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Well, I was right - by the time I got home yesterday I was tired and headachy. I thought about turning the PC on, but in the end I felt so bad that a made myself a little bed on the sofa and watched television until it was time to go to my actual bed.
(For those interested, I am very much feeling better and myself again today.)

Of course, I watched one of these episodes out of order - I watched Twisted Friday night, and the other three Saturday. Why? Well, I couldn't remember Twisted just from the title and I could remember Non Sequitur - I also remembered being less than fond of NS, so I decided to watch Twisted first and was very glad I did.


Incidentally, this episode was weirdly numbered on the DVD. If I recall correctly, it was numbered 119 while NS was 122 and the others 123 and 124. Not sure what was up with that.

Anyway, I'd almost forgotten how much I loved Tuvok. *sigh* I do remember he is one of the characters that will get shafted later on, but I can't believe I'd forgotten how great he was in these early episodes.

Something else I've started to notice... Well, not started, but it seems coming to the front more now and that is the pushing of the weird Tom/Kes thing. Which makes me wonder if they (the PTB) were considering going there - or if it was just something they kept doing to make sure Neexlix wouldn't stop annoying me.
(Personally, I think I'd have liked Tom/Kes, certainly more than Neelix and Kes, - or the later Paris/Torres - but I think Tom/Kes might have stood very well on its own. But it didn't happen, so oh well.)

Some really good character moments here and the episode was pretty good too! Well, it was kinda slow and even slower near the end, but surprisingly in the case of this episode that slowness worked.

And I loved the hint of subtext from Tuvok to Janeway just before the "wave" hit - AWESOME!

PS - While Neelix greatly annoyed me here, the Doctor did not.

Non Sequitur

I think I can probably say the same thing about this episode that I said back in the day - WTF? No, seriously, WTF?

That doesn't mean I thought the overall episode was bad just that everything left me with a big WTF feeling.

Why was Harry back on Earth? Yes, I know there was a half-assed explanation attempted later on in the episode, but WHY and WTF were not actually addressed. Also, why did Harry have such a problem with being back on Earth! (I mean isn't that what everyone on Voyager wants?) I mean, okay, I can understand that at first he wasn't sure what exactly was going on, but once it was clear that everything was indeed real - why did he keep trying to get back to Voyager?
(The stupid, she burns Captain!)

To be honest, though, most of this episode was pretty dull. It does get a bit more interesting the two times Tom Paris is on screen, the second time (when he arrived to help Harry evade the Federation) was about the only time during this episode that I wasn't actually bored, but pretty much all the stuff with Harry alone was very much boring.


Oh joy! A Neelix heavy episode - just what I was waiting for. *gags* My life is now complete! (LOL! Interesting, I originally made a typo and said NOT instead of NOW, but I really meant to go with the sarcastic now in the previous statement.)

Okay, this episode wasn't all bad, and Kes learning to fly was fun, and now I realize why they started pimping Tom/Kes so hard within the past several episodes. But that ass-wipe (more commonly called Neelix) ruined the fun of Kes learning to fly, for me as well as Kes.

I don't know if I noticed this first time around or not, I probably did, but I can't remember, but Janeway is sporting Kate's hair-do in this episode rather than the Janeway bun. Was this an early field test to see if audiences would react well to Mulgrew's do? Or were the hair people just on vacation?

But seriously - why doesn't Kes dump Neelix? So far he's been nothing but a sexist pig toward her, and my sweet Kes deserves better than that!
(Strange, but I believe I do hate Neelix/Kes more this time around than I did originally.)

Anyway, the Doctor was also a bit annoying here, but certainly not as bad as Neelix, or as bad as the Doc himself can sometimes be.

And, boy, Janeway earned her Captain's pants here. Only an idiot would miss the problems between Tom and Neelix here, and our Captain becomes aware of it. So what does she do? Yells "Solve it and get out!" Now isn't that the most helpful advice you've ever heard? Great Captaining there! - that was sarcasm, just in case you missed it. ;)

*hangs head in shame* You know, if I didn't dislike Neelix so badly, with the way this episode ended, I might have started playing with a Tom/Neelix/Kes threesome. Thankfully I did NOT like Neelix enough for that (then or now). ;)

Persistence of Vision

BORING! Janeways holonovel is so very boring. Not all in the episode was boring and towards the end it is made of awesome, but the first half hour sucks ass! GAH! Even as the "holo" mystery takes off - it is boring!

Anyway, if it weren't for those boring ass holocharacters showing up all over the place this episode would have been pretty damn good, and despite said characters it did end up being pretty good.

Now I did remember this episode, because this is the episode that got me liking the idea of Chakotay/Torres, though I never become an active C/T shipper. *sigh* VOY has proved with Tom/Kes, Chakotay/Torres and Janeway/Tuvok that it can set up shippy stuff - so why didn't this show do better with its actual ships such as Neelix/Kes and Paris/Torres? The world may never know.
(You know, though, I do get the feeling that once or twice - not necessarily in this episode, but a few times over the series - they tried setting up the coming Paris/Torres ship, but Robbie and Roxanne really do lack that romantic on-screen chemistry. So none of the scene's between them that may have been intended as set-up stuff - aside from the human B'Elanna and Tom scenes - have sparked for me.)

I also really loved the scene between Janeway and Torres at the end. No, it wasn't shippy (between them), it was just a really good scene.

PS - You know what? I believe I did actually started shipping Janeway/Paris in the episode Time and Again - I know I said I didn't when I watched this time around. At that time, I thought it only got me thinking in that direction, but now I believe that between Caretaker and Time and Again, I might have started shipping Janeway/Paris then, because if not, I really do believe I would have come out a bigger Janeway/Tuvok shipper.
You're really bored when you're reviewing Voy eps.... Years after they've been aired for the first time

Surprisingly not as much as you might think.

Recently I decided to start Netflixing VOY since the DVDs were priced too blamed high, but I had really wanted to watch the show again (in order) mainly I think because of some of the reruns I caught.

Anyway, I recently started getting them and I told myself (after the first season) I wasn't going to do any more, but each time I've popped the episodes in I find I have some little something I want to say about such and such, so I pull out my pad and pen and do so.

(Sadly, or not, depending on your POV, I'm probably going to be doing DS9 next. And while I don't think I'll be breaking out with the reviews - you never know.) ;)
Nice to know that you're feeling better. *hugs*