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Well, since it has finally warmed up again, I've spent my day planting. You know, I know some people really really enjoy this, but I've already done this one weekend before and between that and today - I've discovered that this is anything but fun.

(Thankfully, since I'm planting stuff that won't need much care once it gets started I (hopefully) won't have to work this much in future years. But I was seriously getting tired of weeds taking over in places that can't (or are hard to) mow.)

Not to mention I'm going broke. Red clay mud isn't great for planting, so I've had to buy dirt. Sounds stupid, right? But very few things will actually grow in the natural dirt around here. I've already bought about one hundred and fifty pounds and will still have to by at least sixty more.

At least dirt is cheap enough, but I'm still growing broke. *sigh* I've already spent around sixty dollars for actual plants and I'll probably have to spend at least thirty more (probably closer to fifty) to completely fill in the blanks.

(BUT despite my bitching - the money should be well spent, because I'm buying things with long life (some claim to last ten years or more). So once I get everything prettied up this year I should have a nice work-free garden(s) for years to come. YAY!)

Still I am very tired and probably going to be calling it an early night.
I feel your pain, our garden is also in for a refit.. worst is that i have absolutely no clue about gardening.. O_o *hugs*
Well, depending on where your garden is located and what plants you can get where you live. I'd recommend getting something that spreads and is long lived. Seriously, most of the spreading stuff will take care of itself, all you need is a border - mine is made of landscaping boards, but really anything would work as long as it is something that will keep the spreading stuff from spreading past the confines of your garden. Then you can just sit back and enjoy for years to come.

(That's basically what I've done, though I did get a few flowers here and there, because while I'm not a gardening fan, I do like flowers.)