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I'm cutting this because it wouldn't be interesting to most on my flist, only those that visit FAP - Would have just posted this in the S.S.Sssssss thread, but it is long and while you could twist it to being on-topic, I figured the Mods would probably disagree. (I will be linking to it from the thread, though, in case anyone over there is interested.)

For those who've OWLed (or PMed) me yesterday and haven't gotten a reply. Here's why, if you're interested, and I assume if you've clicked to read this you are interested. ;)
I am reading through them, so if you're waiting for a response, it should happen shortly. Although the few I've checked already don't seem to need a response.

Some are aware that I spent WAY too much time on FAP Wednesday night and Thursday because of the issues that had come up (we all know what those are, right?) and I didn't want to be absent from things any more than I had to be. Needless to say, I ended up not getting enough sleep Wednesday night. So, what happened is that Thursday (yesterday) afternoon I was sitting at the computer and realized I was actually having trouble keeping my eyes open. So, I turned the PC off and decided to take a nap, though I loathe later afternoon napping because I tend not to sleep at night, but what else was I gonna do, I was about to crash.

So, I got comfy, and was out light a light. The next thing I was aware of was my dog waking me up around ten cause it was time for bed. Yes, my dog sleeps with me - bad habit that I let her get into, because some nights she keeps me awake, usually when there's thunder involved. Now I don't like storms much either, but over half the time she wakes me up, the thunder is off in the distance and something I could happily sleep through... But that is neither here nor there. (Sorry, I tend to ramble off topic alot.)

I really did think about checking in over at FAP before trying to go to bed, but since I was still feeling very sleepy I decided to see if I could go to sleep again rather than doing anything else that might futher wake me up. (Sorry, but I hate messing up my sleeping patterns and if I'd come online I would have ended up fully awake and then been up until about the time I actually ended up waking.) Thankfully (or not, depending on your point of view, I suppose) I went straight back to sleep, but if I hadn't I would have logged on. But I went to sleep and wasn't aware of anything else until about just before five this morning.

Why then did I not log on any earlier today? I spent so much time online Wednesday and Thursday that I had neglicted some things and decided to finish those things up before coming online. Because, keep in mind, that I had no idea what, if anything, had transpired during the hours that I was offline, and was afraid if I didn't finish those pesky other things first then (depending on what had or had not happened) I might end up online quite a bit again today.

So, that is why I haven't been around - I haven't been trying to avoid anything, or nothing like that - just been trying to catch up on sleep and other things - like housework. Online things just have to allow for that sort of thing whether they want to or not.

Finally, five o'clock is WAY too early in the morning for me to get up, even after having slept for more hours than usual - so I'm already starting to feel sleepy and tired again. LOL I can't win. Though I shouldn't end up so tired that I have to sleep until normal bedtime. Hopefully. And maybe by tomorrow I will feel completely normal again.
Thanks! I can't remember where I found it, but the credit is in on my icon page.