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Okay, I'm making a post for this Captain business - that way if I think of something I can just add (or reply) to this entry and will have everything in one place. Sorry to those on my flist that care not about this, but this is about making things easier for me.

Also, I must apologize to mizstorge for not getting back to her sooner. But my net connection flaked out on me yesterday so I didn't have time to get to everything I wanted too.

Anyway, here's her post from yesterday (or the day before):

So far, I'd say that your humility is a good sign! I'm willing to stay on to assist, if you like. If not, I'll be available for advice and back-up. I think I'll enjoy working with you.

I've started on the ship LJ page, as it's been a goal for some while to reduce the amount of coding on the thread opener. If you've any suggestions on what to keep and what to move to the LJ, let me know. In the meantime, tell me what you need me to pass along in the way of information, and feel free to post questions.

I'll have to look, and I mean really study the HP/LV thread to see if I can come up with something that could be changed (or moved to LJ - can you show me the LJ page for this?). But I know when the current thread was posted it did look good, though I'll have another look-see later.

I think my biggest thing (and it is embarassing) is that I don't know my roman numerals. However, since the HP/LV thread is WAY behind several others that shouldn't be a problem, because I can cheat by looking at the numerals of threads ahead of us.

I think I'll be okay as long as I have someone (you, in this case) I can pester when something comes up and leaves me clueless. That is actually the main reason I said yes, if it was one of those cases where I'd have to take it myself no help whatsoever I would have said no, because even if I can do it completely on my own, I'd be a bit (understatement) nervous knowing there was no one I could pester.

But right now I can't think of any questions or anything. Well, okay, here's one - the Captains job is basically just to start the new threads and try their best to keep said thread moving, right?
I've been watching and that seems like the biggest thing, but I know me and I might have missed something. So, if there is something else let me know.

And I guess I should note that coming up with ship questions isn't always my strong point, but I know it is okay to borrow from other ships, so that shouldn't be an issue.


Updated: Well, I'm unsure what is up exactly. I've just gotten word that arbor_vitae did not resign as Captain of the ship (thread). Sorry, I would not have got so gung-ho over things had I known that the previous Captain had not actually resigned.
(Check the first (and only) reply to this topic for more info.)

...someone else wants to comment, feel free because I am unsure what to do since some have already suggested my being Captain in the thread itself, not to mention that I was asked here on LJ, and have pretty much openly accepted in the thread itself.
Obviously I assumed the position was open, because I didn't think I'd be asked otherwise.

So anyway, once I was asked, I thought it over and decided I wouldn't mind trying my hand at being Captain. So once I said yes (naturally) there is a flaw in the slaw, so to speak.

arbor_vitae has contacted me though PM over at FAP informing me that she has not actually resign as Captain.

Let me say that I did not mean to step on anyone's toes. And I freely admit that I never saw where arbor_vitae openly resigned as Captain, but I am aware that not everything on FAP takes place openly - I know much takes place in PMs and such. So, (as I said) I just assumed since I was being asked that the position was open.
(Mostly because I knew there was some drama in the previous thread and arbor_vitae decided to leave (take a break) from FictionAlleyPark. That in addition to the new thread being started by Pipenerd made me believe arbor_vitae had indeed resigned. This impression was further backed up when I was asked to be (ship) Captain, because I assumed that I wouldn't be asked unless the previous Captain had retired.

And, for the record, I don't mind simply taking over the posting of new threads and posting of new questions without actually having the Captain's position/title.
Of course, I don't mind being Captain either, but as mentioned I don't want me taking the position/title to cause a big ruckus either.

PS - No, arbor_vitae has not demanded that I refuse the position, I think (but since I'm not her, I can't say for sure) she just wanted to set the record straight.
I've sent you an owl. I think we should continue the conversation that way.