fault Janeway for taking some good advice and being willing to try.

Hey, Neelix arrested, mesa like dis! Of course, I have to admit that he isn't really annoying me in this episode.

And see - Janeway is shown to be right, I knew it! I bloody well knew it. This sucks! GAH!

And also it seems like Neelix will play a larger part after all. I can't wait, on the edge of my seat, I am. (Not) Needless to say, I might find him annoying me before the end.

Moving on... I think I smell a plot arc forming here. Okay, I did actually remember the plot arc, though I thought it only spaced out a couple episodes, but starting here it seems that said arc will be longer than I remembered.

However, thanks to Neelix (Grr Arg!) I do remember this episode more clearly now. I also remembered that the new proposed alliance goes to shit and Voyager ends up alone again with its always right Captain!

And now the plot arc really smacks you upside the head. Seriously, how did I not remember that said arc formed here?

HeHe - Even when Janeway's oh-so wrong, she's right. LOL Listen to her speech about a half hour in - I think I'm starting to hate Janeway, which is a surprise cause I loved her first time around. Was I blinded to her faults merely because she was the first female Captain? It is starting to appear so.

But all things considered this episode didn't suck too badly, even with the overabundance of Kazon which should have multiplied the suck, but somehow managed not too.

Sadly, I can completely understand where the Kazon are coming from and I don't like it! This sympathy I'm feeling for the bloody Kazon is just not right! Plus it kept Kazon alive, which tends to always be a bad thing in my opinion.

But at least this episode ends with a War Conference (as every) episode of VOY really should (all things considered). Though I could have certainly done without Janeway's fancy "I told you so!" STFU, Janeway, just STFU! But still, at least (for once) you actually feel like this ship is truly lost in space.

Threshold Oh, joy!

Before I start - yes, I am a Janeway/Paris shipper. Though clearly I was more of one back in the day than I am (or would be) now. And, YES, this episode doth mostly suck despite that. Or at least I do remember it sucking - now lets see if my memories are correct, shall we?

And we start with suck! Neelix helping the gang - boy, I just never can get enough of that fucking Neelix, you know. Oh, well, at least B'Elanna does make a feeble attempt to get rid of him. Of course, I do admit that it was nice to see Neelix just looking dumb at the close of the scene, but I would have rather just not had him in the bloody scene!

Damn, but the Senior Staff meeting in this episode is oh-so-very cheesy! But I suppose Janeway giving Paris a late night visit kinda makes up for that. Kinda.

And those clever bastards (the writers) done went and slipped in a bit of Chakotay angst for Paris. Also the Doctor waking Paris was rather cute - sue me, I chuckled. Actually, again the Doc in general was pretty decent here.

Seriously while this episode is rather bad overall there are some pretty awesome character moments that keep it from being completely write-offable.

THE TONGUE! - Oh, no, the tongue! I'd completely forgotten about that crap and I really wish I hadn't just been reminded of it.

There are so many things I could be griping about here. Like evolution = lizard, or why Janeway and Paris didn't come out of space back on Earth (just another reminder that none of them actually want to get home!), instead they find themselves not very far away from Voyager at all. But I'm gonna let that go in favor of gripping about Janeway's BS.

When Paris tries to be sorry for kidnapping and mating with Janeway against her will (though maybe the mating was consensual, the kidnapping was so very not!) she replies with this little WTF?!
"What makes you think it was your idea?"

Oh, I don't know, maybe because he's the one who stalked and bloody well kidnapped you! MORON! Also, you were still human at the time, Tom was clearly the one who was out cruising for a mate and he chose you.

Seriously, why would the writers ever think what she was saying here was a good thing that made the sense? WHY? Because that line is really too stupid for words. Unless they honestly were considering a Janeway/Paris romance at the time, which I actually doubt, so it makes no sense.


I think I actually remember this episode, but in fairness I didn't before watching the teaser. Anyway, IIRC this episode was pretty damn good and interesting.

And yet, we basically start with the *&$#&%#*(&%) Tuvok and Neelix comedy duo! Which would have caused this episode to lose points, but the betting pool on the holodeck allows things to break even - for now.
Of course, Neelix suggesting everyone on Voyager get naked didn't hurt either.

And after the teaser we begin with a murder, Hmm, interesting, very interesting. Why couldn't every VOY have been like this?

Sorry, this episode is moving along at a rapid pace and unlike the previous episodes I find myself more interested in watching than reviewing or bitching about stuff, because there's very little to actually bitch about.

But I will point out that I think it is strange that Tuvok seems to so badly need a motive from Suder. Well, maybe not, the episode gets points for explaining that, but it still seems a bit strange.

On the other hand, Tuvok suggesting execution was not strange, it was interesting actually. Still the crime is "solved" and yet the show isn't yet half over. Is this once great episode going to start dragging now? Or did Suder take over Tuvok in the "meld?" *sigh* I can't remember what happens now!

Wait! I do think I might remember (NOTE: I actually did and didn't not remember). But I had been hoping we could get through with this episode without another Tuvok/Neelix scene. *sigh* If only Tuvok...

WTF!? You bastards! How dare you play me like that! Tuvok did "murder" Neelix, but he really didn't. Still it was nice to see, shame it couldn't have been for reals!

Anyway, at least Chakotay busting up Tom's little gambling ring made me smile. Although when you get right down to it - I don't see the problem - the crew was enjoying it and clearly they weren't being forced to "play." It also gave them something to do in their off time rather than think about how stupid their SOs are - so I'm not seeing the problem really. But apparently Chakotay thinks it is a big deal, so we won't be seeing any more of that.

Can't you tell the episode did indeed slow down?
By the fact that I'm coming back to "reviewing" instead of watching.

Still the Tuvok/Suder stuff keeps me interested and keeps this episode from totally and completely bringing the suck! It is very good. Better than you'd think, or better than it should be considering the gems we've previously been given by the VOY writers. On the other hand, Tuvok comes off as a bit of a dunce, because it is so very easy to see that Suder is playing him.

They should have done more with Tuvok's lose of control in sick-bay, though as it was it was pretty good - impressive really. But at the end of the day I just think it should have been a bit more nerve racking for the audience.

Imagine my shock as I realize that Suder wasn't playing Tuvok false. I can't believe I didn't remember that. So score one for a VOY red herring.
So one member of the Voyager crew is now one up on me, at least it is Tuvok and not one of the others.

Suder is a most interesting character and now I'm wondering why we never saw him again - since he didn't die. Again VOY shocked me, I honestly expected an accident or something to finish the poor man off.

We have to see this character again, right? I mean I do remember this character dying, so he has to be in at least one more episode to do that, right? And, yet, even now I don't recall him being in more than the one episode.

Anyway, despite the fact that things slowed down mightily in the second half of the episode - I'm still very much in love here!


So that's it for now, and since it took me forever to watch these episodes (seriously I had the DVD for about a month) I've pushed the other DVDs back, so I won't be watching more VOY for awhile.
I never understood why the whole crew didn't have medical training. All those people depending on a hologram and two people to take care of them?

I hated Meld and I still do. I thought the plot was silly.

Ah but I loved the UST between Paris and Chakotay. Ah, one day I'll finish my Voy fic.

The so very sad thing is, that I don't believe I ever remotely thought about the issues with the Doctor and lack of training for the crew first time around. But this time it just keeps seriously jumping out at me.

As for Meld I think one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much (then and most certainly now) is because it is stuffed into a run of very boring episodes (Episodes that quite honestly shouldn't have been as boring as they were.) and at least Meld keeps the action going and the pace moving - for the first half anyway.

Well, that and even way back first time around I thought it was oh-so-wrong that Chakotay's crew (who ARE outlaws) ever so perfectly melded in with the Starfleet crew. Honestly, there should have been more things like this cropping up - maybe not killing, but there certainly should have been more contention and at least more than one outright fight.
Would have been better (and more interesting) than all those Kazon episodes at any rate.

Of course, I don't mind a break in the action for a meeting or whatever, but so very often VOY doesn't have any action to break up - usually it is just endless boring talky stuff. So, at least Meld had some good action to keep the talky stuff from being as terribly boring as usual, for me anyway.
Yes, there were a lot of problems with the first two seasons. I did like season 3, and I loved 4-7. Things got better. The Doctor and Neelix were less annoying. The doctor was definately better once he got his mobile emitter and started to mellow a little.

Ah. I've gotten rid of the Janeway coffee icon I could have used. :(
Oh, and yes, Threshold sucks. I couldn't get past the sucky science. Somehow, in the second Voyager episode, I was able to get past the horrible science and slightly enjoy the episode. Threshold, though, was just too much.
It's funny, but I had remembered liking season two better than season one, but on this little rewatch of mine I've found that season one kicks season twos behind.

And (for now) I'll be disagreeing about the Doctor and Neelix. Neelix never really stopped annoying me and (at some point, I'm just not entirely sure when) the Doctor really started getting on my nerves. However, on the other hand, I had thought the Doctor had started annoying me much earlier than he has, so perhaps I won't find him (at least) as annoying this time around as I did the first time.

As for seasons six and seven, I didn't enjoy them at all. As a matter of fact season six turned me off so badly that I didn't watch seven as it originally aired.

Though I suspect it will be interesting going back now and basically knowing how most things (that bugged me so bad originally) played out. Perhaps since I know, and expect certain things it I will (hopefully) maybe just be able to sit back and enjoy what is, not focus on what was not. Perhaps at the very least I won't let something I disliked bleed into other episodes causing me to dislike them just because I disliked the previous one, which is clearly what happened since I didn't even bother to give season seven a try originally.
Trashhold was soooo bad... its almost as bad as watching Enterprise.. another one of B&B's finest.. yuck...