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First the squeeling good news:

Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?

So, I mentioned that yesterday evening I was feeling like shit! But the moment I saw this pic, I kid you not I started feeling better.
We'll be ignoring the little fact about me having taken a couple of advil about an hour before seeing the pic.

I actually had to leave the room (because I was not alone) to go off and do a happy dance! I don't know if the pic confirms anything or not, but it really makes me happy. Srsly, I was humming Peeves little "Potty loves Loony" ditty well into the night.

How Harry CAN date other gals in the films and still have H/L subtext!

Yes, I'm talking about Cho and Ginny - after all in Book Canon he dates both of them, and we know they are having him date Cho in movie canon... And yet we are still getting some H/L shippy stuff! WHOOO-FREAKIN'-HO!

However, we also know that Harry and Cho don't last, and I find it interesting that (apparently) they are going to work some Harry/Luna subtext into the whole thing while Harry is dating Cho. And so I got to thinking about Ginny and Harry/Ginny for Movie Six.

Now I was a big fan of LP, then I decided that the Love Potion theory (all of them) were either two flawed or to complex to be real. However, I am starting to wonder again. Seriously, if they are going to start building Harry/Luna in Movie Five while Harry is actually dating someone else - then something HAS to be screwy between the Harry/Ginny in Book/Movie Six. Well, I guesss it doesn't have to be, but it will certainly look like it.

Now think about this - what if Harry does start dating Ginny after having shippy moments with Luna? Well, for one thing it will make H/G look even weirder than the it did in the book, which can't be good for H/G, but would give a big boost to all the various LP theories out there. And for another it is possible (as they'll show in Movie Five) to have Harry dating someone else and still managing to connect meaningfully with Luna.

I suppose it really depends on exactly how shippy they make things between Luna and Harry in Movie Five, though. They could go pretty far or it could only be the one scene we already have a pic of. Harry/Ginny would come off slightly better if Harry/Luna only has the pic moment. Well, that is if the H/G book moments are still included in the movie, if they aren't included and the only shippy moment we have outside Harry/Cho is Harry/Luna... Well, that won't be good for Harry/Ginny being Rowlings final answer.

Anyway, with all the recent buzz about the movie, I was beginning to think that the movie people just weren't going to do Harry/Ginny at all. Now I'm thinking that we will get Harry dating Ginny during Movie Six, and that at least one of the LP theories are correct. Therefore, Movie Six will show that while Harry is seriously lusting for Ginny, he still can't quite manage to get Luna out of his mind.

Or maybe I am just writing a fanfic here. But today YOU CAN'T KILL MY BUZZ! Maybe tomorrow, but today my buzz is here to stay!

But honestly they could have chosen to release any number of shippy pics for Valentines day and they chose to give us Harry/Luna. I think that says real good things about Harry/Luna and not so good things about Harry/Ginny.

However, there is one thing (person) who did almost kill the buzz... Read on...

Now let me tell you a story about a man named IdiotJed (and for once I'm not talking about Bush!) who just refuses to give the fuck up!

I admit, I wasn't entirely surprised, but was starting to believe the little idiot had got the hint, because it has now been over a month since he's come around. Or to put it in a bright shinny happy way - Until this morning, I had not seen him once this year!

And, even more yays - asshole woke me up, early! And after a night when I didn't get to sleep until after four am (medicine kept me awake). Oh, yeah, I was in a good mood!

So anyway, he comes up early knocking on the door, which I could have slept through, but my dog cannot stand it when people knock on the door. But I was not answering the door while I was dressed for bed. When I'm still in bed clothes I don't answer the door for anyone but family anyway. And I certainly wasn't about to make an exception for him! GAH! I can't get him to leave me alone when I'm fully dressed and clearly not interested, I can't imagine how I'd get rid of him if I answered the door not fully clothed.

However, I was curious, so I got up and peeked out a window and when I saw no vehicles (other than the ones that belong there) in the driveway my ESP kicked in and told me it was him. Sure enough after five (YES FIVE) minutes of knocking he finally walks away. So, I get the dog up and put her outside and start getting dressed, because I know he'll be back, and I need to get ready for work anyway.

Well, just over thirty minutes later I hear knocking again, which honestly amazed me. I figured I'd be able to get dressed and be gone before he came back. But I wasn't, I hadn't even got out of my night clothes, so again I just keep going about my business ignoring both the knocking and the dog. By this time, as you can imagine, I was pissed!

Finally, I was almost ready to walk out the door (probably about another half hour later), just making sure everything was turned off and I had everything I needed and the bastard catches me. *sigh* I was in the living room in front of the big window when he walked up for the third time - otherwise I would have again ignored the knocking and once he was gone left for work.

So, I open the door, give him a dirty look and tell him to come in or not I don't give a shit! For the record, we are back in cold weather and I was not doing this outside, or so I thought. LOL But more on that in a moment.

Well, naturally, he comes in. But seems a little stunned. What you get for waking me up, you fucker! He tries to talk and invade my space while doing so, but I am on the move because I'm getting ready to leave and fully plan to leave when I am ready to leave whether he likes it or not.

And that's what I do. After finishing my check list, I tell him I'm off to work and show him out. I lock the door behind me and walk to and get in the car. *sigh* I should have slammed the door, but he got in the way rather quickly. So, he wants to try and talk some more, I am NOT in the mood, so I reach out to grab the door. Well, he reaches in trying to run one hand up my leg and lean in for a kiss. I think I bruised his hand.

He pulls back slightly, but still in my face. At this point, I'm thinking "Back the fuck off before I decide to kill you! Or at least blind you!"

He has the gall to stand there looking hurt and say, "Just a little kiss." WTF, man! Really, what makes you think I want to kiss you? I've told you at least five times that I am not interested in kissing or anything else with you! GO AWAY! Srsly, at this point I don't care if you go away mad or not, just GO THE FUCK AWAY!

"No!" And not a soft whimpy no, I practically yelled in his face. I'm hoping there was some spittle, but my mouth was kinda dry.

He backs up more, perhaps he can see he's not winning me over, or maybe there is murder forming in my eyes - who knows.

Then... This is LOL funny at this point, or would have been had I not been so pissed. Then he looks at me and says (seriously), "are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm fuckin' sure! I'm not even remotely in the mood to deal with you right now and I sure as hell don't want to kiss you or have you be trying to cop a feel!"

He left, and I'm hoping since I was even more shitty than usual he will think twice about coming around again. At this point, I doubt he's going to stop, but I can hope.

Honestly, should I pull a gun on him to reinforce my NO? You think I'm joking, but I'm not. How the hell can you get rid of a bastard like this? Hopefully, some method that does NOT involve maiming or homocide, but at this point I might not rule either of those out.
While I wouldn't call myself a rabid Harry/Luna shipper, I do really dig the ship. And, hell, anything BUT Harry/Ginny in canon would pretty much make my year. After OotP, Harry/Luna made a hell of a lot more sense to me than H/G given that Luna's character development actually happened on page. Why no, I'm not still bitter. Heh.

OMG! Restraining order?
I think many of us are still bitter. I mean I've said before that while I don't think I would have ever loved the pairing of Harry/Ginny - it could have been done a whole lot better than it was. And then came the IoD, which honestly left me scratching my head - I wanted to read the book Rowling was talking about, because the one I read was clearly NOT the one she was talking about.

So, yeah, I'm right there with you on the bitter train. Except now I'm starting to get really (and I do mean really) hopeful that pretty much everything in HBP and the IoD was a big ol' smoke-screen. I mean I loved HBP the first time I read it because I just knew Rowling was screwing with the reader. It was the IoD that turned me off of Book Six, because she seemed so sincere.

So, I could be wrong to get so hopeful, but at the moment I'm having trouble stopping myself because it is starting to look like my original impression was correct.

Restraining order?

I'm starting to believe I'm gonna have to. I don't really want to, I've never had to do it before. Of course, most guys (I think) would have given up after (at the very least) the second time I said "No, really I mean that - I'm not interested!"

And I have been keeping a record (offline & as complete as I can make it) of all his little visits and actions. If something happens to me - I want the cops and everyone else pointed in his bloody direction, so I'm leaving a paper trail.

But I've known this guy since I was a child and do (I admit) have a hard time believing he would outright hurt me. Of course, clearly I have accepted that it is possible he might, otherwise I wouldn't have started record keeping.

You should threaten the guy with the police. Tell him if he comes round again he'll be dragged into prison so quickly his pants will catch fire. It can't be ignored if he's trying to feel you up when you quite clearly don't like him. :/
You're probably right, but I hate to do it. As I mentioned in my reply to lizardlaugh (above) I've known him since we were kids... Which is why this whole thing took me off-guard to begin with. He said our "date" (back in October) was just a getting together of old friends. Hey, that's cool, I've done that lots of times.
Clearly he was lying to me from the beginning. Of course, if he'd called a spade a spade, I wouldn't have went on our "date" in the first place and maybe if he'd been honest this whole thing would have been avoided.

But I really do hate to threaten him with the cops or get a restraining order. For several reasons, I guess the first being is that my family and his family have been friends for years, which means the potential for ugly is already greater than it would be between strangers.
And (the big bomb) he just got out of prison. I know that makes things sound horrible, but it sounds scarier than it is, because he wasn't in for rape or anything that (before all this) would have made me think he'd hurt me.

Of course, it is becoming clear that I'm going to have to do something extreme, because he just isn't taking no for an answer the way a normal person would. And I admit that is starting to freak me out just a little bit.
You should look into getting a restraining order srsly. I worked for an attorneys office for awhile.. they aren't hard to fill or file. Get it on paper. You can actually serve him yourself the next time he bothers you and when you tell him to go away it has to be a minimum of X amount of yards. Or you can pay a small fee and have the Sheriff's office deliever it... that's always fun.

Be careful.

Are you sure? You have more restraint than me. I would screamed him into a puddle of tears.

You could also threaten him 'harrassment'... if anyone ever corners you and won't let you leave or hinders your freedom of walking away that is Fellony... it's called "Criminal unlawful restraint"... that gets a jail sentence.

Wow. No one's ever been that obnoxious to me before... in that way... be strong.
Well, I admit I've had some persistant guys in my time, but I've never had one that survived my extremely cold shoulder, especially once I refused to allow any touch at all (sexual or otherwise) from the person period.

But for some reason this guy seems to believe I'm just saying no (and refusing to allow touching) for shits and giggles (or something like that) because he just keeps trying. Honestly, this isn't the first time he's tried to hug and/or kiss me where I've refused.
I admit (bad on my part) that before our "date" ended (way back in October) I did allow him to kiss me ONCE, because he seemed really interested and I guess I thought (at that point) maybe something was possible.

However, one kiss was all it took. I don't know what he felt, but the kiss for me was a dud, actually worse than a dud, I was kinda grossed out. It did not turn me on a bit, not one little teeny tiny bit. So from that moment forward I knew there would never be anything sexual between us, at least not on my part. And every since that moment I've tried to make that clear to him, but he just ain't getting it.

I know I didn't address the restraining order suggestion here, because I did that in reply to papier here. But the long and short is that I am thinking I'm probably gonna have to do something like that, because it is beginning to look like that is the only way I'm gonna be able to make him take no for an answer.
God, the delusion in this is amazing. Luna and H/L had development while Ginny didn't ? LMAO, that's a nice laugh thanks.
Actually reading all your posts, I just can't help laughing at you. I'm sorry but you have clearly read the stuff wrong or interpreted it wrong. Your praise of Luna proves that.
Dude (or Dudette), are you having fun? I hope so, cause I'm enjoying the memories you're bringing back.

Are you the HP character police or something? No, seriously, I'm curious. I don't go to H/G sites giving them crap for liking a pairing/character that I don't, because my fandom world is not wrecked when someone disagrees with me.

So, yeah, I guessed wrong about which pairing Rowling would go with. WOW! I should clearly be ashamed of myself or something. Whatever. *shrug*

I admit that I had many problems with Book Seven, but the pairing of Harry/Ginny was only a small part of that. I hated what Rowling turned Harry in to, because he literally went from hero to zero over the course of Book Seven, and that had nothing to do with Ginny. Then there's Ginny herself, which I hated because Rowling turned her (Ginny) into Harry's little trophy wife (i.e. seen but never heard, nor allowed to do actually do anything but hide). That's it, that was apparently her entire purpose in the books, and honestly while I may not have liked Ginny that much even I thought she deserved better than that.

But thank you, because I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed the fifth Potter movie. I keep meaning to go back and watch the movies, but I keep having better things to do. Now, though, I may make a little time for the fifth movie.