The first two (and the last one) are rather short, but I do get a decent rant going on in the third one. ;)


Okay, I confess that I did not remember this episode at all, even after watching it again. And, yes, the episode was boring, but there was some good character stuff here, so I'm not sure why I did not remember it at all.

Plus it explains Chakotay's tattoo, and a naked Beltran should have stuck in my head. But, NO, neither of those did - that the last one didn't stick is even more shocking than the first one.

There was also some pretty good stuff with Kes and the Doctor, as well. Although all things considered the Doctor struck me as being a bit out of character in this episode. Either way, I do believe this is probably where I truly started to get my hate on for the Doctor.
PS - GO KES! Why did they get rid of this character again? Seriously, Kes was pretty much made of awesome!

You know this episode might have been better without the flashbacks. However, the flashbacks are rather necessary to move the story along, and to be perfectly honest, I usually LOVE flashbacks, but this time they seemed to drag everything down.

The story itself wasn't bad, but I think the episode needed a much faster pace, because even Voyager caught in a hurricane failed to be exciting here.

Finally, the conversation between Janeway and Chakotay in this episode was rather boring and the absence of chemistry between Mulgrew and Beltran was startling. Were they having an off day or something? I mean I was never a big J/C shipper, but I could never argue that the two didn't have chemistry together.

Cold Fire

And here is yet another episode that I don't seem to have any memory of. Strange, forgetting this episode is more shocking to me than having forgot Tattoo, because Cold Fire is a pretty good Kes story.

Though, to be honest, I do believe I remembered some of the Tuvok/Kes opening (teaser) - thankfully, because it was a real good scene. But I'm not honestly sure if I remember it from this episode or not. If I'm right there are other episodes with Tuvok and Kes working on her mental abilities, so I may not be recalling them from this episode specifically.

Plus seeing all of Voyager get smacked upside the head with Kes' powers was good - so why can't I remember this episode? Seriously! Well, by the end I think I recalled bits and pieces, but for the most part it was a large blank.

This was an all around good episode and an outright awesome Kes episode.


Okay, at least I remembered the title of this episode right off the bat, which is much more than I can say for the previous two episodes. On the other hand, I did not recall the teaser.

PS - In a funny(ish) aside, I've noticed that Tom seems to be the only one who can get away with calling Janeway Ma'am.
Yes, this is the shipper in me, but most call her Captain, yet several times we've seen Tom call her Ma'am, even when it wasn't "crunch" time. *cough*

Anyway, I soon figured out why this episode didn't spring readily to mind. In a word - Kazon! And to a lessor extent, Seska. I believe I've mentioned that Seska was alright and could have potentially been an awesome character - right up until they ruined her with the Chakotay crush. Also, it doesn't really make sense to me that Seska would leave Voyager. On the surface it does make sense, which is probably why I accepted it the first time without much quibble. However, when you really start thinking about it her leaving Voyager to join up with the Kazon does NOT make sense.

Seska wanted to get back to the AQ as much as anyone, and while any Cardissian would (no doubt) find Federation ideals annoying (at best). All things considered a Cardassian (especially a Cardassian) should realize that staying on VOY offers one a much better chance of getting home than joining with the Kazon. I mean I can understand her wanting to make a deal with them for safe passage, though I can certainly understand Janeway rejecting that idea. Because joining with the Kazon means (pretty much) giving up any chance to return home. Where as, remaining with Voyager offered her a much better chance at getting home.

Perhaps if it were another species, I could have seen/understood her betraying Voyager. But throwing her hat in with the primative Kazon just makes very little sense to me. Seska's smarter than that, or at least she should have been.


I've noticed something odd - the Kazon aren't actually in near as many episodes as I recalled. I mean we've had a few Kazon episodes here and there, but they are very much scattered. So now I'm wondering if I was annoyed at the Kazon for an entirely different reason.

You see, I really honestly remembered VOY shoving the Kazon down my throat, and in watching the DVDs this doesn't exactly seem to be the case. (Perhaps all the rest of season twos episodes will be Kazon heavy, but at the moment the Kazon just haven't been in that many episodes.) Therefore, I'm thinking I may have gotten annoyed with the Kazon because they were simply a symptom of a much larger problem for the show.

Voyager is trying to get home, right? To hear them talk they despartely want to get home (what we see, sometimes, is an entirely different thing, but...) and yet according to canon they've been in the DQ for roughly ten months. That is almost a year and still somehow they still haven't managed to get out of Kazon space. Are you following me?

Okay, yes, the Kazon have space-ships, but we are repeatedly beaten over the head with the fact that while the Kazon are space travelers they are not much more than cavemen. And notably the Kazon don't really travel, they spend most of their time killing each other and anyone else who just happens to get in their way. Therefore, it is hard to imagine that they could occupy such a large area of space - so then the conclusion one is left with is that Voyager is barely moving. Which flies directly against the idea that more than anything Voyager wants to get home.

*cough* Um, moving on...

There was some very good Chakotay/B'Elanna and B'Elanna/Janeway interactions in this episode, but those are about the only things worth seeing. Well, not really. You know in spite of the mess made with Seska's character and the presence of the Kazon, this episode really isn't all that bad, actually pretty good.


So, I thought I remembered this episode, but the teaser confused me. I actually did remember this episode, but going off the title I was thinking of a different episode. LOL

This was a pretty good episode, though as is typical with VOY it was a rather slow paced episode. At least the first half, the second half does pick up steam and manages to (mostly) redeem the slower first half.

I especially LOVED the Tuvok/Torres scenes. No they weren't shippy, but they were awesome! (And I guess if one were so inclined, one could make them shippy.) To see these two characters bonding in this way would be worth watching even if the rest of the episode was total crap, which it is not, just slow.

Plus seeing Janeway pose as a hooker was pretty good. Now don't get your hopes up, she doesn't wear fishnets or anything overt, but it still pleased me. ;) And, I must admit, the J/P shipper in me purred over the short but touching scene between Janeway and Paris before leaving the planet. Love it! I believe it was subtle moments like that which turned me into a rather rabid shipper.