Okay, this is late, because I thought I needed to watched the episode again before writing this up. Two reasons; one, there was so much happening in this episode and two because despite all that I didn't really enjoy the episode that much. I think I'd like it better on a second viewing, but I just haven't gotten around to that yet.

However, even without watching again I can point out the first logic gap of the show. Krista and the lack of blood drinking. First, we are to believe Sire-Boy and Blondie are keeping a very close eye on Krista the newborn. Fine, they have her locked in a room, and last episode there were guards... The guards seem to have vanished, but the implication (for the first half of the episode) is that they are still watching her closely.

The gap is not the vanishing guards, the gap is in the watching her closely. First, we are to believe she is being watched closely. Now we are expected to believe that she isn't being watched so close that they know she isn't drinking blood at all.

I'll even grant that they tried to cover this by having the Terrible Twosome note that she isn't "eating" enough. So, even the PTB realized something had to be noticed. However, that leaves us with two options. One, is that she is "eating" a bit, but given the whole blood down the drain thing, I believe we are to believe she isn't drinking at all. Two, the Terrible Twosome are blind idiots, which I'd almost believe of Blondie, but Sire-boy seems smarter than that.

I just can't believe a newbie vampire is smart and knowledgeable enough to fool two veteran blood drinkers. But, for now, lets move on...

Side-kick boy - well, at least he finally did something interesting. At first glance it even seems like he's making himself unique. But he's really not. At this point, he still isn't truly any different from all the other side-kicks out there, and he certainly isn't anymore interesting. Plus, we still don't know any more about him than we did in the pilot.

Of course, it isn't all bad, one point of particular interest is the cop with the now fried fang. I.E. The good cop, not the stoopid vampire X-cop. Seriously, this guy is looking more silly the longer he lingers. Hopefully someone (anyone) will put him out of my misery soon.

Back to the good (on more than one level) cop. I will give this show MAJOR props if this guy is actually allowed to be intelligent and if not figure everything out, at least figure out that vampires are real. This was one of my biggest issues with Forever Knight. Knight's partner (yes, his actual partner) never could put two and two together. Worse still is that in about every other episode there was so many clues that even IdiotJed would have figured it out, but not Knight's partner.

Another problem (for me) is that they are starting to put in lots of different plot elements. Which, honestly, is not a bad thing in and of itself. The problem is they are putting in so many that if the show doesn't get picked up for another season there will be lots of things that will remain unresolved. I just hate shows (books, etcs.) that leave too many things unresolved.

Of course, maybe (just maybe) this last worry is groundless and Blade will get picked up for a second season. But I do kinda hope they back off on adding anymore plot elements until this becomes a fact.