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Okay, twisted may be the wrong word. I know it is the official term, but I didn't twist it so much as tried to ignore my foot and walk on it. OUCH!

Yesterday evening I was trying to get my flowers covered - I had already brought in the more sensitive ones, but now we are going to be getting freezing cold temps and I realized I needed to cover the rest - if I could.

Well, a couple weeks ago I had to dig some dirt for my flower pots and to cover some bare spaces in beds. Guess what happened. Yesterday as I was walking around trying to cover things, I wasn't watching where I was going and stepped in one of the holes I'd left from dirt digging and my ankle tried to touch the ground. It hurt like a Mother-F**ker! I damn near cried.

But thankfully it wasn't broken and didn't seem fractured, and after ten minutes (or so) the pain seemed to fade. YAY! So I went on about my day, but I noticed later as I tried to do my nightly chores, I was having a bit of trouble moving without pain. So, I finally took off my shoe and realized that my ankle (on the outside) had swollen, which was probably why my shoe was hurting it.

I left the shoes off and finished my nightly stuff, then when I sat down, I noticed it was still swelling. So I rubbed some medicine on it and hoped for the best. Today the swelling has gone down a bit, but the pain actually seems worse today.

PS - The cold weather was the cause of my mood yesterday, because it was annoying enough knowing I was going to have to baby my freshly planted stuff. Although I didn't realize how bad it would end up being. LOL
I'm so sorry you hurt yourself! Yesterday must have been the day for hurt ankles! A friend was letting me borrow her carpet shampooer and she was carrying and tripped on the curb, sliced up her knee and her ankle looks like there is a huge blue-black goose egg on it.

Did you put a cold pack on it? It will help the swelling.

Well, there is an excuse to lay on the couch and read or watch tv.

I think it's awesome that you have a green thumb. Mine is, unfortunately, a brownish-black. I want to try seedlings instead of starting out with seeds. I might have a chance at keeping them alive if I don't start them from beginning.

Take care of yourself. *hugs*
Well, I finally put ice on it about five minutes ago. Even after waking with pain today I didn't think it was that bad, but now my whole foot is swollen.

And sadly I still have too many things to do which keep me from laying around - although that could be what is making the problem worse. But there are just some things thats got to be done.

PS - I don't really have a green thumb, but I decided to try my hand since I grew some awesome tomato plants last year. To be honest, though, if I have to work this hard at it every year this will probably be my last year.
Do try not to strain your ankle, else it might take a long time to heal, I hope it will be okay very soon again. :) *hugs*
Well, it is still swollen and hurting today. But I found some string and I now have an ice pack tied to my foot, so no matter what it will always be on ice.

Sadly it was feeling better this morning, but there was something that I had to do today, something which I'd already put off for two days - so I had to do it and doing so brought some of the pain back. But hopefully since I won't have to do much of anything now (for at least two days) that will give it some time to heal.