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So, I've been having eye problems again. Generally not something I'd post about, but I decided to babble about it anyway.

You see, it is allergy season for me, but this time it didn't seem like allergies were the problem. But allow me to go back to the beginning.

I wear contacts, because glasses are prone to giving me headaches. That is really all you need to know, my life story of glasses vs contacts not really important.

So, Thursday I notice my right eye was watery and uncomfortable. Not a big deal, happens all the time. And Friday I got up and things were fine, even after popping the contacts in.

Then (the following is gross) I got sick Friday, I'm still not sure why. Maybe the food was bad... Anyway, I ate, and not five minutes after I was over a trash can watching my lunch come up looking exactly like it did going down. See, I told you, gross. Yes, for me, it is worse when things come up actually looking like food.

That caused my eye (of all things) to hurt. It didn't hurt long, but it was very painful for an hour or so afterward. But then everything was fine, so I thought everything was fine.

Then that night when I popped my contacts out, I noticed a big bright red spot in the lower right corner of my eye. I did not freak, because I thought maybe I rubbed it too hard or something and things would be fine in the morning.

Things weren't fine in the morning, but still my eyes did not hurt and the contacts wore fine, so I still did not panic. However, I did notice that my contact bothered more than usual, and finally I gave up and took them out. My entire eye was red. I shrugged, allergies I am used too.

The swelling Sunday morning was more bothersome. No, my eye did not swell, but the entire area around the eye did. Now I admit that while I did not panic a firm case of worry began to set in. So, I told myself that if my eye was still swollen and red this morning I would try to see the eye doctor.

Well, my eye was still swollen and red, though I believed the red didn't look so scary, but the swelling made my decision for me.

Now I called my doc, sucker was out of the office for the entire week. Now I began to panic, because I have a trip that I must make Wednesday, and I wanted to discover my problem before I was on the road. They recommended another eye doctor, and I called.

But I'm a funny gal... I don't mind switching any other kind of doctor, but my eye doctor is almost sacred. You'd think, me being a chick and all, it would be my gynecologist, but nope a gyno-switch doesn't bug me. However, I was able to ignore the worry by working the morning, since my eye wasn't hurting and I could see properly, I decided to put in a half-day since the new man couldn't see me until the afternoon.

By the time I got to the office my stomache was going nuts. I know, if you don't feel this way, that will seem weird, but there you go. Though I am somewhat ashamed, because the new guy was a sweatheart. No, not like that, I mean he's a good and caring doctor. So much so, that if something ever happens and I'm no longer able to visit my regular doctor, I know who will become my new one.

Anyway, turns out I was right originally (Thurday/Friday) the scratchiness and contact problems was related to an infection brought on by - say it with me - allergies. The red spot was because during the gross-out Friday, a capillary burst from pressure. The burst probably wouldn't have bothered me at all, but it just happened to occur while I was having an allergy attack.
Ahh, eyes... Can't live with 'em, can't live without them!

When it gets hot, my eyes get all irritated as well. Not fun.

Hope it gets better soon. :)