Well, here's another "review" from me about something you've probably never heard of.

Description: Ellie has been taking care of her younger brother Jimmy since their parents death. One night after picking him up from a party they are involved in a car accident on Mullholland Drive. While trying to rescue a woman from the other car a creature attacks and kills her, also injuring both Ellie and Jimmy. After some research Jimmy realizes the creature could only have been a werewolf.

I caught this little ditty Saturday while I was "resting" from gardening. I missed some of it, so the problems didn't seem obvious on that viewing. However, they were repeat viewing it later - I pulled out the VCR (That's right I'm one of the few people on this rock that don't have TIVO), set it up and went to bed.

Seriously, the movie was awesome from the point of view of having missed the first twenty (or so) minutes, because I figured some of those confusing little details might be explained once I saw the first several minutes. Alas, seeing those first minutes I believe added to my confusion.

This movie had me right up until the "twist" ending and then it lost me because suddenly NOTHING made sense. I suppose you could say this movie has one too many twists. One or the other would work (well, maybe not), but both together simply did NOT work.

Now even though the movie is several years old - I'll cut for those who haven't yet seen it - cause I'm just a nice gal that way.
(The following will probably be a tad confusing unless you've actually seen the movie.)

Okay, as the story moves along we are lead to think Jake is the bad guy, though even here there are some red herrings thrown in to cast doubt. Mainly, I think, those were thrown in to make the viewer think maybe Jake was too obvious. Anyway, finally he says (and it is proved) that no he isn't the bad guy. The bad guy is someone actually surprising, but make no mistake that reveal works beautifully and does make sense.

But, but, but Jake also turns out to be a bad guy and THAT is where everything falls apart.

First, there is an attack, one person is horribly killed and two marked to become werewolves. Now this marking is clearly intentional, because they are only scratched while the other victim is mangled to death. Seriously it would have been easier to actually kill them, therefore the marking had to be intentional. Yes, this is an important reason the end is made of fail.

Now that might work if Joannie (the bad guychick) turned them, but why would Joannie turn the competition? This would work better if she'd turned her other victim into a werewolf before killing her, but in the only other attack shown that we can be sure is hers, she did not turn that girl into a werewolf before killing her - so it makes no sense that Joannie would turn Ellie before killing her (or trying too). So, Joannie did NOT turn Ellie and Jimmy, therefore it HAD to be Jake.


(And they add a bit that makes you consider that Joannie did turn them, when she spouts off about how she never saw Ellie as competition [for Jake], but in the end it just isn't logical for Joannie to have turned (marked) Ellie and Jimmy.)

But then later Jake tries to kill Jimmy with the comment that there's only room for one Alpha male. Well, first who says Jimmy would be Alpha anyway? He certainly didn't act Alpha, except with Bo (who is not a werewolf). But more importantly, why would Jake bother to turn Jimmy in the first place if he was just planning to kill him later? Honestly, that is just making things harder than they have to be. Plus, again, given the events of the night they were marked (cursed) it would have been easier to kill Jimmy then instead of giving him some mad skillz with which to defend himself.

Here's my pet theory, though even it (because of the movie itself) isn't without its flaws.

Jake really did love Ellie and so at the end, when he realized neither of them would be able to live with being werewolves, he goaded them into killing him and ending the curse.

Because honestly, if Jake had always intended to kill Jimmy, there is a perfect scene about an hour into the movie where a confused and vunerable Jimmy comes to Jake (as his sisters boyfriend) for help/advice. All things considered if Jake was planning to kill Jimmy this would have been the perfect place for Jake to do just that, but instead Jake is all helpful and big brothery.

*shrug* Jake was an awesome character that was basically just screwed up at the end for the sake of another twist to the ending, as near as I can figure, because it doesn't serve the plot nor does it enhance the story - so it had to be done for shock value.

And again there is another problem with Jake going all nut-boy at the end. You see, during the fight with Joannie, Jake tells her that she will have to kill him to kill Ellie. So just all things considered, Jake turning out loony in the end simply isn't a logical progression for the character.
(It worked with Joannie, because even before the big reveal, she was a bit batshit all along, Jake was not. So, Joannie being a villain worked, Jake being one did not!)

*le sigh* I guess I will have to Netflix the DVD now just to see if there will be something there which will explain things better. Not getting my hopes up, but it is possible.

Because there is another little bit I'd like to know. Not really important to the plot, but I would like to known what Jimmy "dreamed" that first night which lead to his waking up naked in his front yard.

However, I will say (again) this movie wasn't all bad, despite the flaws I've outlined, I did still enjoy the movie. And there was some awesome subtly in this movie (though yes there was, of course, some not so subtle), but one of the first shots where the lights of the city form a pentagram was nicely done and the werewolves themselves I thought were handled very well, though this is probably because for the most part when it come to the werewolves this movie worked with the less is more theory.

PS - Jimmy's morph from geek to cool guy was also very very well done. (Sorry about the double very, but I've been watching Police Academy again.) and when Jimmy goes to talk with Jake it is cool how the movie made it clear that Jimmy was looking more like Jake without overdoing it.

Now I admit Ellie's transformation was less well done, but that is simply because they didn't have her geeked up as much as Jimmy at the beginning of the movie. And there were still some ways in which they made Ellie seem more and more attractive as the movie went on, but the movie simply done a much better job with Jimmy.

Now that said, does anyone have any recs for vampire/werewolf movies? I'm more of a reader than a watcher, but I think I'd like to see more movies along these lines.
(Just keep in mind I am not a fan of gore, I like scary, but gory is NOT scary, just nasty.)