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Well, not literally. But I am crying (once again) for a once great (or at least good) series of books that... Oh, hell, where do I start?

I'm talking about the Anita books. They've never been great literature, but they were full of bang and entertaining in the beginning, now they're full of badly written sex and characters so far away from what they originally were that it is sad to see. On the other hand, it can be interesting to watch as a series you once loved is trashed, especially since the crash itself has some entertainment value.
(I hated the downfall of Buffy because as a series I had loved it very much in the beginning - so that downfall was less fun for me. But somehow Hamilton is pulling off a downfall that is somewhat amusing in and of itself. Strange.

But enough is enough. Okay, I admit I liked Narcissus in Chains, sure there were a few WTF moments, but I could gloss over them because I still thought there was a purpose. Cerulean Sins was (in some ways) worse for me, because before reading that book I learned some of the things I was hoping for by the end of NiC were in fact not going to happen. On the other hand, there were less technical errors in CS, so there was still hope to be had.

Then along came Incubus Dreams, which in my review I summed up in one word (ClusterFuck!). It really was that bad. Discontinuity, misspellings on a level that hadn't been seen before - sure most every book as a few, and Hamilton's tended to have more than others, but still wasn't enough for me to get weird about it. You have to remember I'm just not a spelling/grammar Nazi, but honestly if you don't have those skills at my level or higher, then I am going to notice and think one (especially published author) should do better. Heck, I think I should do better as a non-published net ranter, but that isn't the point.

After ID I told myself that was IT - I was done with Anita. Then (sadly) I started hearing SPOILERS for Danse Macabre and I found myself thinking I might like DM. And, again sadly, I found that I didn't hate DM. Of course, it wasn't on the level with her past works, but it was much better than much of her current stuff.

So, now I'm at an interesting point, or I was. Do I give Hamilton and Anita another chance, or do I consider DM a fluke and move on?
Admittedly, I hadn't thought much about it, because given the way the author has acted, I didn't really have hopes about the series getting back on track. But there were some things in DM that sorta read like hope.

Now we get into the SPOILERS - so if you still read the Anita books, or plan to - you might want to hit the back-button and then click on the second cut for updates on my fanfic and my ankle, if you care anyway.

Anyway, I decided to check out what people were saying and decide if I could find some spoilers. Well, I have and they are depressing, very depressing for Edward fans.

According to the SPOILERS, Edward is indeed (as promised for the past what? Five novels, in this book. But I think by the time all is said and done, Edward fans will find themselves wishing he was not in this novel.

Basically, Hamilton has now turned him into a pimp for Anita. He wants her to feed on the Swan King to save Jean-Claude and Richard - why they need saving I don't know, but you know Anita's men are helpless without her and all...

You know if this was any other series, I would NOT be believing these spoilers, because Edward (the real one) would not give shit about Jean-Claude or Richard, but now we are to believe he is gung-ho about saving their lives, and completely supporting this new Anita. Honestly, the real Edward would now be killing her and as many of the monsters in St. Louis as he could - cause the real Edward loves killing for the sake of killing, the only reason he tends not to kill humans is because he considers it too easy.
PS - According to the same spoilers, Edward (bloody Edward) is now afraid of dying. I would be LOL about this if it wasn't so damn sad!

Actually, I have to wonder if Hamilton threw an-approving-of-Anita-Edward in to hopefully get all the Edward fans onboard with this new (and NOT improved Anita). I could see her truly believing that if Edward approves then many of the Edward fans (who are so-called "Haters") will come back and say "Well, if Edward doesn't object then it can't be all bad!" If she does believe that, this is going to backfire wonderfully. *rubs hands* I almost can't wait!

Because supposedly there is a married couple - the wife refuses to let her husband feed the ardeur (read have sex with Anita), and from some of the comments, it sounds like the husband doesn't want to sleep with Anita, but I'm less sure on that score. Anyway, according to reports, both Anita AND Edward bash the couple for not wanting to bang the cooch of DOOM! Read have sex with Anita.

I mean, I thought Hamilton turned Edward podly in Obsidian Butterfly, but if these spoilers are true - then it is clear that she's actually killed the real Edward and slapped an Edward Mask on JonBoi (read her blog and you'll find out who Jon is - IF you don't already know).

However, I might (yes might) read this book, just to see how low she can truly go. BUT I will not be buying the book. Nope, I might buy the book if she outright killed Edward, but I have no desire to see Edward desend into Podness with all the other characters.

Well, now I want to try and get my new Buffy/Anita crossover posted before this new Anita dribble hits the shelves, because some of the things I play with in this fic will (no doubt) be totally non-canon once the new book comes out and I'd like to get started posting so I can prove I started it before TH hits the shelves. I'm just funny that way. Actually, I've been wanting to get back to this story for a week, but strangely enough life just hasn't worked out that way.

*crosses fingers AND knocks on wood*

Since (with help) I did get my job done today...

The swelling in my ankle had gone down some yesterday, but the pain was worse. Thankfully, today, the swelling is still fading and the pain itself is DOWN! YAY!

So, if I can get the clothes washed this evening, I should have most of the rest of the week free'ish to pretty up the first chapter of the new story and get it posted. And hopefully since some time has passed since I've been able to look the story over, I will be able to work past the "conflict" which tried to lock the story up before.

Of course, we all know about the best laid plans and all, and if something did stop me from working on it this week, I probably wouldn't be able to work much on it over the weekend either, because some of the plants I ordered have come in and I need to get them into the ground as soon as I can, but since it turned back into winter I'm kinda trying to wait and see what the long term will be. I'd hate to plant these puppies only to have it turn off cold again and see them die. So, I might wait another week or two before planting - most of the stuff was shipped in a dormant state so it shouldn't "kill" them to wait a week or so. And the stuff that wasn't shipped dormant I've already had to take care of, or rather make a place in my window for.
I just picked up DM at Safeway. Something rater funny about that. I'm about 8 pages in when something that I've known for at least three books but actually made it into a book had me reeling for the sheer blind willlfullness of it all.

During the discussion/fight bewteen Ronnie and Anita, Ronnie stops one word shy of calling Anita a whore. Anita, appropriately, gets pissed. Well, I would too, except for one thing.

Anita IS a whore.

And thre fact that LKH cannot or will not see this, and thinks that it's perfectly okay just boggles my mind.

As Ronnie says, just a short time ago, a year, maybe?, Anita was pretty virginal for all of that. She met Jean Claude first, and had the hots for him, but wouldn't touch him, cause he was a vampire. Silly girl. Then she meets Richard...who was hanging out with Jean Claude...naked. Okay, she likes him, too. Jean Claude says she's gotta date them both, or he'll kill Richard. Considering what happens later, he should have just done it. But okay, Anita's in a menage a trois. I can deal with that. It's a blend of power that makes them all stronger. Fine.

And then...NiC. If Anita had had sex with Micah once, I could have dealt with that. But nooooo. And then he raped her, and I'm sorry, I read the original hard back book, and she says no...a lot. One book later, and she's also fucking Jason and Asher, although I don't mind Asher a bit, and will take him over Micah any day.

I won't even get into the twat-a-thon that was ID. At least she got to the point where wearing panties didn't matter anymore, and if that doesn't tell you how far down the rabbit hole we are, nothing will.

I think that Raina needs to be awakened by accident, and eat her way through the series. One big bloodbath. And how funny is it when Jason is the only character that is acting the same way he was when we first met him?

Know what I think happened? I think that when LKH was writing NiC, she was writing a Merry book at the same time, and copied one onto the other by accident, then said, fuck it. How can she possibly think that Anita is a heroine? What, little girls wanna grow up killing everything in sight that doesn't agree with them and fucking every man they meet to "keep up their strength?"

And wouldn't it be funny if when Trinity is a bit older, she reads her mom's books and goes, "God mom, these suck ass!"...and then goes on to write the best vampire books around?
I do love the idea that one day Trinity might end up writing a much better series. (I've seen that suggested somewhere else, but at the moment I can't remember where.)

Of course, I worry about Trinity, because she's got a mother that doesn't seem to care much about her. She seems more interested in using the "kiddo" to get sympathy than about the child herself.
Plus how much info do we know about this girl. At best, we should only know that Trinity is Laurell's (and her first husbands) child and that should be it. But alas anyone who reads Hamilton's blog knows so much more than that about her.
I haven't even read the last few Anita books. When I accidently came across the first ones (paperbacks), I picked all of them up and loved them. I leant them to my mom and she loved them. Then it seemed like the "next one" would be a hardcover (at the time), and it became all sex and no real plot that interested me. I love reading about sex (why else would I spend hours reading my HP slash, otherwise), but I also felt that Anita was going from an independent woman to shagging every beast under the sun...or moon. The characters were changing and not in a good way. I enjoy reading the old books every now and again, but just can't summon up the interest to delve into her last few. I have read a few fan fiction stories that were in character and had much more interest in them than the originals.

It is a shame Hamilton can't understand what you've just so clearly stated.

IT ISN'T ALL THE BLOODY SEX THAT BOTHERS US! I mean, hey, I could even handle Hamilton's badly written sex if there was still a plot to go along with them and all the other characters were still bloody in character.

See, I didn't even hate the ardeur (at first, though I admit it seemed more like a fanfic concept than something a published writer should be using), I thought this might be a good way to get Anita some growth. She (not the readers) WAS a terrible prude and seemed to think that if she had sex with someone that meant she loved them. So, I thought that once the ardeur started "making" her have sex whether she wanted to or not... Well, I thought we'd see Anita take a journey that would end with her growing up and realizing that sex doesn't equal love. But after taking that journey she would realize that she could love and have sex with both Jean-Claude and Richard. (I never loved Richard, but I had come to accept that Richard would eventually be as equal to Anita as Jean-Claude was - shows what I know, eh!)

Plus, I kinda like the idea that Jean-Claude might have tried to give Anita a taste (at least) of the ardeur, so she could get an idea of what it was like for him every time she denied him. I wouldn't have even minded the idea that JC didn't mean to give her the full on ardeur, but that trying to give her a little taste didn't go according to plan. I have to say that, because I was one of those that used to argue that Jean-Claude did love Anita, at least as much as he was able. Of course, now I like playing with the idea that Jean-Claude has finally made Anita into a monster and that is why he isn't really concerned about all the men in Anita's life - cause as long as she's having sex he gets fed as well. *sigh* I do miss my ruthless JC.

Anyway, Narcissus in Chains was the last novel that I really liked and enjoyed, but I kept hanging on and hoping. I just find it hard to walk away from something I loved, but I think Hamilton proves every day that the old characters aren't coming back. Possibly because Hamilton would no longer have any idea how to write them.
Good to know that the ankle is getting better. :) *hugs*

Today it is almost normal, or at least I'm actually walking normal - no more hobbling around.

The only part that is still swollen is the part where it actually got twisted, but even that is continuing to go down. And the pain is almost completely gone today. Of course, it is still early later in the day it might get to hurting a bit. But I think it is very much on the mend and hopefully in a few days will be completely normal again.