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So, I get a vacation(ish) next week - not a complete one, I will still have to work a couple days (three to be exact), but I've known this since last week and I had plans, boy did I have plans.
What has happened? Nothing bad like the past couple times thankfully. I just realized that I may have planned more to do than I will actually have time to do. LOL

My original thinking was that over the weekend (today included, though I wasn't off) I'd get some gardening stuff done. *sigh* My spreading stuff just isn't spreading as fast as I'd hoped, so there is some weeding to be done. Which (YAY) I got quite a bit done last night and this afternoon. But now I have to do some transplanting and still more weeding. But never fear I have a plan! Weed killer! I'm going to buy some weed killer and spray the weeds while (hopefully) sparing the flowers.)

My plan is to get all the gardening stuff done between Thursday and Sunday, then come Monday - which is one of those pesky work days - I will have time to work on some of my fanfic. My poor little Unexpected American Vacation seriously needs its new chapter finished and I'd like to (at the very least) get the first chapter of my new Buffy/Anita X-over posted here (on LJ).
(Plus I have to go back and correct an error or two from Long Grey Twilight.

This plan might still go off properly, at the moment it depends more on storms than anything. Because if it doesn't storm too much tomorrow then I should be storm free the rest of the weekend. And then work on Monday shouldn't take that long. So if all goes well I should have plenty of time to get one story chapter posted and finish writing the other. Though this depends if I can work on two stories at the same time - in the past I haven't had much success doing so. I.E. There tends to be some bleedover between the stories when I do that.

Of course, I do have several things I need to do on Tuesday, but I should still have as much time to work on FF Tuesday as I will Monday. Of course, this all depends on if my mask will do its job. Hopefully wearing it while I work will keep me from getting sick with allergies again. I just can't seem to work on fanfic when sick anymore - that used to be when I done some of my best work, but these days it just doesn't happen.
(There's also some pesky house-cleaning stuff that will take time away from both gardening and fanfic, though.

But all of this hinges on whether or not I can get the gardening done by Sunday, because storms don't just cut into PC time, they also cut into gardening time as well. Though the rain makes the ground easier to work with.

I guess this entry is here so people can wish me luck on getting everything done that I'd like too this weekend and coming week. ;)
Good luck! I finally admit that I won't get my roses mulched or my deck boxes planted until after I get back from vacation. I have a professional meeting tomorrow, and Sunday will be cleaning house (and trying to get the red wine spilled by my husband out of the wool rug with Oxy Clean) and paying bills.

If you need help with the new thread, let me know. I can work on elements, if you like.

Thanks. I think I've got everything - coding and all, IF FAP allows HTML - if FAP does not allow HTML coding, THEN I may be screwed. ;)
I think, right now, the only thing will be coming up with the discussion questions on the thread starter.
And, if worse comes to worst, I can also borrow some. ;)
HTML with square brackets, not the pointy ones we use here at LJ. I usually give my thread openers a trial run - you know, open a reply box, paste my coding, preview and note any errors, then cancel the post.

As for questions, hardly anyone comes up with brand new ones; they just copy the most recently posted questions from the current thread.

Good luck! And let me know if I can be of assistance.
Thank you. If you hadn't mentioned this the thread starter would have looked very weird indeed - at least until I figured it out on my own.

Also grateful about the suggestion for a trial run - I will probably try to do that today or tomorrow. At least that way I'll know if what I already have will work.
If what I already have doesn't work, then I'll need to figure that out before I worry about anything else. ;)
Bad news!

Apparently, you can't just go in and change the <s to [s and everything work great. Nope, what shows up is a nasty bunch of ugly coding. So, it appears that I'm going to have to start over from scratch doing proper UBB coding.

Certainly bad enough news, right? But, wait, it gets worse...

In the immortal words of Scully = "There's NO time!" We're, I think, only about twenty (thirty) posts away from needing a new thread. Can you guess what's coming?

I will never be able to get that much coding done before we're finished with the current thread, unless (and I hope this doesn't happen) our thread greatly slows.
Which I'm deeply sorry about, but I really thought FAP allowed HTML in thread starters. Some boards do and some of the FAP threads are so fancy that I really believed people were using HTML for them.
Seriously, I know my HTML so it is simply easier for me. UBB coding is not easy for me, which is why on replies and stuff I very rarely get fancy. Which is why I cannot hope to get everything UBB coded in time for the new thread.

So, here's the options at this point:
A: I'll start the thread, but it will be a very much bare bones thread starter - with a promise to do better next time.
Because as I've said I cannot hope to get everything UBB coded in time.
B: Someone else will have to start the next thread, and in this case maybe they might already have the UBB coding done...
C: In which case they could start the thread or simply ship the coding my way and I'll do it.

GAH! I really wish I'd thought to check on UBB vs HTML before I even started.
Can you modify the template that I used for the current thread? It's at the ss_sssss LJ. Take a look, but if not, I can modify it and ship it your way. Remember, I'm going to be travelling from the 20th to the 24th, though we do seem to be sailing slower...
Okay, got the one from the current thread. That was easy enough, I just hit reply w/ quote. ;)

Anyway, I'll keep working on the new one - who knows I might get it done in time.

But if not I'll try to get some of the elements from the new thread and merge them with the older one. That way, while it won't be a completely new thing, it won't be the same ol' same ol' either.
Ignore my last comment, because I believe (hopefully) I will get everything done for the new thread except The Jukebox. Even there if I keep going I might get some of them, but I doubt I'll be able to get all 155 before it is time to actually post the thread.

Anyway, one quick question and then perhaps I'll be able to leave you alone for awhile.

I noticed that some of our Recommended Reading does link to NC-17 fics - I thought that was against FAPs rules. I'm just asking cause I'd like to avoid a Moddown, which is like a smackdown, if I can.
Good luck sweetie with everything! :D *hugs*

I did get almost everything done yesterday, except for spraying the weeds and hopefully I will get that done later today.

Hopefully, I'm not exactly feeling my best today - so much for masks - but I don't feel too terrible (yet) either.

Hallo.! Gutes Neues Jahr 2008.!