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Convergent Corruption
Emma Love
Rating - PG-13
Summary: Is there a galaxy big enough for two chosen ones? Buffy Summers has fought her greatest battle, and is now ready to settle down and rest. But can there be any rest for the not-so-wicked? As Buffy is attempting to kick back, Anakin Skywalker is facing and failing in his destiny. But the winds of change are about to blow and suddenly anything could happen. Summary subject to change as the story moves along to better fit!

Convergent Corruption
~Chapter One~

Buffy loved Rome, which had come as something of a surprise. Of course, after defeating the First which caused the complete and total destruction of Sunnydale, she realized she wanted to get away. And not just from California, but far away.

She had expected Giles to object, but he'd surprised her. Though in hindsight, she supposed, she shouldn't have been surprised. In the last battle Buffy had known she couldn't do it alone, and had asked her best friend to use an ancient Slayer artifact to make every girl on Earth who had the Potential to be a Slayer a Slayer.

It had worked, though not without help from Angel, Spike, and a mysterious amulet. Spike had given his life, and that caused Buffy many moments of regret. Her relationship with Spike had never been smooth, but more often than not she'd been a complete bitch to him, and yet he'd still followed her along and in the end chose to give his life for something greater. Buffy was proud of him and deeply wished she could tell him so.

Now, however, there were problems creeping in with the calling of so many Slayers. The Potentials who'd known they were Potentials had been killed by the First or agents of the First. The ones who'd been with her were settling in fine, many of them had already taken off to gather other Slayers and fight the forces of darkness. But there were so many girls scattered all over the world with Superpowers and had no one to guide them. And Buffy knew from experience, the dreams and instincts could only take you so far. Slayers needed a Watcher.

Which was another problem. Most of the Watchers had been killed when an agent of the First, Caleb, rigged the Watchers Council in England with explosives and blew it sky high. However, as with the Potentials, not all the Watchers had been killed, and Giles was getting ready to depart and gather all he could find and rebuild the Council.

Giles suspected that the Slayers would outnumber the Watcher's, but it was the only solution they had. Buffy couldn't be everywhere gathering up Slayers, and neither could the other Slayers, because it wasn't like the forces of darkness would just set around twittling their thumbs while the good guys got organized.

This would be their last night together as a group. She, Giles, Willow, and Xander would all be parting company tonight. Of course, Buffy would be staying in Rome, because she needed to supervise Dawn. Not that Dawn was happy about that, her little sister would have been very happy to blow off her remaining education to travel around the world. But Buffy was going to make sure Dawn at least finished school, and hopefully could make their new enviroment more stable than it had been in the previous several years. Dawn would be disappointed, but she would survive.

Buffy opened her bedroom door and stepped into the living room to see Xander, Willow, and Giles already waiting for her.

"'Bout time you joined us," Xander said, and while Buffy controlled her outward reactions, she couldn't stop the inner flinch at the sight of his eye patch.

Suprisingly Xander had come to terms with everything and no longer blamed Buffy. To be honest, part of her wished he would still blame her. Not only was it her fault, but then following the event she hadn't been a very good friend.

"Sorry," she said, and reached back inside the door to pull her very large and heavy bag out. "I was going through our weapons cache," Buffy allowed a small frown. "Since we'll be splitting up, I figured a weapons division was in order."

"My axe?" Xander asked almost lovingly.

Buffy grinned, and walked over to the sofa setting the bag at here feet. "It's in here."

"Good," Xander said collapsing into a nearby chair off to her side.

Giles made one final rub on his glasses and then slipped them over his eyes.

"I'll be in London. I'm not sure how long, but I feel certain any remaining Watchers will make their way to London. I hope to find a couple already there, if so once we get settled, I myself may head out to seek Slayers."

"I guess," Buffy said slowly. "If you need me, I could always enroll Dawn in a London school."

"Not necessary," Giles replied. "You've earned a break, and we are perfectly capable of handling things."

Buffy smiled. She knew her friends could handle thing, but it felt wrong somehow to just kick back while everyone else worked, or rather cleaned up her mess. So she wouldn't have strongly objected to visiting London.

"Where's Kennedy?" Buffy asked, though she was was glad the girl wasn't there. It wasn't that Buffy didn't like Kennedy, though Kennedy could certainly get on her nerves. But it was the fact that Buffy wanted this last night together to be only the core gang. Willow probably felt that way, as well, but it was only polite to ask.

"Packing," Willow responded from the small desk where she was working with a labtop. "Our flight leaves in six hours. I wanted to wait, but she's eager for the next big adventure."

"Where we ever that young?" Xander asked, which caused all present to smirk and if she didn't know better, she would have sworn Giles snorted. But it couldn't have been, no matter how much time spent in America, Giles was still very proper and British.

Buffy looked at Willow and could tell something was bothering her friend, but they wouldn't have time to get into it since Willow would be leaving so soon. Something in Buffy's chest tightened as she realized that she didn't want her friends to leave. On the other hand, she also knew they'd had more post-high school time together than most friends did.

"Perhaps," Giles said turning to Willow. "You are ready to enlighten us as to why you called this meeting?"

Willow started, then spoke softly. "Oh, that! Well, couldn't it just be that I wanted to say bye to my friends?"

Before anyone could reply, Willow waved them off.

"But you're right, that's not it," her voice was stronger. "I know how to fix Xander's eye. I can use magic to make an exact copy of his remaining eye and then use magic again to place and connect it in place of the old one. It'll be good as new."

Xander looked both amazed and skeptical. Giles was looking as though he'd swallowed something sour.

"And where did you learn this?"

Willow sighed. "I didn't, not exactly. All right! I got the idea from Harry Potter. But it works, I did test it."

Buffy tuned out the discussion about magic which started with that statement. Xander was actually listening for once, though Buffy couldn't blame him. This was about magic and Xander, and everyone in the room knew that those two things rarely went together smoothly. Of course, he knew even less about magic than Buffy, so he was probably having a rough time trying to follow the discussion.

Finally, she realized the discussion was winding down and Giles was about to give in, so she tuned back in and realized that only fifteen minutes had passed. That was a bit of a surprise, usually when Willow and Giles really got going it would last for at least an hour.

"And why, exactly, did you require our presence?" Giles asked and with a finger indicated himself and Buffy.

"It goes back to our merging spell... Well, that, and I knew Xander would be more comfortable with you guys here."

"So," Giles said, "you don't actually need our presence."

"Well," Willow said slowly. "Not really."

"That's alright," Buffy said before Giles could respond. "It's a real good excuse to get together again one last time."

"Isn't it?" Willow asked sounding chipper again.

Giles rubbed his nose, but remained silent. Buffy was glad, because after tonight it could be a real long time before they would see each other again.

As Willow started the spell, Buffy realized that once again she could actually feel the magic. There was a time when she hadn't been able to feel magic at all. But the enjoining spell had changed that. Though until the spell to activate the Potentials she hadn't felt magic strongly, just enough to raise the hair on her neck and arms mostly. Certainly she'd felt more power during the Potential Activation Spell, which is what she and Xander had come to call it than she was feeling now. Perhaps this new sensing of magic was more relation to that than the long ago enjoining spell and would soon fade.

Before Buffy could reflect futher, the spell was over and true to her word Xander was as good as new. Much of Buffy's guilt lifted, and she felt better than she had in a long time. As Buffy allowed herself to breathe a sigh of relief, Xander was now gushing praise on a blushing Willow, which caused Buffy to wonder if maybe there was still some romantic potential between her friends. But Willow was with Kennedy and Xander was still heavily mourning Anya, though outwardly it didn't seem so, but Buffy knew her friend better than that.

Then suddenly everything went silent. It was several seconds before she realized the others were affected too.

Buffy grabbed the bag at her feet, most likely this was some side-effect to Willow's spell, but on the off chance it wasn't, Buffy would be ready to fight whatever dropped in her lap.

About a minute later, Buffy realized the pressure in the room was increasing. She knew if something didn't happen soon they would be crushed. And that's when she realized that she couldn't move a muscle. She was frozen in her seat with the now useless bag clutched in her hand.

It hit her with a sudden clarity that she was going to die here. That fear soon turned to anger. Not over her impending death, exactly, she didn't need a Watcher or anyone else to tell her that she'd already outlived any Slayer on record. It was the fact that she was not going to die in battle that bothered her, for as long as she could remember, she'd known her death would happen and most likely it would happen at the hands of some creature who bested her. Instead, she was going to die frozen in place at the hands of an unseen foe. Had she been able to she would have screamed to the heavens how unfair this was.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see that Xander had reached the same conclusion. But instead of looking angry, he appeared resigned to his fate. Directly in front of her, she could see Willow frantically moving her eyes from side to side, and Buffy realized that whatever was happening was not a side-effect of Willow's spell.

She would have started had she been able to move, it appeared that Willow's head was moving ever so slightly, which was certainly more than Buffy could manage. It filled Buffy with hope, if Willow could get herself free, the perhaps she could free them all from whatever was holding them.

From her other side, she could see that Giles had risen to his feet, which gave her almost as good a view of Giles as she had of Willow, since he'd been setting beside her on the sofa. Apparently, he'd risen to his feet before they'd become frozen, because he wasn't even managing the small movements that Willow was.

Then Buffy went blind, she could tell her eyes were still open, but she could no longer see anything. It was black, and maybe a few squiggles of light, but she couldn't be certain. Her vision was just gone.

What the hell was happening?! Buffy wanted to yell, but of course her body was still frozen.

The last thing she was aware of before blacking out completely was the sound of Giles screaming. She thought she felt the couch move a bit. Had Giles been pushed back down? Or had some force pushed him over the couch? That would explain the small thud she heard a second after feeling the cough move ever so slightly.

Then Buffy Summers was aware of nothing else.

~ * ~ * ~

Anakin Skywalker, current Padawan of Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, was in his sparse quarters getting ready to head to the Outter Rim with said Jedi. The mission would keep him away from Chancellor Palpatine as well as his beloved Padmé, but it couldn't be helped. He couldn't see any way for him to refuse, without blowing his secret marriage to Padmé, and thankfully this mission should be completed in under a year, so he would be back much sooner than he had from his last mission.

Still he wanted to spend what little time he had left on Coruscant, with her instead of meeting with the Chancellor. But before he'd started packing, word had reached him that the Chancellor wanted to meet with him this evening.

And it wasn't that he didn't enjoy spending time with the man. The Chancellor was practically a father to him, which meant Anakin was usually eager to see him, but today was different. Today was his last day Coruscant for Force knew how long, and he wanted to spend what little time he had with her.

Now he would have less time with her than he wanted, but he couldn't refuse the Chancellor. He knew Chancellor Palpatine knew him well enough to know he would have rather been with Padmé than with him, therefore whatever the Chancellor was calling him for had to be important.

Thinking about Padmé was painful, because things were changing between them, and Anakin felt helpless to stop the change. He loved her with every fiber of his being and yet could not stop the distance he could feel growing between them. It wasn't fair.

He liked to blame Obi-Wan and the Jedi, but he knew, deep down, this had nothing to do with the Jedi and everything to do with him. It was his own fault.

His massacre of the Tuskin Raders was the root problem. While Padmé had, at first seemed completely unfazed, had even went out of her way to comfort him. He knew now that she'd had some time to reflect on it deeper, it was bothering her and driving a wedge between them.

While Anakin did not and could not regret killing them, he knew that Padmé had a deep abiding respect for all living things and even though (Anakin knew) the punishment was just, Padmé could not help but regret the loss of life. Which in his darker moments angered him. If they hadn't taken his mother, they would not have been killed. So, in the end it was their own fault, and he knew that Padmé herself was aware of this, but it apparently wasn't enough for her.

Tonight, after his meeting, he would do his best to make her forget the incident and close the gap forming between them. As Anakin stepped outside, he could barely suppress a sigh. Even if he wasn't about to be sent away, it wouldn't have been easy, but being sent away would make things even more difficult. But he was determined to make it work. He would not fail, he would not, no, he could not lose her.

So lost in his thoughts he was barely aware of the bustling of the planet that was a city. Though after his many visits here, while it wasn't losing its appeal, it was becoming more common-place and not as enchanting to him as it had been the first time he'd stepped out of the ship to see it. Though even that time had been overshadowed by his fear. Fear of being without his mother and alone in the galaxy, and his fear that the Jedi would turn him away, refuse to train him. However, he'd had plenty of time since then to take in all the sites, or at least most of the sites Coruscant had to offer.

He even knew much about the planet now, but there were still many things he didn't know. Over the course of thousands of years, the entire surface of Coruscant had been covered by sprawling skyscrapers and cities, long ago the oceans had been drained and were now stored in vast underground caverns for future use and reuse. The only body of water visible on the surface was the Western Sea, a body of water created artificially for tourists and natives alike. The only other natural land visible on the surface were the Manarai Mountains, twin peaks that rose out of the ground near Palace of the Republic.

The sky traffic was busy and clogged, as usual. Sometimes it amazed Anakin that anyone was ever able to travel without the aid of the Force. The traffic itself would have been hazardous enough, but there were also many floating structures. Of course, unlike the traffic, those structures floated on a pre-set path and rarely deviated from that path. But the traffic could be a nightmare, even with the aid of the Force. But today the traffic, nor the other wonders, affected him at all. Today he could think of nothing but losing Padmé.

~ * ~ * ~

Hours later, Anakin made his way to Padmé's, but he was completely on autopilot. Palpatine was Lord Sidious, the Sith Lord that the Jedi were trying to track down. But the surprises hadn't stopped there. Chancellor Palpatine was his father, Anakin was even more lost and helpless than he'd been before the meeting.

In only a few short hours everything he'd thought he knew had been striped away.

He knew he should tell the Jedi, especially Obi-Wan, but couldn't bring himself to seriously consider doing so. But he also wasn't able to bring himself to consider his father's offer either.

Later, Anakin promised himself as he reached Padmé's. Tonight he would bury himself in her embrace, then tommorow he would consider everything else. He had time, Palpatine was in no hurry, and Anakin could see why. Almost at the touch of a button Chancellor Palpatine would become Emperor Palpatine. In his opinion the only remaining problem was the Jedi, and he wanted Anakin's help with them. But Anakin could not consider betraying the Jedi, especially Obi-Wan, on the other hand, he wasn't ready to betray his newly found father either.

"Anakin," Padmé looked up as he stepped into the bedroom. "What's wrong?"

"Everything," he said, and then thought better of himself. "Nothing."

She rose from the small desk she'd been using to go over some papers.

"Tell me."

Anakin could only shake his head. He knew Padmé would run straight to the Senate, or possibly the Jedi. "Not tonight. Please. Just be with me tonight."

Padmé looked for a moment that she was going to object, but after several moments of staring at him, she seemed to change her mind, causing Anakin to wonder what appearance he was projecting. Finally, she gave him a soft smile and embraced him.

Anakin lost himself to her.

~ * ~ * ~

Anakin Skywalker, or Darth Vader, the name his father had choosen for him, and the name he'd decided to accept while on the mission, looked around the landing platform. During the mission, he'd realized that while he loved Obi-Wan as a brother, he could not abide the Jedi Code. Palpatine, his father, had offered him freedom, and an open marriage to Padmé, which was something Anakin knew the Jedi would never offer. Had they known, he would have, no doubt, been banished from the Temple and the Jedi.

Chancellor Palpatine offered him freedom, while the Jedi only offered continued enslavement. So, he'd decided to become what his father wanted. He would become Darth Vader, and he knew that his father was already aware of his decision, even though Obi-Wan and the Jedi were not. Vader was not sure how long he could hide from the Jedi, but his father, using a mental link had promised him soon the galaxy would be free of the Jedi. Vader found that he could hardly wait, though he tried not to think about what would happen to Obi-Wan.

But for the moment, that was all secondary, from the moment he'd stepped onto the platform, he'd felt her persence. He could not see her, nor could he break away from the gushing crowd which greeted them. They were gushing because the Separatists under the command of General Grevious had kidnapped the Chancellor and together with Obi-Wan they had rescued him.

Vader wanted badly to smirk. It wasn't as though the Chancellor had needed rescuing. The kidnapping had been under his own orders. Vader now understood just how much power Palpatine had. He was playing both sides against the middle and had the full support of both sides. Palpatine had already won.

As Vader looked around again, he admitted to himself that there was a time when he would have loved being the center of attention like this, but now he was impatient to break away and find Padmé.

Finally, the Chancellor lead the adoring fans away and Vader caught sight of her.

She was as beautiful as ever, but seemed somehow subdued.

Vader almost froze, she was looking a bit thicker than normal. Still she was the most beautiful female in the galaxy.

She moved slightly out of the shadows and Vader rushed over to her.

There were reports to be made and other things he needed to do, but those things could wait.