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In my previous entry I was squeeing about a certain Harry/Luna pic - you know the one. Well, I've since found out that said pic may have not been purposely released. Which means all my squeeing about how they (the movie people) could have chosen to release any couply pic they wanted to on Valentines day and they choose the one I squee'd over was in error.

Not that I'm not still squeeing and happy. Just because the movie folks didn't chose to release the pic (Vals day or otherwise) doesn't make it a bad thing. Especially since they seem to be trying to shove the cat back in the bag. Why would they be trying so hard to keep it under wraps? I can think of a few ideas and they are all still good for Harry/Luna.

Though admittedly I still liked it better when I thought they chose to release the pic on Valentines day.


Anyway, it is still good and hasn't completely taken the wind out of my sails - it just means my original impressions were slightly off.

I think I may have been right in another way - now I'm actually sure of it, though I really wasn't really referring to the shipping when I made the following statement:

I think the reason Book Seven is being released so quickly after Movie Five is because I believe Movie Five may give something (maybe more than one thing) away and Rowling didn't want to give us too much time to think about what was in the movie before reading the last book.

Seriously, shortly after Book Six, I started thinking that the answers (to how things will end) were somewhere in Book Five. Most people kept going back to Book One, but I got the weird (maybe not so weird now) idea in my head that the answers were somewhere in Book Five. Now I'm really starting to believe I was correct.

Again, though, shipping was barely even a thought behind the above statement (when I originally made it), and I still think the "spoilers" we may get with Movie Five, while they might "spoil" the shipping, may still "spoil" other things in addition to the shipping.

Now why is the pic still good news?

Well, the movie people seem to be trying real hard to keep the Harry/Luna pic and Harry/Luna stuff in general under wraps. Now I'm thinking it is because they realize that once Book Seven is out they could lose a portion of the movie audiences. Therefore, it is my opinion that they were (and still are) trying to keep certain details of Movie Five under wraps in the hopes of making the most money they could from Movie Five before possibly losing a chunk (or two) of the movie audience.

PS - About "the stalker"
I haven't seen him since the day I ranted about him in my journal. YAY and SQUEE!

However, I'm not getting my hopes up, because this week is going to be warm - the beginnings of Spring. Therefore, I firmly expect he will come around sometime this week. For once I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

And, no, I haven't filed a complaint, but I have made up my mind on what I am going to do. I will give him one more chance. If he does (as I suspect he will) come around this week - whether I feel good or not, I will try to be calm and again explain that I am not interested.
You see if I am calm and give every indication that everything is fine for me then he will not be able to blame my lack of interest on anything other than a lack of interest!

Then if he shows his face after that - I am going to file a complant. No warnings, no bullshit - I'm going straight to filing a complaint - I just refuse to deal with this all summer long and I now realize he probably isn't going to get the hint any other way!

PPS - About the icon I'm using - it has nothing to do with this entry, I just really really like it. That is all. ;)
Ack! You people are keeping my hopes up and beyond normal levels even though it should be at -12. ~_~

Nonetheless, the plan to release the last book after OotP has me thinking as well. Can it be coincidence? Or JKR really loves us? XD We'll find out in a couple of months. Dun dun dun!

As for your stalker, please keep safe! *hugs* Don't want anything happening to you.
Ah, but how can you not look at the pic in mine (and your) avatar and not feel hopeful?

Honestly, I was (before the piccy) expecting the worst from the movies and Rowling... Why the movies? Well, because they didn't seem poised to do H/G any better than Rowling did.
Now I'm hopeful that both (movies and THE book) will be better than I was expecting after the IoD. Srsly, after the IoD my hopes were down to below zero.

Now Movie Five is raising them up to levels where they've never been before.

PS - About the "stalker" thing. When I started (back in November/December) calling him that, it was basically a joke. Because I really thought he was understanding my "not interested," but just continuing to come around every so often in the hopes that eventually I'd change my mind or he'd wear me down.
In the beginning, I was mostly amused. Because he'd show up out of the blue, then I wouldn't see him for a week or so, when (apparently) he'd feel enough time had passed for a change of mind/heart.
Sadly, calling him a stalker is no longer a joke, at least not to me. He is seriously starting to creep me out. I'd probably (I say probably) be alright if he hadn't got in the way of me closing the car door and then without so much as a by-your-leave trying to feel me up and kiss me - that, I admit, does have me a bit worried.