I know most people get very upset when a "troll" waltzes into their community, but I am an odd duck. Personally, I tend to get more aggravated about the so-called normal members reactions to trolls than the trolls themselves.

Seriously, a good troll really is a thing of beauty. Granted, I have not always felt that way, but the more time I spend online the more I come to appreciate trolls. Of course, it is very rare that a troll is a good one, but even the bad ones have their value.

Yes, even a bad troll can awaken a sleeping community. A good troll can awaken the sleeping princess and actually keep the activity up, until the community picks up their torches and pitchforks. With a bad troll things tend to turn sleepy again very quickly, because sometimes bad trolls are even more boring than regular members.

Oddly enough (lately) I find myself almost wishing that a few (good) trolls would invade some of the message boards where I hang out most. I am aware that some people on said message boards will be ready to shoot me for saying that, but at least it would give the regular members an enemy to stand against, and would hopefully make things most interesting if only for a brief time.