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So, instead of working on the Buffy/Anita X-over today - I went and did something else. I created a new message board for the new television series Blood Ties - why is that insane? Because it makes me the board owner and Admin. Insane! But I love Tanya's books and have long wished there was a message board to discuss her works.

I've Admin'ed on other boards, but I've never created from scratch my very own board - therefore, I must be insane. And could possibly be in over my head, especially if the board really takes off. But I'm not getting real hopeful on the really taking off thing, yet!

The television series was just the thing to get me off my duff and create such a board. This is not a board meant to compete with any other boards - if I had found any other Tanya Huff boards I would not have created mine.

So, if anyone reading this journal has any interest in Blood Ties and/or Tanya Huff - please come over and join me. Also, I'd like to know what people think about how I've got things set-up so far.
My Blood Ties Message Board
Good luck with the board! :)
Thanks, although it has been up a day and while I've had some visitors no one has shown much interest. *sigh* So, I don't think it is going to catch-on.

But that's okay, maybe someone else will create a TH message board that will, and I'll just go there. Because that is really why I created the board - I just wanted a place to talk about Tanya Huff to other Tanya Huff fans.