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You know, I've always kinda known that (not trying to sound like a MarySue, but) I've always realized that some of the things I believed/thought more often than not didn't go with the crowd, so to speak.

Well, today I was with a group of people (in real life) and while ultimately (again so to speak) we believe the same thing - I realized there are a hundred (if not more) little ways in which we disagree and in some cases disagree strongly. They've always been there, but for some reason I was just smacked in the face with them today.

Now that has left me noticing all the zillion ways I disagree with others who ultimately do agree with me.

Take Harry/Ginny (for example) I dislike the relationship, and I'm certainly not alone on that. However, there are many Anti-H/G arguments that I do not agree with or in a few extreme cases cannot see at all.

Or we could take Harry/Luna and Ron/Hermione - so many of my fellow H/L shippers just love R/Hm... *sigh* There are days (since Book Six) that I actually loathe R/Hm more than Harry/Ginny. So, even there I don't completely agree with fellow shippers.
And again there are many who hate Harry/Ginny that love Ron/Hermione.

I don't know - every so often I get bogged down by the fact that more often than not I just find myself never truly fitting in with others. I.E. I agree with them in part, but never seemingly completely.
I don't really 'ship' r/hr. To me, they are a foregone conclusion. I don't really think their relationship would work as it stands now. rowling will have to pull some massive amounts of maturing on both their parts for me to buy into R/Hr. I don't talk about it much.

I ship the sextet: h/l, n/g, r/hr. But, I hardly post to r/hr, because they set my teeth on edge. So you are not alone on that. :-) It is late.. I'm going to bed now. *g'nighthugs*
I see what you're saying and I mostly agree - Ron/Hermione is going to happen whether I (or anyone else) like(s) it or not.

I think what gets me is when I see the Anti-H/G folks talk about how we know H/G is fake/wrong/whatever, because we can look and see how well Rowling wrote Ron/Hermione in comparsion.
Well, for those of us who think the Book Six writing of R/Hm sucked, statements such as that can be extremely despressing. Cause in my opinion if Book Six R/Hm is the best Rowling can write - then the Anti-H/G IS doomed, because Harry/Ginny will be shown to be the real deal. It's actually kinda funny, because the doomed Harry/Cho was actually written far better than H/G or R/Hm - in my opinion.

Like I say though, all the Anti-H/G agree that H/G was badly written in Book Six - we just disagree on the details and sometimes how we think the resolution will go. However, that in itself can be a bit depressing, because while we all ultimately dislike H/G - we can't seem to get together and agree on a resolution.

Some say love potion, (which ever version you go with - they all have their flaws), but I have yet to see ONE love potion theory that addresses why Jenny was suddenly so attractive to everyone and not just Harry. I NEED that explained, because Ginny was (at best) before Book Six the girl next door, certainly nothing like what Rowling tried to sell to me in Book Six.

Others say it was just teen lust that Harry had to work out of his system, and to be honest I'm starting to agree - what holds me back on accepting this one completely is the monster; Harry's, not mine! (Well, that and the fact that again Ginny was suddenly to HAWTness to everyone) However, I could easily see that this is what Rowling might have been going for with H/G.

Finally, others are saying LuckPotion (or some other potion) and at this point - this really is the one I have to go with. Other Potion, not LuckPotion, or at least not LP alone. Because I think Jenny might have used a more general Potion to change the way people see her. That is the only thing I can come up with to explain why others (outside of Harry himself) saw Jenny as da BOMB!

*sigh* Didn't really mean to go off into Anti-H/Gland.

Anyway, I used to ship the sixtet myself... Of course, now I still ship a</b> sixtet, just not the one people mean when they use that word - Harry/Luna, Viktor/Hermione (Though I accept V/Hm will never be canon.), and Neville/Ginny. Of course, there are some days where I don't ship even N/G because I start thinking Neville deserves better. Book Six just about ruined Ginny for me period.