And the Torres/Kim beat goes on. Aside from that I was kinda bored with the episode. It was certainly an interesting idea to play with and I admit the writers handled it surprisingly well. But the episode was slow and draggy.

So I only give it four out of five stars. It doesn't really deserve four, but the content was handled so well that I couldn't bring myself to give it less.

Prime Factors
I actually remembered this one more clearly than most - most of season one has apparently fallen out of memory (save Caretaker, Time and Again, and bits and pieces of the rest), but I remembered most of this episode.

I also remember being really suspicious of Gath originally. I don't know if they made him good ol' Gath behave suspiciously on purpose or if I'm just overly paranoid. But I think it was on purpose, because even though I knew the ending this time, I still found myself thinking that Janeway shouldn't have trusted him at all.

*sigh* Apparently, I was also opened up to the possibility of Janeway/Tuvok before I was Janeway/Paris, because I remember this episode and the subtext between J/Tu here being amazing. And, yes, it was still amazing this time around. I think if this show was aring today I might have become more of a Janway/Tuvok shipper than a Janeway/Paris one. But at the time I knew Tuvok was married, and so I tended to only dip my toes into J/Tu.

There was also more good Torres/Kim moments. But in this case, those were completely overshadowed by Janeway/Tuvok. Of course, T/K has the advantage (so far) of being more consistant. LOL I just know if this show were airing today, I'd be rabidly shipping Torres/Kim, Chakotay/Paris, and Janeway/Tuvok. *coughs* Anyway...

This one gets five out of five stars - though I do think Janeway was WAY too harsh on B'Elanna Torres here. She gets totally dressed down, while Tuvok gets what amounts to a slap on the wrist.

State of Flux
I admit that I only remember bits and pieces from this episode. By the time I finished I remembered everything, but going in I was starting to wonder if I'd even seen this episode.

*sigh* However, I remember (back in the day) thinking Seska was an all right character right up until this episode. By the time she left, I was glad she was gone, and honestly hoping we wouldn't see/hear from her again. On the other hand, it might have been more interesting to have a Cardassian on VOY - if they hadn't screwed said Cardissian up with the rabid crush on Chakotay. But I suppose they didn't want to go there since they had Garak on DS9.

Anyway, the Kazon really come into their own here. Admittedly, I found them annoying, but that is because I remember the Kazon being rammed down my throat by this show later on. In this episode they were actually all right.

There was also some GREAT Chakotay/Tuvok interactions. Seriously, I don't mean shippy, I just mean the interactions were awesome. Though, of course, if I wanted, I could twist them shippy, but I don't really think they were.

Three out of Five stars, would be four, but the Seska crush was just bad.

Doctor and Neelix Watch!

Not really in the previous three episodes enough to really bother me, yes even Neelixs' food thing in State of Flux was actually kinda cute. GRR-ARG! But outside of that they weren't really shown enough to bother or dazzle me.

Heroes and Demons

Well, when this episode first started my thought was "Bring on the Cheese!" That is actually why I delayed watching it, because I remember kinda loathing it originally. But the truth is that while there was some cheese, the entire episode was not made of cheese.

This was a pretty good episode for the Doctor. However, it was a little slow and cheesy in places, so it only gets three out of five stars.

PS - Even Captain Janeway knows Torres and Kim got sometin going on. Okay, maybe not, but she did believe Kim would totally be willing to give up his free time to help Torres out.

In closing - When the sam hell did I start shipping Janeway/Paris? I was certain this happened during season one, but I'm no longer certain that is the case. There's been some J/P moments, but the ones we've had so far would NOT have made me a shipper originally, certainly not the somewhat rabid one I become. And I remember there being lots and lots of J/P subtext, but maybe it didn't really get going until season two.

You know, I've noticed that these discs don't have ANY special features and I'm wondering why Paramount is still (to THIS day) trying to get away with charging a hundred bucks a season for these bare bones DVDs - the special features disc better be made of awesome! Awesome, I tell you!