Well, so I watched the episode last night... I'm going ahead and cutting for spoilers, but if you've read the Tanya Huff novel Blood Price (first book in the series) then there are only about three (four?) things which will actually spoil you.

Really I don't actually have a whole lot to say, and that is actually a good thing. If I end up having a lot to say that is usually because I didn't like something.

It was a good solid episode. Very promising start, though it didn't dazzle me, but it didn't suck either. Honestly, it was a very good transition of book to show, and it was a good solid episode with good solid acting by all parties. So, while I say it didn't dazzle, I don't mean it wasn't good, it was good, just not dazzling good.

I will say that at times in the books I found Vicky annoying, very - so I was expecting to have those moments with the show, as well. But for some reason I found that not once was I annoyed with the character in the episode. And it isn't that they've softened her character, at least I don't believe her character was softened. So, I'm not sure why she annoyed me in the book and not the show.
Granted, there may come a point in the show where she starts rubbing me the wrong way as she did a bit in the books, but there were places in the first book that she annoyed and the first episode is pretty much exactly like the book.
I think maybe the reason that she didn't bother me in the show is because I could see her, and therefore she just didn't seem as abrasive visually.

Other people are squeeing about Henry (or the actor) and I certainly agree. The problem is the Henry on-screen was not at all how I pictured Henry from the books. For some reason I didn't see Henry as such a hottie. No, I'm not saying I thought Henry from the books was butt ugly, I just thought the actor playing Herny was hotter than I pictured him to be in the books.

*sigh* I think Mike is going to annoy me as much in the show as he did the books. Seriously, there were times (in the books) that he annoyed me more than Vicky, and while his character really was softened on the screen - there was just something which told me that I will end up finding this dude (the character, not the actor) annoying.

So, while it didn't dazzle, I am eager for the next episode, especially since it looks like we'll be departing from the books with next weeks episode. Honestly, if the series stayed completely and totally true to the books, we'd end up with nine (maybe ten) episodes and then it would be over.

Now we get into actual SPOILERS! Last chance to turn away without looking!

Now the big difference was that Vicky (or is it Vikki? Can't remember) was left with demon symbols on her wrists - in the book that didn't happen. That is not a gripe, I'm just pointing out that it was different. Also, the goth girl getting hired by Vicky was different - she may or may not have hired Vicky to look into the case in the book (can't remember), but I do know she was not a returning character in the books. Again, not a gripe, just a difference. This character could be a good substitute for Tony.

Speaking of Tony - of course, there was no Tony Foster in the episode, which was a difference from the books. Though (of course) I knew long before going in that there would be no Tony. But I am really sad, because I would LOVE to see Tony and this show Henry interacting. *smokin' hot*

Speaking of Henry, I also believe Henry's history may have been tweaked a bit - I could really be wrong about this, but it just seemed to me that a few things were different to me.
AH HA! (Edit Note): Okay, it isn't Henry's history that was changed but his profession. In the books he is a romance writer, in the show he is a graphic artist. It isn't a big deal or anything, I just knew there was something different, but couldn't put my finger on what.

There might be other differences, but if there was they didn't jump out at me.

So, that's my thoughts. Not the best thing I've ever seen, but many pilot episodes aren't the best things ever. And I believe the episode was worth seeing - I'm certainly glad I watched it.

Finally, this show seems like it is going to be a nice blending of Angel (the series & Forever Knight) and oddly enough the X-Files (without the aliens) - so this could end up being totally up my alley!

Can't wait until next week to see how things work without them translating their story from another medium.