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Yes, this is Harry Potter related, but not FAP related. Aren't you proud of me? ;)

As some (maybe all) of you know I'm just not a big fan of Ron. As a matter of fact I walked away from Book Six pretty much hating him. Though that certainly isn't the only time I've thought Ron should be smacked upside his bright red head, though it may be the only time I thought he should be drug out into the street and shot!

Ron is (I believe) created to be the every man character, though. You know the Xander to Harry's Buffy (without, one assumes, the major crush). And while I loved Xander (I mean REALLY loved), even before I actually hated Ron I just never was a big fan. And I've kinda been wondering why.
(Or for you Lord of the Rings people, Ron was supposed to be the Sam to Harry's Frodo.)

For a long time, I just thought I didn't really love him because he does (practically) seem a poor red headed Reverse!Draco. Granted Ron doesn't hate muggleborns or support Voldemort, which is why I say Reverse!Draco, because while he doesn't believe the same as Draco he certainly has his own bigotted beliefs. The only reason Ron gets away with his and Draco does not, is because Ron's happen to be "politically correct."

And, I think that is why after Book Four, I kinda thought Ron might be the one who would end up betraying Harry, because he certainly wants the spotlight shown on him. No, I no longer believe Rowling will sail that one, but directly after Book Four I really thought she might be headed that way.

Last night as I was getting ready for bed I was thinking about Ron, because I am starting to crawl back into Trio shipping, and Ron is (obviously) a part of that. So usually when I'm in a Trio shipping mind-set I am able to gloss-over Ron's more glaring (to me) problems. But this time that isn't coming so easily to me.

I think because, in my opinion, Ron really fucked everything up in Book Six. I mean I could accept the Reverse!Draco aspect of Ron, because that actually made him flawed, but interesting. Book Six just made him a jackass!

Now lets go back for a moment, even before Book Six, Trio shipping was pretty much the only time I ever paired Ron off. Outside of Harry AND Hermione I just can't see Ron in a ship, and I've never been exactly sure why. (Well, I could, of course, see Harry/Ron before, it was just that I found Harry/Ron rather boring.)

I mean other people ship Ron all over the place, but I've just never been able to, outside of Trio shipping. Though before I didn't strongly object to Ron/Hermione either, I just thought Harry/Hermione (or Harry/Ron) were better suited as a pairing for the long-term than Ron/Hermione.

Well, ladies and gentlemen(?) I believe I've finally discovered why. Why I've never really loved Ronald - why I've never really shipped him, all of it.

It is because while Ron is the PotterVerse answer to the "everyman," I think Rowling has kept Ron a little too real, if that makes sense. Because as I was thinking about it last night, it hit me. Ron is that person - everyone knows at least one. They sit around (all their lives) pissing and moaning about how everything wrong in their lives is someone else's fault. Cause it couldn't possibly be their own. No siree Bob!

And that is it in a nutshell. I see Ron (ten years post-Hogwarts) in his career still bitching about how so and so got promoted over him because so and so done such and such. Not because so and so done a better job, though. Nope, because in Ron's opinion no one will ever be able to do a better job (at anything) than Ron.

I believe this would (probably) also shade his relationship to whomever (Hermione or anyone else) if something is wrong it is HER fault, certainly not his. Just like growing up it is his brother's or his parents fault... And so on, but never his own fault, never!

Nothing in life will ever be Ronald Weasley's fault, at least from his own point of view.

To be honest, I'm not sure why I never truly understood this before. It was spelled out pretty clear in Goblet of Fire when one looks back. Ron waited until the last moment to try and find a date for the Ball, but it wasn't HIS fault he couldn't get one. He even went so far as to believe Hermione was lying about having a date, because Ron thought she just didn't want to appear pathetic (to RON) about not being able to get a date.

Even before that, though, is the fact that Ron ignored (or forgot) everything he knew about Harry the moment Harry's name popped out of the Goblet. Again Ron's anger was all about Ron. Harry was upstaging Ron, Harry was stealing Ron's glory. When really he should have realized (a lot sooner) that Harry, even had he been of age, would NOT have put his name in the Goblet period. But, nope, Ron actually managed to twist everything and make it all about how his famous friend was trying to upstage poor Ron Weasley, yet again!

I suppose one reason it didn't hit me before now, is that Ron was only fourteen in Goblet of Fire, and I think I truly expected Rowling to mature Ron along the way... Kinda like what we assume happened with James Potter, though (of course) that has (to date) taken place all offscreen. But I think I truly believed that Rowling would bring Ron out of his immaturity over the last several books, and now I no longer see her doing that. She might try, but I doubt she'll be successful.

(Admittedly, I can see where she tried with Book Five to mature Ron, though considering what she done with him (or had him do) in Book Six, she rather cancelled all the Book Five stuff out. But I'll give her a point for trying, though she lost said point in Book Six, so she only broke even with Ron.)

I'm sure in real life most people know a person like I'm talking about here, maybe not everyone, but probably most. I certainly do, I've actually known several people like this. NOTHING in life is ever their fault. NOTHING! And I just hate being around people like that because it is so hard (for me) to fake the sympathy they so desperately crave. Probably because in those cases (as with Ron) I feel this real need to slap them silly and inform them that if they brought their head out of their ass they might see what the real problem was.

Don't misunderstand, I know that life shits on everyone from time to time, but I'm talking about people who constantly feel that life is shitting on them. I mean even I've had moments where it seems no matter what I do I can't seem to be right. But for most, those moments don't spread their entire lives. Well, fact is they don't spread entire lives of anyone, but some people really do seem to believe that the world (nay, the universe) is out to keep them down! And those are the ones who bug me, and the type of person I feel the character of Ron is.

So, that's my thoughts on Ron.
I may try to tackle Remus next - because so many in fandom love him and in many fanfics Remus is this superawesome mentor-type to Harry. However, that really isn't the case in canon. Remus is (except for maybe once) rather cool and distant with Harry.
Wow. I've never thought about it that way. I think I basically agree with you, though.

You should totally do Remus. Sometimes I think I'm the only person who doesn't like him. Same with Lily. It seems like they are characters you are required to like to be considered a real fan. Same with the Weasleys.
Well, I don't actually dislike Remus, I just don't think he's as superawesomekewlness as most of the fandom, at least certainly not in regards to Harry. And I tend to loathe it when I see fics where he's stepping up to be Harry's last father.
I just don't (can't) see canon!Remus doing that. Of course, I've seen fanfics that do make me believe it, at least for the duration of said fic, but those are kinda few and far between.

I do, however, believe he was warm and compassionate with Sirius (and probably James, Lily, and so on.), I just get the distinct impression that Remus doesn't actually think much of Harry Potter himself.

Actually, I think Remus might, in fact, blame Harry for the deaths of James and Lily. Where Sirius loved Harry because Harry was the last living part of them, I just get the feeling that Remus, at least in part, blames Harry for their deaths. Which is why I was surpised that Remus wasn't as cold to Harry in Book Six as he has been in the past, to be perfectly honest. Because if anything Harry is more directly responsible for the death of Sirius than he ever was James and Lily.

Needless to say that would explain why Rowling felt the need to kill Sirius (he was a great help, or could have been a great help, to Harry) where as outside of one example, Remus hasn't been a great help to Harry.

And, if I don't stop there, I'll do Remus in a reply rather than an entry devoted entirely to Remus Lupin, and I suppose Remus does, at least, deserve his own entry.
Ron is (I believe) created to be the every man character
That's exactly it indeed. Ron is the average teenage boy, and probably the most realistic character of all. When talking about a work of fiction in the fantasy genre that isn't very desirable for many fans of course. He's got lots of good qualities of course, but his flaws are so real that many people can easily relate to them, and seeing yourself in a mirror when knowing the character is wrong isn't very pleasant.
You say good qualities, and yes I admit one does have one or two (in the early books, anyway - latter ones not so much.). But really I don't see that he has anymore good qualities than say Draco.

Even before Book Six, Draco and Ron were pretty much the same character for me. I know, as mentioned, there were differences, but characterization-wise Ron pretty much was Draco just in different circumstances. Or to put it in a more easily understood way, Ron and Draco seem pretty much interchangable to me. If Ron had Draco's life Ron would be Draco, and if Draco had Ron's life Draco would be Ron.


Regarding the everyman character. As I said I loved Xander (though after everyone else on Buffy started getting super powers I kept hoping Xander would too. Because Willow started off as the kind of everywoman character and it didn't seem fair that she turned super and yet Xander did not. Hell, even Cordy got to get super powers! *coughs* But you aren't here to listen to a Buffy rant...), and while I didn't say it - I also LOVE Sam from Lord of the Rings, probably as much as I do Xander. They are both everyman characters like Ron.
(Though to be fair, I pretty much love ALL the Lord of the Rings characters, at least all of the fellowship at any rate. And, really, except for some latter add-ons (Wesley, Dawn, Kennedy) I'm rather fond of all the Buffy characters, as well.)

However, for reasons I'm only beginning to realize, Ron is that one everyman character that simply never managed to achieve my love, and any affection I might have felt for him canon is slowly whittling away. And I really don't think it is because I see any of myself in Ron. To be honest, I saw more of myself in Xander (warts and all), and I managed to love Xander anyway. And while I'm not as smart as Hermione (and more sarcastic, like Xander), I think when it comes to Harry Potter I probably am more like Hermione than any other PotterVerse character.

Besides, all things considered, I think Ron probably has more fans than any other character. I mean even Harry has people who hate and loathe him, but with Ron there seems to be only a small subgroup (of which I'm a proud part) who doesn't think Ron is the be all and end all of the PotterVerse.

Sorry, didn't mean this to come out as a mini-rant, but I seem to be in an almost rant mode today, because even as I reply, I'm working on a new entry which is very much rant-like.
I know next to nothing about Buffy, I'm afraid...

I can see your point as for Ron showing obvious similarities to Draco but I'd have to think that one over a little bit more in depth to form a final opinion on it.

Besides, all things considered, I think Ron probably has more fans than any other character

Yes, I've noticed that too and never understood it! I never was a big Ron fan either, wouldn't ship him with anyone and to be fair, everybody would look really strange at me for this one because I do ship Harry/Tom, but Harry/Ron just repulses me. Probably because Ron simply does not attract me that I find it a disturbing thing to think about, I don't know...