So, I got the episodes watched a couple days ago, but didn't have time (or energy) to type up my thoughts before now.
Speaking of which, I may not be doing this for every episode of season two. It's just that I know I went though the whole review/comments thing when I watched this series originally, and while it is fun to compare and contrast my now thoughts with my original thoughts - there are a few times where I simply cannot recall my original thoughts all that well.


Ah, I was sure Janeway's holonovel stuff was introduced in season one. Of course, I also thought I started shipping Janeway/Paris in season one and that has turned out not to be the case. So, I was beginning to think maybe the holonovel crap stuff didn't happen in season one either.

You know, sadly, I think this holonovel subplot was a good idea - at least in theory. It was the sitting they chose which made the whole thing deadly dull. Maybe if they'd had Janeway "playing" something different it would have worked better. In fact, I'm sure of it. However, the holonovel did seem very much Janeway, so I'm not sure something more interesting would have fit her.

Other than that there wasn't anything about this episode that I actually remembered.

*sigh* You know, I am starting to believe it is the interactions between Neelix and Kes which made me really dislike Neelix, because so far those are the only times I find myself getting truly annoyed with Neelix.
Well, not the only times, but I'll get to those momentarily.

Overall this episode wasn't bad, wasn't one of Voyagers best, but it wasn't one of the worst either.


I remember this episode. *grins* Awesome episode all around, and awesome for B'Elanna - it was truly a pleasure to see this episode again.

Now back to Neelix and characters they have him interact with that annoy me. Neelix and Tuvok interacting is a bit annoying, and I know this will get worse for me. Somebody really thought Tuvok/Neelix (non-shippy, or maybe it was shippy, but not for me!) interaction was da BOMB! Because I remember at least two more episodes of heavy (annoying) T/N interaction.

You know, this might be the episode where someone (of the PTB) got the idea for the Paris/Torres ship. And even me (the Anti-Shipper) must admit that they had some really good interaction here. Though I can't say their interaction was overly shippy and clearly it took three years for the PTB to run with P/T. But I must admit that some of the interaction here is on the level with earlier Torres/Kim interaction.

The problem is, that Tom isn't acting with the whole B'Elanna in this episode. He's interacting with the human part of B'Elanna. Here's the thing, Tom and the human B'Elanna might would have made an awesome coupling, where as Tom and the whole B'Elanna did not.
Anyway, because they failed to have some good interaction between Tom and a whole B'Elanna I can't really call the stuff here good foreshadowing for the later Paris/Torres "romance," because while they did share and connect here, they weren't connecting completely because B'Elanna herself was incomplete.


ARG! Despite a few bumps in the road, I am afraid that I am going to end up liking Neelix this time around. As I've already said, so far the only time he seems to really bother me is in his interactions with Kes and Tuvok, and even then not every interaction he has with those two are annoying.

As, I spoke too soon - fifteen minutes in and we have annoyance. And not because he's interacting with Kes or Tuvok, and not off the charts, but it was still there!

Then it was gone. *sigh* This was a very good episode for Neelix. *cries* I am going to end up liking, or at least not hating Neelix this time, aren't I? GRR-ARG!

Learning Curve

Boy, Janeway's holodeck stuff is really boring - I caught myself fastforwarding even though I had told myself I was going to watch every bit of every episode. I couldn't bring myself to rewind.

*sigh* The rest of the teaser isn't much better. Granted it does what it needs to do in sitting up the rest of the episode, but it is oh-so-boring.

On the other hand, when I thought this might truly be the start of tensions between Maquis and Starfleet I was probably on the edge of my seat. Yes, I did love the idea that certain Maquis crewmembers having trouble fitting in. That is a plot-line that should have played out for more than one episode, or just being the elephant in the room that would crop-up every so often.

And, honestly, having Tuvok be the one trying to train the Maquis crewmembers was one of Janeways more bone-headed ideas. Now that isn't to say that I thought the idea behind her decision was bogus. She did have a point, it wasn't Chakotay or other the other Maquis in power that needed to earn their respect. But the fact is Tuvok was probably the worst choice she could have made, despite his teaching history. Again, though, because of that history I can almost understand why Janeway chose him. However, I do think she should have pointed out that the cadets he taught in Starfleet wanted to be there, the Maquis he was teaching did not, so he would need to be a bit more flexable.

The truly sad thing is that I really thought it was Janeway that opened his eyes to this fact instead of Neelix. Seriously, I kept waiting for Janeway and Tuvok to have that talk. So imagine my surprise when I realized it wasn't Janeway who had the chat with him.

And, of course, it turned out alright in the end. But that is part of the problem. This should have lead to even more tensions instead of ending all hearts and flowers, because Tuvok was just a bad choice for instilling Starfleet ideals in folks that didn't want to be in Starfleet.

There was a also a bit of Torres/Kim interaction that made me smile, though nothing truly shippy in and of itself. Actually, some (I say SOME) of the training itself made me smile. But moving on...

I'd like to know who the hell decided that Tuvok and Neelix needed to interact more. Although honesty forces me to admit their interactions in this episode weren't all bad - just not as funny nor engaging as I suspect the PTB meant it to be.

Bonus Disc

Not worth the price of admission. Of course, since I didn't pay, I was not as disappointed as I would have been if I'd paid.

And the disc is worth seeing. There was plenty of good stuff, but I'll talk about the two Janeway's, and there are differences. For one, I think Genevieve Bujold as Janeway would have been better able to sell me on the rigid adherence to Starfleet protocals and ideals. Kate Mulgrew as Janeway just never seemed quite right when she was being so rigid about the rules. But I think there are other benefits to having Mulgrew instead of Bujold.

For example, a great many people shipped Janeway, and I just don't think Bujold's Janeway would have been as shippable. Nor am I sure that I would have bought Bujold's Janeway securing the help of Tom Paris. In other words, I can by Mulgrew's Janeway as something of a maverick, but not Bujold's.

However, I want it noted that I am NOT bashing nor dissing Bujold, because I truly do believe she could have played Janeway (as originally written) better than Mulgrew did. It just seems to me that Mulgrew's Janeway didn't really come into her own until the PTB backed off and let Mulgrew insert more of herself in the role. Whereas I think Bujold could have played the "as written" Janeway better, or at least some things would have seemed more natural (and believable) with Bujold's Janeway than they did with Mulgrew's.

Of course, I enjoyed shipping Janeway, so I am glad (in the end) Mulgrew got the role. Because I doubt very seriously (given the snippets I saw) that I would have been near the Janeway shipper I was with Bujold in the role that I ended up being with Mulgrew in the role.

PS - If anyone is wondering why I haven't been around FAP, somehow I got logged out and could not remember my password. I finally sent for a new one when it became clear I was never going to remember the original password. So that is why I haven't been 'round over yonder.

PPS - My mood has nothing to do with anything in this entry.