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Yes, that mike_smith of dubious Harry Potter fame. First he dazzled us with his views on Half-Blood Prince (and might I say he was much kinder to that book than I was/am), then he came back with Prisoner of Azkaban (Again, I think he may end up being kinder to this book than I was.), and he's back in the black (or whatever) currently doing Sorcerer's Stone (and might I say I love him for not doing that crappy SS/PS thingie - like him the book that I read was called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and that is how it shall forever be known to me! I don't care what the title of the book was when you read it!)

But now lets wonder into that delightful little world of backstory - mine, not Mike's or Rowling's. So Wednesday I was called away before I got everything online accomplished that I wanted too. Sucks to be me, but whatever! And actually it doesn't suck that bad, wasn't nothing big, just something that needed my attention. So, I come back on yesterday (or Thursday as it is commonly known as) intending to do all the things I didn't do Wednesday. Well, that (obviously) didn't happen.

Now lets dip into some backstory for mike_smith for those who may not know...

...mike_smith is the Potter Hater who did the wonderful chapter by chapter review (linked above) of HBP. There are things I didn't agree with, but any way you slice it Book Six was bad, and Mike does a most excellent slice job.

PS - I HATE DragonBallZ. Sorry, but he talks about this sucky shit, alot. Okay, so I only watched DBz one time, but once was more than enough for me!
On the other hand, it is amusing (to me anyway) to see a DBZ fanboi in action, and you know DBZ isn't (all things considered) much worse than Harry Potter.
However, the other things he talks about during his reviews are much more interesting to me - if we could just somehow stop the DBZ stuff, and (hey) who knows, maybe I just saw the worst episode of ever of DBZ and the series is, outside of that one episode, a baston of quality. Actually, there is one other thing I'd like to stop him from talking about, but for different reasons... *cough* Anyway... Those different reasons we will be getting to in a moment, but for now...

The review(s) despite the DBZ stuff are so very totally worth reading. So, what should I discover when I came online yesterday? You guessed it. That I've missed alot. My first order of business after finally getting this journal should have been to friend mike_smith, but he was rather adamant that he would not (no, NOT ever!) be reading/reviewing another Potter book. Despite the fact that I, and ever so many others, wanted him too.

Well, to my surprise and delight, that flighty temptress, Mike Smith, has already finished another HP book (link above) and is started on yet another one (link also above). YAY and SQUEE!
(And while I was miffed that so many people were informing him that PoA was like the very bestest book that was ever a bestest book - sue me, but I thought it sucked! - I am in the process of reading his review now and find myself glad he did.)

So, all I need now is for someone to take one of the many images to be found of Mike Smith and make me an avatar with the words "Mike Smith is my King" on it - that would just be awesome!

But lets go back to Book Three, for a moment. I know I replied on his LJ to the HBP review suggesting Book Four, but since I didn't have a LJ at the time I cannot easily find my reply. And, no, I didn't suggest Book Four because I thought he'd like it, unlike the people who were suggesting Book Three, I suggested Book Four cause I pretty much just wanted to see what he'd take away from it or find to rant about. Though it is my favorite book out of all the Potters, even I'm not stupid enough to believe it is without problems.

You see, Mike Smith hates Harry Potter, the books, but I'm actually talking more about the character of Harry Potter here. And I think he might find Harry Potter a touch less annoying in Book Four than he's finding him to date. Plus he seems to wonder where the Harry/Hermione shippers picked up on anything that might point their way.

Well, (for me) the bigger stuff pointing to Harry/Hermione is actually in Books Two and Four (though I am by no means one of those diehard Harry/Hermione shippers - my OTP is Harry/Voldemort). But Two is very much Hagrid and spider heavy, which I know Mike just loves! (And to be honest, in Two, there is just as much pointing to Ron/Hermione as Harry/Hermione - there probably is in Book Four, as well. But lets move on, shall we!) Book Four has Hagrid, but to a much lessor extent and there are no spiders to be had. Book Four has dragons instead and not baby dragons, but full grown dangerous dragons - are you tempted yet, Mike?

However, I'm actually thinking (since he already seems to be leaning that way) that Book Five would actually be a much better book for him to tackle. Why is he leaning that way? Read the reviews!
Oh, fine! Because Harry Potter fans generally seem to hate it, he's starting to think he'll love it! On the other hand, Book Five won't do anything about his hating of Harry Potter, if anything, I think, it will take his hate of that character to extreme levels. But since I know his review of OotP would be good, I'm leaning that way now. Though, I do admit, I would still love to see him do Book Four.

Where was I? Oh, right, this is actually supposed to be a Star Wars rant, so lets get on with that then.

Because I keep reading his reviews and he keeps bringing up Star Wars (posting nifty pics too) along with talking about the (now) Headless Count...

Well, damn it all! Now I have this urge to cave in and do exactly what George Lucas wants me to do! Watch all his movies in "order." Though I have - I watched the Original Trilogy first and then the prequels, but see that isn't how Lucas wants you to do it. No, he wants you to start with One, then Two, then Three... You see where I'm going. This would be a very bad thing for me to do - very bad.

The inconsistancy and discontinuity will drive me bleepin' crazy, because hey it already has and watching them in order will (I believe) only make things worse. Unless George has encoded some super secret thing that as I watch in "order" will somehow automatically (or dare I say it? magically) make everything make sense.

Plus, I so don't have time to watch six freakin' movies this weekend - I just don't! So, today, I'm headed over to Chefelf's to read 78/64+/91 Reasons to Hate The Phantom Menance/Attack of the Clones/Revenge of the Sith.

And while I don't always agree with his (her?) nitpicks, I'm still hopeful that will kill the urge to watch, at least for right now. Because see if I watch, then I'll have to rant, and I really don't have time to even watch, let alone get my rant on properly.

Okay, the Original Trilogy still kicks ass...

Greedo did not shoot! He was too dumb, too slow, too damn DEAD! I don't care what you say, I cannot hear you!

Outside of that, though, I don't actually mind the other changes Lucas made. Some are better than others, but only that one starches my bloomers! Why? Stop me if you've heard it before, but that one little change screws up Han Solo's entire character arc!
(Well, the song in Jedi - Jabba's palace - in my opinion was better before the change, but just cause I like the older song better doesn't make me hate the change or anything.)

And, all things considered, Revenge of the Sith ain't that bad either.

Though Vadar screaming "No!" and Padma just giving up the will to live cause her honey don't want her no more makes MY ass hurt! Well, that and Palpatines lightsaber faces (in the fight with Jackson - who would, on a fair playing field, totally kick Pals ass!) causes a twinge or two.

See, I don't even mind that stupid "romantic" talk between Anakin and Padma... Well, okay, I do, because I always mute the telly when it starts and do not unmute until it's over. And while it is mute I write some much better stuff in my head. However, seriously, where exactly would Anakin have learned some decent lines? From Wattoo? Yeah, I'm sure he has a way with the ladies...

Okay, stopping now or this will end up being a full on rant before I even go back and watch the blasted movies!

Moral of the story? If you like seeing Harry Potter (character and books) sliced and diced - FRIEND mike_smith...
Lets see what can I say myself:

I guess I'm just one of those rare people that have absolutely no interest for Potter. ;)
Never read any of the books and never saw a movie.

As for DBZ pfft come on! the Ginyu Force rules!! STRIKE A POSE! ;)

prequal Star Wars sucks just as much as prequal Star Trek, can't get lower then that. yuck.

1. Lucky you.
Seriously, while I've met some awesome people, there are times that I wish I'd never gotten into Harry Potter. But mostly I'm glad I did even if more often than not I'm less than thrilled, I never would have met some of those great people without Harry Potter.

2. Well, the episode I watched of DBZ seemed a bunch of moral of the story pap that I can get just about everywhere.
What I can remember is this one dude sucked at the game and decided to quit! Good for him. But then this other dude came along and gave the heavy-handed moral speech and sure enough the loser dude continued to play and (*cringe*) win. I might have been more forgiving if he'd lost, but NOOOO! Because seeing the loser dude continue to play and then against all odds win isn't something I've already seen fourty eleven times before.

3. Agreed, which is why I've been trying to resist the darkside George Lucas. Best I remember TPM was rather pointless all around. AotC looked good on the surface, but didn't work on repeated viewings, and (okay) as I said RotS wasn't all bad, but it do have its problems.

3b. At least the Star Trek people seemed to finally figure it out and made their whole prequel a holodeck adventure (If I read the spoilers right, cause I still ain't watched the episode) as programed by Riker and Troi.
(Of course, maybe they haven't got it, because early rumors about the next movie seem to indicate it will be a young Kirk/Spock. Which all I can say is - "Oh yay! Even more of been there, done that!")