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So I was supposed to be working on Unexpected American Vacation, but I never managed to reread what I'd already wrote. And possibly it wouldn't have mattered if I had because another idea sprang full force into my head. So now I have three stories - Unexpected American Vacation, the New *Buffy/Anita crossover, and now a bright shinny new Star Wars/Buffy crossover.

Hopefully, tonight I can clean the first chapter of one of them up and post one of them tomorrow, I'd like to see what people think. And, hey, it might not be UAV, but at least I'm writing again. YAY!

Actually, I used to be able to do more than one story at the same time, but for several years now the few times I've tried it there was some bleed over. However, maybe this will keep me going when I get stuck or bored on one story then I can switch over to the other one until the fog clears.

That could also help me when it comes to ending the story. I'm sure anyone who has read my work knows that more often than not I tend to rush the ending. What they may not know is the reason for that. Usually when that happens I'm out of ideas or the story has been told it just needs closing off, which I suck at. So I end up rushing the end to get the story completely done, but I know that ends up not being very satisfing. So maybe if I can juggle back and forth I can make my endings come smoother.

* A note about the New Buffy/Anita crossover, while I haven't read The Harlequin, I have read spoilers for said novel and it is a bit eerie how some of the stuff I'm playing with in this fic is stuff Hamilton played with in The Harlequin. Now I really wish I'd gotten started posting this before The Harlequin came out!

Of course, there are differences, for one thing in my fanfic there is no Harlequin and there will not be any, because at this point it would just make my story more clogged than it needs to be. And Anita, is no doubt, kicking much less butt in my fanfic than she did in The Harlequin. Actually if anything Anita is getting some of the wind knocked out of her sails in my fanfic. And I think we all know Hamilton would never do that.

However, that story is a bit stuck - I've come to a point where something is happening that no matter how I try and soften it, I realize that Anita would not and could not let it go, so I've either got to figure out how to make it not so drastic, or just let Anita knock herself out.

The problem with the latter is that it would end with her death and I really wasn't planning to kill her - just modify her and her role in the pecking order slighty. But, alas, I think to do this without killing Anita I would need to break her completely, which I could do and have been toying with doing. But I really wanted to avoid even the appearance of Anita bashing, and if I go about breaking Anita it would seem very much like Anita bashing, because obviously to break Anita it would have to be something very nasty.

Seriously, I may not like her much anymore, but it would take a lot to break her, and I think I'm going to have to go there unless I just want to outright kill her.

Anyway, unless something changes the one I put up tomorrow will most likely be the StarWars/Buffy one. That is, if I can come up with a title for it - simply because it is the one rabidly chugging away in my head currently. Actually, I don't think I've got a title for the NEW Buffy/Anita x-over yet either. *sigh* Titles are not my friend.

PS - For those who are interested - I am feeling better today, not perfect, but I'm not living off pain medicine, or crying because I need more medicine but have to wait so I don't OD. Throat is still raw, swollen, and hurting, but I did manage some good real food today, and will (hopefully) by tomorrow not need medicine just to eat a good meal.
I seem to understand your problem with titles. I hate choosing titles, it makes me nuts! =D
Anita breaking? Sounds interesting... Though she's not always a superwoman in the books, right?
Titles are weird for me. Sometimes a title comes right to me, sometimes I even in end up with chapter titles - rare, but it does happen. Of course, more often than not, I just cannot come up with a really good title that says what it needs too. Or in some cases when I do come up with a really good title as in the case of Sex, Lies, and Alternate Universes the title ends up not completely working. In that case the story was supposed to be a bit more sexual than it ended up being. Sure the sex is implied (so it works to an extent) but it is all the fade to black kind. One of these days I'm going to go back and try to write some of the sex scene's, but at the original time of writing they just wouldn't come to me.

As for the StarWars/Buffy, right now I keep wanting to title it "Here a chosen one, there a chosen one, everywhere a chosen one" but that is a tad long and implies humor, and since the story wouldn't (or shouldn't) fall into the humor category I need something else.

Re: Anita

*le sigh* Originally she wasn't, but these days she has turned into one. I mean even in the older books she won the battle and saved the day, but now she just keeps pulling new powers out of her hiney and saving the day that way instead of having to work at it. However, even the old Anita would not have let Buffy get away with what Buffy is trying to get away with in the story - hence one of them will win and the other will not. *sigh* It might be kinder of me to just kill Anita.
Ooh, nice icon! =D
I almost feel sorry that I haven't seen Buffy; your story seems like an interesting read, but I missed Buffy when it was on air (I just wasn't interested in it enough) and they don't seem to do a re-run these days. I read the first 11 or 12 books of Anita Blake, and I loved it. Though they do keep getting worse...
Re: The icon: It was created by ponyboy.

Re: Buffy - Don't worry about it. I know sometimes it does seem as though everyone watched Buffy, but there are lots of people who did not. And while I do try and make it easy for readers to keep up if they didnt watch/read, I'm not always successful. So I make no promises that you could follow the story without having some knowledge of Buffy.

As for Anita, I didn't really like her in the beinning either, but I liked her better then than I do now. But back then the secondary characters saved the day, but now Hamilton can't them in character and consistant, and (most of) her new characters aren't worth the paper they're written on.

Still since I tend not to like fanfics were it seems the sole purpose is to bash a character, I try to avoid writing fics like that.
Yeah, such fanfics seem pointless. I don't like reading fics about bashing even those characters I myself don't like.
In spite of everything we talked about, I'll try to find post-Cerulean Sins books. Btw, is she going to stop writing about Anita? I think the story needs conclusion.
Of course, sometimes character torture is necessary for the plot, but I will try to hold back especially when it comes to a character I'm not real fond of.

Anyway, I won't try to talk you out of reading the newer Anitas, some people like them, but Incucbus Dreams was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Though, I admit the camels back started bending heavily at CeruleanSins.
Good luck with your writing! Whenever I have a character I don't like, I don't torture him/her; I just kill him/her. =D Though me, I'm a real sadist in writing)))
Well, I can't just kill Anita, because you have the pesky problem of Jean-Claude and Richard being connected to her. Though I could probably work around that easily enough, I was just hoping to have Anita and Buffy sort of come around to each other in the story, but I don't think that's going to happen.