So, it has taken me awhile - I've had the DVD for about a week now and watched the first two episodes the same day, but didn't manage to catch the other two until last night. I would have posted comments on the first two I watched, but decided that would just needlessly clutter my journal, which is why I waited to make this post until I'd watched all four episodes.

(Phage) I did NOT remember the Vidiians being introduced season one. Shoddy memory, has to be, because the episode was surprisingly good. But, seriously, I didn't think the Vidiians were introduced until sometime in season two. So, it was a surprise to me to see them this early.

*le sigh* With both "Phage" and "The Cloud" I liked Neelix, I expecially liked him in The Cloud. So, now I'm starting to really wonder where in the world my extreme Neelix-hate come from. Maybe... Okay, so I remember that I started out not hating the Doctor, as well, but I do honestly remember hating Neelix for a long long time. Maybe he truly didn't start annoying me (like the Doctor) until later on in the shows run, but because I grew to hate him so badly I remember disliking him longer than I actually did.
Or (damn it all) am I just going to actually like Neelix this time around?!

So, I've finally finished the last two VOYAGER episodes on Disc Two.

I must admit that Eye of the Needle is a good solid episode - a little slow in a few places, but still a good episode. Nice use of the Romulans and wormholes. And I didn't actually cringe once while watching this one.

*sigh* There was some great (And I do mean GREAT!) Torres/Kim bonding, even better than in Caretaker, I think. I may never be able to understand why Paramount didn't sail the T/K ship, I mean early on this was the ship they seem set to do. I wonder what, if anything, changed their minds.

Actually, to be honest, Ex Post Facto wasn't a bad (or cringe-worthy) episode either. I thought I'd remembered this one making me cringe in a few places, but if it did before, this time it did not. It also didn't have those slowish moments that plagued Eye of the Needle, but somehow I still enjoyed Eye of the Needle more.

I was also pretty certain this was where I started to truly ship Janeway/Paris (I mentioned that Time and Again made me think about it, briefly, but I didn't start actively shipping them there), but now I don't believe it was, because nothing jumped out at me as overtly shippy with them here. However, while there might be some shippy stuff to be found between them during this episode, I'm sure first time around it wouldn't have been enough to drag me onboard the ship.

Now I'm starting to wonder if there was actually a specific episode where I started shipping Janeway/Paris or if this was a ship that just gradually built up for me instead of having a specific episode smack me over the head. I was already shipping Janeway/Paris BEFORE Threshold, that much I am sure of! Because I have noticed that in some of these early episodes Janeway can seem unusually interested in and concerned about Tom Paris. So my shipping could have been a gradual thing based on more subtle stuff instead of having it come upon me as suddenly as T/K or C/P did.

Doctor and Neelix Watch!

Still not disliking them, at least not consistantly - Neelix HAD one moment (from the first disc) where he bugged me, but that is IT! But then The Cloud came along and had me damn near cheering for him. IT'S A WORLD GONE MAD, I tell you!

Well, anyway, that is all from Disc Two - see you again when I get (and watch) Disc Three!