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I can't help but laugh, I really can't. Over half the keys on my keyboard are refusing to work, including the space key. Should I give up trying to write fanfic?

So how did I type this? Not easily, but by using what keys I could and then copy/pasting the other characters I needed I managed to get the job done. But let me tell you, it takes FOREVER!
Not having the space key is especially annoying, but I also don't have the h or g, among others.

And even more good news, my throat is starting to feel worse again. Actually, that started last night, there is a constant sting, but at least it isn't swelling again, just hurting. But eating IS becoming an issue again.

Anyway, if all goes well, I should get another keyboard tomorrow, so at least (maybe, hopefully) that'll be one problem solved.

PS - Thankfully there's been lots of rain this weekend, so at least my area is no longer in danger of becoming a desert. So it's not ALL bad news.
T__T You're a bit crazy trying to do all that. I probably give up halfway and scream at the keyboard and then stomp around. Lol.

XD Have you drank anything to soothe your throat? >.< Never good to have a sore throat or cough during the summer. I hope you'll feel better soon.

Rain is plentiful here too. XD When usually it isn't.
Why yes I am a bit crazy. Though because you couldn't see me, you also couldn't see the faces I was making or the words I was mumbling while I typed the above up. It wasn't pretty. ;)

Anyway, my throat is really much better today, but I kid you not I actually feel worse. I guess I can't complain too much, while my throat was hurting I actually felt pretty good, but now that my throat is better I'm feeling crappy.

As for rain, we usually get more here than we've gotten this year, so it is nice to see the rain, real nice. Maybe I can stop lugging five/six gallons of water around to water plants now.
I always have sore throat in summer. Especially if I'm on vacation, far from home.
I hope you get another keyboard. I can't help but admire your patience: I'd throw my computer out of the window if smth like that happened. =D Though it'd be harder for me; I have a laptop.
Well, my throat is finally feeling better - not perfect, but lots better. However, I haven't had a sore throat like this since high school. Don't mean it hasn't ever hurt since then, but it just hasn't swelled this bad since then.

Anyway, I finally (today) got another keyboard. I forgot that I had to work yesterday and then several other things came up, so it wasn't until today that I could take off and get my new keyboard. It is a bit of a fancy one, so it is better but different from my old one.
I can say only one thing: you must be a patient person! I wouldn't have managed so long.

If you're not feeling better yet, perhaps you should go see a doctor...
Not really, in fact I can't imagine anyone offline ever calling me a patient person. LOL

That's why I made this entry, because I wasn't going to go around and try to post on every message board explaining why I wasn't posting. ;)

Anyway, my throat, while not completely healed is very very much better today, but for awhile I was starting to wonder.
(Deleted comment)
Thank you for that tip, while using the onscreen keyboard wasn't a whole lot faster than my c/p method, it was slightly less annoying.