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Okay, I'm hoping my flist will be happy that I'm finally posting about something other than FAP.

So, this afternoon I was sitting browsing the internet between laundry loads when I hear a horn - it is the mail lady. She has a package to big to fit in the mail box, but not big enough to be the Vaccum that I was expecting. So, I had no idea what she had until I went and checked it out.

Now I hadn't forgotten that I'd ordered more plants, I had just assumed because it was late in the season when I placed the order that I wouldn't get them until next year. So, now this afternoon I get to go outside and hopefully fill in the garden blanks and won't have to wait another year to do so.

The downside is that I was planning to tackle my second (and much smaller) living room today. I haven't been able to sit in the chair and watch TV for years back there (or play games, which is more what it is for), but I think I should probably get the plants in the ground first.

I hope this second batch does better than the first batch of planting I did. Well, okay, most of the first batch is doing wonderfull... Most...

And, here is the part where those who said I had a green thumb are proven wrong!

I ordered some Purple Winter Creeper and some Walk on me Thyme... Well, I ordered other things, but at least on the other things most of it is growing (or was eaten by deer/rabbit after planting and doesn't have ANYthing to do with me being a bad gardner). I got three of the former and six of the latter.

When I first got that package, the Winter Creeper looked good, actually two of the sprigs had some green on them, one had no leaves. I put them in the ground and the green turned yellow then brown. Though I think the one without any leaves might actually still be alive, it's the other two that I think may be dead DeaD DEAD!
And the day before last, I went out to water (cause I keep trying) and one of the ones that still had leaves (brown though they be) been knocked down, or pulled up, but I assume knocked down, because I think an animal probably done it just by walking by it.
Which I am crying about, because I really wanted those to grow and do well because I thought they'd look very pretty all year round! But apparently they are just going to sit there and eventually turn to compost!

And, stooopid me, didn't keep the packing label so I can't even return them. Not my fault, the bag got thrown away before I could cut it out. Yes, this company sticks in on the outside of the bag instead of having a form down inside the package. So, it is just too bad, sooo sad!

Now we get to the Thyme, which didn't look all that good when I got it. Looked like dead weed, but the company ships plants dormant, so I didn't think much of it. Planted all six of them, two in pots hoping that if I couldn't get them going in the ground I might be able to get them started in pots and then transplant later. None of it is doing anything. Been in the ground over a month and it still looks like dead weed (in the pots too). Crazily enough, I am still hopeful about it, because at least (unlike the winter creeper) it still looks the same as when I got it - no better or worse where as the creeper looks worse.

So, does anyone possibly know anything about "Purple Winter Creeper" and/or "Walk on my Thyme" that might help me perk up what I've got, or if I start over help me start over right so I don't just end up with more dead crap?

Thankfully, at least the stuff that come today - most are seeds, and larger seeds at that. Plus they are the same kind I got before, of which only three (four, maybe) didn't come up. Why am I pleased about large seeds? Well because I can't work with small seeds (anything smaller than a tomatoe seed and I can't ever get them to grow).

One (or three) is bulbs, or practically bulbs, two are grass and were shipped alive (no not plan old grass, blue grass!), so they should do okay because they are already alive and not dormant - I just have to keep them that way, which I'm usually pretty good at.

The last three, however, look like dead weed. And if you've read this, you know exactly how good I am with dead weed looking things. Maybe I'll have better luck this time. Maybe, because last time I got the package but we had a freaky late frost/freeze and I had to delay planting them for a week and a half. This time they are going in the ground later today.

And, one was a tree, which I have to send back. I thought it was a Mini tree, and turns out it is a full size tree. I literally have no place to plant a full sized tree. Which is a shame, cause it would be a nice one to have. The ad in the magizine was misleading. It said they were having a sale on their one to two foot tall trees. Turns out that one to two feet means how tall it is at the time they ship it, not how tall it will be period - this should have been mentioned somewhere on the products page, especially since there are mini trees in the mag close to this one. This tree could end up anywhere from fourty to sixty feet tall.

Note about Fanfics...
You know those pesky little boogers that I've been saying I'll work on for two weeks now.

Well, the first week (my vacation week) I ended up having to work on coding the thread for S.S.Sssssss - I actually almost didn't make it in time, and to be honest if FAP hadn't farted (went down for several hours) I might not have made it. So, needless to say (probably) I didn't get any fanfics worked on that week. And this weekend when I thought I'd have at least two days to work, something else has come up.

See, I told you fate doesn't seem to want me to work on Fanfic. If it isn't something big, it is still something which gets in the way. *sigh*
And, no, even if I get the planting took care of today, I will have to work on cleaning that room tomorrow - so there still won't be time for the fic.

PS - Men! Oh, Lord it is raining men!

So, regular readers of this journal will remember me talking about my "Stalker," thats in quotes because I don't think he was stalking, just coming around all the time and generally being annoying. Well, that last time when I was really cranky because he woke me up. Apparently that done the trick, I haven't seen hide nor hair of him since. YAY!
It wasn't like I was being nice to him before that, but apparently not nice (or cold-shoulder) wasn't enough, apparently full-on bitch was necessary to get him away!

Of course, shortly after that, something I didn't mention here, another man... Well, to be honest, I'm still not sure if he was coming on to me or just being a tad too friendly. I know him and he's an older dude and so NOT my type. But even before, there have... Well, lets just say I don't like being alone with him, because he creeps me out, even if he may in fact not be trying to get in my pants.

Then the week before my vaction week, I had worked longer than usual and didn't feel like coming home and cooking, so I stopped to buy a burger and fries. I was standing by the counter waiting for my order and started talking to this guy, because he came in after me and was also waiting for his order.

And seriously, we were just talking. No flirting at all, at least as near as I could tell. I mean we were talking about heart surgeries, child support (his), and bad knees - nothing at all remotely romantic in those things, least not in my opinion. Well, before I got my order, this dude asked the waitress for a piece of paper - wrote his name and phone number on it and gave it to me. *sigh* Again, not interested.

He wasn't that much older than me, but he looked much older than me, and I rather like my men on the younger side, or at least younger looking side. (Plus, I'm sorry, but I don't want to be saddled with someone else's children, if I wanted kids I would damn well have them - Not get them on loan.)
I haven't called. Maybe he wasn't trying to date me, but I ain't even opening the possibility door of it and I think calling him would certainly open that door.

And, finally, today, or rather yesterday - I get a call from a friend wanting me to call another friend. In this case there is a very long and twisted history here, one I will not go into, not in full. The long and short of it is that I dated this guy before, a very long time ago - pre-high school, and we also broke up long ago (We might have been together somewhere around six to eight months).

This is where things get a little weird - several years later he married one of my best friends, which in the end kinda busted our friendship apart. Strangely enough I did end up closer to him than her. I thought we could handle it, because we were bestbuds and I did not want her man - had him, was over it! You know. But somehow she ended up being jealous of me and I knew he wasn't treating her right. I mean, I know (now) what she thought - she thought I was trying to "break them up" so I could have him for myself, which was not true, but I never could prove it even though at that time I was in a very happy relationship and had exactly what I wanted already.

Anyway, they stayed married for a good long time, but eventually divorced and he got married again. (She is dating, but to the best of my knowledge isn't married again.) Well, he is now divorced again.

And that is why he called me, or wanted me to call him (cheap bastard!). *sigh* Apparently, he is wanting to date me again. GAH! Now granted out of all the ones (recently) he is probably the one who'd have a remote shot in hell, know what I mean? However, bad for him, I know his track record and I know how he treats women. Although to be perfectly fair to him, he never mistreated me personally in any way while we dated. But can't tell a fish to stop swimming or a bird to stop flying, right?

So, at a time in my life when I am perfectly content without a man, they just keep coming at me! GAH! What's next? I get a call from Brad Pitt? I hope not, cause I really ain't interested in dating, but if he called I might actually get interested. ;)
I really don't like houseplants, but they do well for me. I tend to neglect my stuff outdoors, but mulch has saved me much grief. Wish you luck.

Since it's raining, and since I got my containers all planted yesterday (we'll see if I get any herbs at all this year!) I get to work on fanfic.

And I just visited the ship LJ and realized that you couldn't find the thread template because it's not there!
Where the f**k did I put it?*grumbles*

The problem with men is that when you want one, there ain't any around, and when you don't want one, they're so thick you trip over them. Wish you luck, there, too!
Don't worry about it (thread template), I'm going to put the version I coded for the current thread up over there - I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Can't imagine why. *grin* But I should get it up in a day or so. (I'm going to correct the mistakes we talked about before slapping it up over there.)

As for the plants - I was right and wrong. Thankfully, one of the Purple Winter Creepers is still alive. The other two - one is dead (the one with no leaves, that I thought was doing well - shows what I know) and the one that was knocked down is probably dying. The twig itself is actually still alive, but when it was knocked down the roots separated from the plant, so the twig will die soon I'm sure. I did go ahead and bury the roots again (and stuck the twig in the ground to mark the spot). Who knows, from the roots themselves a brand new twig might sprout.
But even if only the one lives, once it starts spreading, I can just "break" some off of that and spread it more manually. ;)
How do I know that one is alive? While I was out planting yesterday afternoon I got curious and dug around the plants - and for that one I didn't have to dig far to see that it was alive and doing very well, at least below the surface. YAY! If I'd found them all dead, I was either going to put the blue spreading grass or wandering jew out there. But since one is alive, I put the other stuff somewhere else, or at least in one case I will put it somewhere else. *sigh* Had to run buy a bag of dirt, so my planting time was cut into.

Finally, as for the men - *sigh* Though the one that gives me the creeps, may not mean to at all. Seriously. He had a brain surgery (maybe more than one) of some kind a couple years ago and it was after that when he started giving me the creeps. So it may honestly be that he really is just trying to be friendly, but no longer has a little sensor that says "friends stop here!"

The other dude with the heart problems and the kids, may have just wanted someone to talk to - I'd like to think so. But I know what would happen if I called is that he would eventually end up asking me out (cause thats just what seems to happen). Possibly because it is just expected that at some point you ask your opposite sex friend out whether you even want to or not, or because he would really want too. Who can say? I'd just rather not open the door.
Aw ;) so its futile to make a pass at you then?
Eek! I'm sorry I didn't respond to this before. Can't believe I missed it.

Anyway, yes, it kinda is, at this time anyway. Or at least it seems that way, because those making the passes are of no (or very little) interest to me.

I mean maybe if it was someone I could be remotely interested in, it wouldn't be futile. But for some reason all those making passes at me these days have as much chance at me as I do at Brad fucking Pitt!