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Okay, I said that unless something else came up I was done with the Harry Potter entries for a while anyway. Well, something else came up. I discovered last night that the HarryxLucius YAHOO!group has been deleted by YAHOO.

*curses YAHOO* No, seriously there were a couple fanfics I LOVED that were ONLY available through this group and now the group is gone and I did not save those fics!

Anyway, I would have just let this slip by without an entry, since I really did not intend to post another HP entry after my last one - but I know there are a few good folks on my flist who were members of said group and would (no doubt) be interested in knowing that the group is now on LJ at beloved_enemies

You could also join Lucius_and_Harry_slash_Fiction - they have many of the same stories (and members, though not all the same stories and/or members) as the other group did.
But, of course, YAHELL might decide to baalete this one too.
Yahoo has been on an anti porn/smut/erotica/adult/mature kick for several years now. If it looks remotely like it might have "adult themes" then the chances are good it will eventually get the axe.
I know - I don't know why so many folks have a problem with porn/smut/erotica/adult/mature... World would be a very dull place without it.

But seriously Yahoo hides the groups with adult material behind an age thingie - so it isn't like people would come upon it unaware.
Am I doing this right? Is this how you actually get to join in on stuff?

I completely lack nerd-skills!
To join the group beloved_enemies, just click on that link and then when the page loads - up at the top of your screen (where your LJ info is) you'll see the options to "Join this Group" or "Watch this Group."
Joining the group is the one that will allow you to read and make posts. I think just watching the group means you'll see the posts on your flist, but you won't actually be a member of the group.

To join the Yahoo group, you have to first have a Yahoo account. But if you already have a Yahoo account, then just click the link in my original entry and then when that loads (somewhere on the page - can't remember exactly how Yahoo has their set up) you'll see the option to join that group as well.

Hope this has helped.