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I have no idea why this news item caught my attention, I really don't. I've NEVER watched The View. Honestly don't watch daytime TV period.

Anyway, the story is that Rosie is leaving The View and people seem to be thrilled. This actually shocked me a bit, not that some people were thrilled, but that so many people seem to hate Rosie so personally.

Now I'll freely admit that I am not a fan of Rosie, though I certainly don't hate her, I'm pretty much neutral toward Rosie. Actually, I do like her as an actress, but I think she leaves something to be desired as a talk show host. Of course, to be fair, I don't really like talk shows period.

Yes, Rosie can be a raging bitch and sometimes she doesn't always know all the facts about which she speaks. But she's certainly not the only person who's guilty on that score. And this is still America she has a right to speak her mind just like you (general you) have the right to disagree with her. And when she's wrong, by all means call her on it. There should be more of that in America - I.E. Calling people out when they are wrong!

Not to mention that if you don't like her, no one (hopefully) is sitting with a gun/knife/whatever at your head forcing you to watch her. But people act like just because someone (in this case, Rosie) is on TV period they are forced to watch. No, you're really not - more on this in a bit.

*sigh* This brings back Howard Stern redux. Of course, I actually watched his show from time to time, unlike The View (with or without Rosie). Guess what? I didn't like it or Stern, so I only watched when there was going to be someone on (as a guest) that I did like. Simple, eh?

Apparently, not so much, because there was actually a study done here - actual fans usually watched/listened to Stern for about an hour, people that hated Stern/the show watched for two hours. What the hell?

Now here's the secret I promised! Are you ready for it? Are you sure you can handle the truth?

You haters are keeping the people you hate on-air by continuing to watch/listen to these people. Change the station/channel and you'll decrease the ratings... And, are you following me? Really? Seriously, because this is how to "stop" them. Here goes - once the ratings decrease, the people you dislike will go bye-bye.

So it really is your fault that Rosie is still getting shows, because you keep watching Rosie. Therefore, Rosie will be back with yet another show that you will be "forced" to watch. Therefore, if you hate her, I deeply hope you'll remember the above and the following - do NOT watch whatever show she does next and I promise you that if you don't watch her new show WON'T last long! Unless Rosie really does have more fans than it seems to me.

But I know what'll happen, because it has happened so many times before. You will watch just so you can bitch about everything she says. And I'm not saying "don't bitch," I just think if you really want to hurt her, you should stop watching her. Problem solved, no fuss, no muss!
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In all honesty I was a Rosie fan at one time, but her hypocrisy on the issue of guns was where I stopped really enjoying Rosie. WAY back on her own talk show.
And I have the feeling if I'd ever watched her on The View I'd probably be more Anti-Rosie than I am - just reading comments about the things she has said is enough to let me know that I'd probably never agree with Rosie these days, even if I actually happened to agree with her. ;)

As for turning off the TV, unless you have one of those Neilson box thingies it probably doesn't matter that you leave the TV on.
Sorry. I meant for that second paragraph to include more, but I kept getting distracted by pets.

Anyway, I could be wrong, but you don't seem like the type to come online (or write letters) bitching about Rosie and her role on the show. Therefore, as long as you aren't complaining about her (I.E. Giving her even more attention) in addition to not having a Neilson box then despite having it on your TV probably you aren't (in any way) adding to her fame.
LOL. I can't stand either Howard Stern (he was on the radio all morning when I was still working) or Rosie.

What did I do? Never listened to either. Switched stations, or switched off. End of problem.

The shit still goes on (that goes for crap like American Idol too) but it goes on without me. If all fails, I read a book or throw in a DVD.

It's harder, as more and more crap (both shows and people) are on than ever before, but that seems to be what the masses want/like.

Beats the heck out of me.