You may or may not remember that I started off excited for this show - very excited. I even created a now dead (or is it? I need to check) message board for the series. Because based on what I saw for the first episode I was hoping it would be a good blend of X-Files and Buffy... And while I still haven't given up complete hope on that I am much less hopeful now than I was after the first episode.

Because to be honest this show seems more like a cross between Blade the Series and EuREKA. That's not good. Well, to be fair it is better than the above, because Blood Ties worst crime is being average, not great, but not awful either.

Blade was a clusterfuck of plot threads in which the PTB chose the more boring/stupid to run with. And EuREKA was just deadly dull, characters and stories. Blood Ties, on the other hand, holds its own much better. There isn't a clusterfuck of plot threads which need to be dealt with and because of the characters (possibly in part kudos are due to the actors as well) the show is not deadly dull. But it really is just average, while it hasn't had lows that went LOW, it also hasn't had highs either.

Though last night (for the first time since the pilot) it came close to having a high...

Again it wasn't great, but it wasn't bland either. And I've discovered that Tanya Huff "wrote" the script. Now as you can read by looking here, here, here, and here the final draft was much different from the script Huff submitted. Still I'm wondering if the writers should seek her imput more often, because this episode seems to have benefited from whatever Huff brought to the table.

Was it great? No, not really. But it was better than any episode since the pilot episode (Blood Price).

*shrug* But people are watching and seem to be loving it. At least enough that Lifetime has decided to show the entire first season. (Here.) And I'll probably continue to watch, or at least finish the first season, but unless this series gets more engaging I may not watch beyond the first season.

*sigh* I really do (did) want to love this show. I'm kinda tired of being trapped in the past, believe it or not. I'd love to be able to really get into something current again. And while I am still somewhat hopeful that this show will get better that hope is quickly fading.