The 37's

At least it looks like the season two DVDs are going to have a few frills along the way than season one did. Of course, since season one had none, season two already has that beat. ;)

I remember originally this episode had me cringing all the way, and there are still some cringe moments here, but not near as much as I'd remembered.

I also think this might have been (oddly enough) where I started looking closer into Janeway and Paris - there was some chemistry sparkage here. I know it seems weird, though, but Ithink this might have been where I truly started picking up the subtext.

There was also some AWESOME Janeway/Chakotay stuff, but back in the day (for some reason) I didn't find it at all shippy. And, to be honest, even this time it doesn't seem completely shippy, but it did register as more shippy with me this time than it did originally. And there was one moment that almost can't be anything other than shippy - if you watch VOY you know the one I'm speaking of. ;) Why I didn't start shipping Janeway/Chakotay I may find hard to understand this time around. But I didn't warm up to J/C until later VOY.

Also on the shippy side there is more good shippy Torres/Kim stuff here.


Not much to say about this episode. It WAS a good Chakotay episode, but since the Kazon is tainted for me, I didn't enjoy this episode as much as I believe I did first time around.

*cries* Even Neelix played a good role in this episode. Though he was over the top at least once.

On the other hand, Tom in command was just good!

Actually, to be fair, even in spite of the Kazon presence this was still... Dare I say it? A great episode. Well, maybe only good, because it started out very slow and draggy, but after that slow start the episode did go very well.


At least (and thankfully) I believe I have discovered the episode where the Doctor began to annoy me. He wasn't awful here, but he did grate.

Although the episode does start off well and with a nice bit of mystery to get things going, during the showdown in the Mess Hall things get boring real fast.

(Okay, to be fair, it might not have been this boring originally.)

Well, okay the episode (nor the Doctor) was all bad, and there was some interesting conflict, but the whole thing was very long and drawn out, which equals BORING!

I also realize why I never could get into the Doctor/Seven ship. Before seeing this episode again, I thought it was just because I didn't like the Doctor very much, but I believe it is because I'd decided if the Doctor went with anyone it should be Kes.
(Of course, that is when I thought about Doctor shipping at all, which admittedly wasn't often.
And Kes would have been better with anyone other than Neelix!)

Or sex and the Star Ship Voyager!

And right off the bat we get to see again how Neelix is a complete ass and does NOT belong with or deserve Kes!
(Jealous Neelix is oh-so-very annoying!)

And, hey, some canon shipper talk! Showing that I'm not be excessive (well, maybe a little) with all the shipper VOY talk I do myself. At least the show was addressing at least half as much as I am. ;)

At least (and again thankfully) Neelix annoyed me (greatly) here, and more than the Doctor did last episode. So hopefully I am not going to end up loving Neelix this time around - if this episode is any indication I will end up hating Neelix again this time around! Yay and Squee!

Strange there has again been some shippy moments between Janeway and Chakotay. Don't know why I didn't find the shippy way back in the day, but I did not. Perhaps it was because of Mark - that's the only thing I can come up with anyway. For some reason Mark kept me from shipping Janeway/Chakotay, but didn't stand in the way of Janeway/Paris - go figure!

Also some good Janeway/Torres moments or rather tension. So now I'm starting to wonder why I didn't start shipping Janeway/Torres sooner, as well.

And Tuvok talking about sex appeal - this episode is worth seeing for that comment alone! And there's also Janeway and Chakotay talking about mating rituals. This is Voyagers shippest episode so far, and I loved it!

PS - Thankfully, we were not subjected to a miniNeelix - that might have stopped me watching the show before it really got started.
Of course, I remember not being thrilled about the whittle BabyWildman first time around. And to be honest not fond of it this time around, but still better than a miniNeelix!

PS - Apparently, VOY fans are still bringing the WANK! So, go VOYAGER!
(Seriously, at least I no longer feel so alone in my rewatching, because I now know that I'm not alone in feeling some VOY redux!

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