Not that it was long or probably truly noticable, because I have still been around on LiveJournal - just haven't made an entry in my own. However, I thought I should discuss my recent absense for those on my flist who may (or may not) have missed me on message boards the past couple days.

Yesterday I got started (really started) on a fanfic and made some super awesome progress, because I decided to stay offline (mostly) yesterday to work on said fanfic. Though I didn't expect to work on it ALL day, but I ended up doing just that. And with the added work of today, I have four chapters (one really long one) finished.
There may be some merging or breaking up of chapters. But I doubt it, because (if anything) I think the first three chapters will be expanding slightly (or more) because some of the latter stuff will work better if I can work some more detail into the early stuff.

Anyway, that is why I haven't been around the various places. However, if all goes will I should be checking them out (and posting) later tonight.

I don't know if this pace will continue on the fic, but if it does I might have a fresh fanfic finished by the end of next week, if not sooner.

Sadly I haven't been working on Unexpected American Vacation (a HarryPotter/AnitaBlake X-Over) - again I just can't seem to get back into this one. However, if you are waiting for me to finish it - I do plan to. And if you want to try and speed me up, leave me some feedback. Sometimes positive feedback is the best thing I can get to unlock a block.

Anyway, this new one is still untitled, but coming along nicely. I hadn't realized, but the ideas here have been playing around in my head for awhile. Probably since I worked on and finished my last Buffy/Anita crossover - there were just some things that I wanted to play with in that story, but couldn't work them in, because they wouldn't have worked for that story. Anyway, finally those ideas dancing in my head got to the point where I had to write them down. (I may even have enough for two fanfics - two entirely separate fanfics.

So, far I haven't even made story notes, I've just been writing the story, because it is that clear. I almost always have to make and have notes, but as I said on this one I've just been writing because for now I know what is going on and what is happening and what will happen.

The story in question is (as you may have guessed) another Buffy/AnitaBlake crossover. The difference is because of the nature of this crossover it is much less Anita friendly than my last one. No, nothing so crass as outright Anita bashing. It just so happens that Buffy and Anita are fated in this story to totally hate each other and the story (so far) is from Buffy's point of view entirely and since Buffy doesn't like Anita...

I'm walking a fine line here - I don't want it to seem like I'm bashing Anita when writing Buffy not liking her. However, that isn't easy since Buffy doesn't like her (at all) and the story set-up is of such a nature that Buffy and Anita can never become friends. Still I'm trying to be fair and show that Buffy knows Anita is not entirely to blame. However, the Buffy in mind head doesn't want to concede a damn thing.

Thankfully, Anita isn't scheduled to have a very large part. The part I wrote with her today should be the biggest part she'll play. Though depending on how things work out she might show up later, but (thankfully) things will be slightly different by the time that happens.

So, in closing, I may be backing off message boards for awhile - I really do have many fanfics in progress and if I keep playing around on message boards and stuff I might never get them finished.
However, I don't plan to abandon message boards entirely - just a slight (or more) cutting back.