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*sigh* So, I don't know what happened, but I do know I am sick sick sick sick sick, and not the fun kind of sick (as in perverted) either! Sunday I'm fine, everything normal. Then Monday I woke up and discovered my throat was sore, I couldn't finish my bacon, that is a BAD sign, cause me likey bacon. Still, not the intense blinding pain that comes with trying to swallow, just an annoying scratch.

By Monday night I still wasn't completely good, but I thought a good nights sleep would fix me right up.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG! Sleep is making things worse, seriously! Every freakin' time I go to sleep I wake up feeling worse than before! But I don't feel good enough right now to give up sleeping - tis a nasty cycle.

Monday night, I slept for maybe an hour, and then I was waking up every time I tried to swallow (usually about every hour on the hour, though a couple times it was a half hour)because it really (and I do mean really) hurt to do so. Plus as I sleep my mouth dries out, which is much less than helpful in this case. Though normally it is a plus cause it means I don't drool in my sleep.

So, yesterday (Tuesday) I go buy a truck-load of medicine. I finally managed to scarf down breakfast, it only took just over an hour to eat it. Then while I'm cruising the net I start to feel like I'm going to pass out, so I go offline and rest. Again I wake an hour later feeling even worse.

And that was when I discovered my good friend Advil, which was not one of the medicines I ran out and bought. I took an Advil and within an hour I was feeling like myself again...

However, I did discover that the left side of my throat was really red and just a little swollen, which at least explained why swallowing was so damn painful. However, Advil even helped that, for at least two and a half hours I could swallow without pain. (Just over two hours with two pills, not exactly good, but hey at this point I'll take what I can get!)

But I had bought some sleepy syrup in my medicine rush, so before I went to bed last night I decided to take a dose of that. It worked, not as well at stopping the pain as Advil, but at least it kept my mouth from drying out so I didn't wake up every hour/half hour ready to cry. However, you are only supposed to take a dose of that every six hours - well, I woke up four hours later in bad pain - I tried, I waited an hour, but I just couldn't make it another hour. So despite trying to suck it up take it like a man, I took some more Advil and went back to sleep. (Tonight I will suck it up and wait until I can take the syrup again, or cheat a bit, because the syrup is more soothing while sleeping than the Advil is.)

Finally when I woke to start the day, my mouth was drier this time, but the pain wasn't full-on either. So, I took some more Advil, and now my friends I am very much screwed. You are not supposed to take more than six Advils in a twenty four hour period. My throat is starting to hurt again, but I have at least four hours left before I can take another Advil.

On the other hand, this afternoon, I've noticed Advil isn't killing the pain as well as it did yesterday anyway. Of course, on my left side my throat is massively swallen this fine afternoon - so there may be a cause and effect thing going on here. More pain equals less effective medicine.

And that brings me round to the title of this post - I'm bloody well starving! I want food. I even went to the store and bought some softer and colder stuff, but damn it! I WANT FOOD! A big fish dinner, a nice juicy steak, I need meat DAMN IT! But I can't even eat a damn donut comfortably right now, I did manage to scarf one down (I wanted more), but I only managed that because it tasted ever so fine, but I decided the pain was such that eating another was not worth it, so I had ice cream instead. *sigh*

I don't want a piddly peach cup, or jello, or a single popsicle - I WANT FOOD! I'm starving here! (And possibly overreacting just a tad, because I am thankful that I can still eat, I just really want more than what I call soft food, I want some real food!)

So, I guess I need to get to the root cause of the problem, clearly just taking a pain reliever until it gets better isn't going to get the job done, because I need more pain relief than I'm alloted in a twenty four hour period. Though I believe this has been brought on by a head cold. So that is why I'm not rushing to the Doctor, while he could give me a better pain killer - I believe that's really all he could do. Of course, if the pain doesn't back off soon, I may go see him for some better drugs anyway.

So, when it comes time for some more medicine I'm going to take something besides Advil, I mean I can't take Advil anytime soon again anyway, so I might as well try something else, right? I've never tried this medicine with a sore throat before - the pills are rather large, but I do know that the last time I had a plain ol' head cold (without the swollen sore throat) this other medicine knocked it right out. So... *crosses fingers*

That sounds nasty!!

I really hope you get better soon, dear!!

*sends some PCS your way*
Well, last night, I believe the swelling stopped (thank goodness, it couldn't have gotten much more swollen without turning into an actual medical emergency), and I might be pipe dreaming, but I believe the swelling has gone down ever so slightly today. Still can't eat real comfortably without my little friend (Advil), but at least with my little friend I am finally able to have some real food today. YAY!
Try something disinfecting instead of a simple pain killer (though I don't know what advil exactly is) I had it too, only a couple of days ago, and immediately gurgled with anti-bacterial mouth water. It stung like hell but really helped. That in combination with some syrup and a pain killer saved my weekend.
Advil is basically a pain reliever/fever reducer, and I personally think it is one of the strongest in the US, though I realize some people would/could debate that. So it is the best for me, others may find something else works better for them.

Actually, I'm taking two other medicines along with Advil. The syrup I mentioned taking at night is actually for colds and flu, and I think it is helping. Yesterday evening I realized that swallowing a pill just was NOT going to happen, so I took a bit more of the syrup than I'd been taking - I'd just been taking it at night, yesterday a bit more than that.

I also have a spray that is supposed to numb and sooth - I know this because every time I spray it the back of my tongue goes numb, but it really doesn't help my throat at all. Well, at least it does help to keep my mouth moist, but that's about it.

Re: Gurgling: I've been gargling with warm salt water, well, except for yesterday when I really could barely swallow. But it sounds like mouth wash might be what I'm looking for. I wonder if Listerine (Cool Mint) will produce good results, because that's all I've got.